Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Boot-black fuck-pup

i am an eager and excited pup: responding to a text from my Man, telling me to come down and distract Him for a few days. He tells me to bring rubber and biking gear. i am so horny and excited driving down that i have to stop at the services to ease the pressure on my cock: hard from both the plug filling my hole and the tight slickness of the rubber sliding across its sensitive head. i grin as i post up a new blog status of being 'rubber encased and plugged...'

i arrive and He gathers me into a great big hug - carries me around, laughing, with my arms wrapped around His neck and my legs around His waist; then He puts me down and has me kneel whilst He locks on my collar. He gives my smooth and glossy body an appreciative stroke as i strip off my jeans and T shirt - revealing the perversity beneath (and the tightly controlled bulge of my dripping hard-on).

He tells me that we are going out to do some work in the garden, and so i pull on my tall Century waders whilst He dresses in a tight olive-green flight-suit and His own waders and tool belt. He laughs when i drool over a pair of elbow-length industrial rubber gloves - and again at my look when He lets me pull them on to work in. The sun is warm on my glossy rubber skin as i follow Him down into the orchard to tidy up after the work He has done earlier in the week - it is nicely physical work, and the sweat is soon seeping down within the rubber, slicking my skin and making it slide in distracting yet intensely pleasurable ways. It is equally pleasurable watching my Man work beside me - and the way the flight suit stretches across His muscles...

We finish the job and tidy up, then Sir leads me for a chatting stroll around the lawns and orchard - picking fruit as we walk so that i can taste the different varieties fresh from the trees. His garden is such a huge space (just over an acre), and there is so much room for a pup to romp and play in! But we finally find a nice spot in the shade of a huge Mulberry tree - and He slowly opens the zip of His suit to let the pup nuzzle and lick His beautiful cock - and to do its trademark best to turn Him on. As i lick and growl, i look up to see His face, silhouetted against bright blue skies and scudding clouds - and the sun shining bright and golden in His chest hair.

He leads me over to the Picnic bench - has me hop up and lie back so that my head hangs backwards over the edge, wadered legs up and the tight curve of my rubbered crotch exposed; careful of the dog's jaw He lets me work His meat down into my throat, whilst He encourages me in my work by pushing down on my tightly restrained cock - He growls as He feels me helplessly thrust my hips, driving my aching cock up against His palm...

He lets me up of the bench and leads me over to kneel before Him under the plum tree itself - my booted knees spread and my eager muzzle tipped towards Him. He plants His own boots wide and reaches up to hold onto an overhead branch - His arm-pits and chest are beaded with sweat as He orders the dog to use only its mouth and tongue to gently bring Him to a trembling orgasm.

He gives me the ultimate reward for my devotion: He has me lie face down beneath Him so that i can feel the power in His cleated soles as He grinds them down against my rubbered back and arse. He has me brace up into a plank so that He can slip a booted toe beneath my crotch - then growls encouragement as He watches my smooth glossy black rubber arse clench and bob as i greedily grind my cock through the rubber and into the textured toe-cap - growling and whining as i come close to cumming. But before i can cum, He raises me up - sits back onto the bench so that i can sit stride His toe and hump my straining cock and aching balls hard against His booted leg: driving myself to a barking climax with my nose buried in the heady aroma of His waders...


We have a quick supper, and then Sir has to head out for a while (He's a member of an LGBT choir, and tonight is one of their rehearsals) - but He doesn't want His pup to get bored, and so He lines up His boots and leaves me instructions (permission!) to clean them for Him whilst He is gone.

i've always loved cleaning boots - even before i realised it was part of my perversity. My Grandfather was a traditional cobbler, so maybe its in the genes...! There is a beautiful Zen in the process of applying the polish to scuffed leather - watching the swirls as you gently massage it in deeply to the grain - then the amazing way that the leather comes alive as you polish it back up to a wonderful deep glow... That sensual pleasure is all the greater when it is completed with love and surrender: knowing that in caring for His boots, i am caring for my Master - showing them the devotion that i show Him - working hard to make them as beautiful and spotless as i can.

it takes me two hours to clean all 6 pairs that He left - and i love every minute of it. i am just finishing the beautiful 32" monsters that are His Wesco Big Boss boots when the garage doors opens and He rides the bike in - laughing to find His pup smut-covered and grinning with pleasure.

i blush and grin with pride at His praise for having done such a good job - and happily pose for a photo amongst the lined up, shining boots: feeling like one of Tom of Finland's boot-pervert men.

It's been a busy but fulfilling day - and i am still tightly encased in my glistening rubber suit: cooling sweat and my own cum slick against my skin; Sir says that i smell like a true pervert - and i grin proudly.

But He also says that it's time to get the pup calmed down and ready for bed, so He takes us out to the Hot tub to soak off my rubber, then lets me relax back against His chest in the warm bubbling water whilst He gently teases my sensitive nipples and reminds me that they - and me - are His.

It is a beautiful warm evening and we soak for a good hour: watching the stars shine and the moon rise through the trees until we are sleepy enough to finally retire...

Early morning, and i wake to my Masters arms tight and warm around me. It is such a wonderful feeling to be held so tight and secure: feeling His control and His protection and knowing that nothing can harm me. i feel the brush of His lips as He kisses my neck just above my collar - and give a happy wag of my butt in pleasure and submission.

His one hand reaches up to hold my collar and He uses its restraint to guide me down along His body - licking His pits, nuzzling and nipping His nipples, grazing down the fur over His chest and abs, and finally - breathlessly - finding His cock and balls. He smells warm and musky and utterly fantastic - and i am soon lost in a world of smells and tastes and pleasure - with His meat hard and salty and dripping against my face; His hands are strong as he holds my head and drives Himself into my hungry mouth - pumping His hips and pushing me back down into the mattress. He relents to let me catch my breath - and i take the change to caterpillar underneath Him: nuzzling and licking around His balls and straining to work my tongue into His arse crack and hole - He groans and leans forward - pulls His cheeks apart to let that pink wet tongue tease and lick and probe the puckered core of His sex: begging Him with my tongue for Him to fuck me in turn...

He taps the dog's thigh - has me turn and lie upon my side with my butt cheeks tipped towards Him. His hands are hot as He smooths the cool lube against my hole - and i watches over my shoulder whilst He slowly unrolls a condom onto Himself; He is gentle as He slowly pushes Himself in - feels my hole tense and then slowly open up to Him - to His invasion. He feels the pup surrender to Him - rewards my submission with long slow strokes - slowly pushing deeper as i opens up around Him, beneath Him, until He can feel His balls pressed hard against my butt.

He reaches around and under my body - find my nipples, still sensitive from the night before: strokes and then gently pinches them - feels the twitching response of arousal in my hole as it tightens around Him. i reach up with my own hands to find His, and He takes secure hold of my wrist - letting me feel His restraint and the security of His control. His other hand releases its grip on my nips, reaches back to hold and pull my hips back against Him. He fucks His dog long and slow - listening to my panting breath and whimpers of pleasure.

When He has had enough of His pleasure He rolls over onto His back, pulling the dog over with Him so that i lies on His chest - His cock still deep inside me. One hand reaches around to hold me tight and tease my nipple, the other reaches down to wrap a fist around my straining pierced cock. Although i struggle and whine, He slowly, mercilessly, milks me to shuddering release - then scoops the thick streams of my own cum in His hand and smears it over my wriggling chest. He tells me that i will wear the scent of my surrender with pride.

Spent - pleasured - He releases me with a smack on my rump: then sends me scampering down to the kitchen to bring us both a breakfast of tea and biscuits in bed (listening with shock to the news of the riots in London and Bristol) - before He finally has us stir our limbs and make a start to the day.

Sir says He needs to send some more rubber off to be chlorinated, so we spend a while sorting through His closet to make up another batch, then head into the sun to give it all a good wash (chlorination tends to work best when the rubber is completely clear of any lingering residues of oil, sweat or lube). Sir looks amazing in His rubber dungarees with attached waders, and the pup clomps about in just its waders and rubber shorts - bare chested save for the tattoos inscribed deep into my skin and my own dried cum...

It's hot, wet work - but Sir makes sure to keep me nicely hydrated: He stands on one of the low walls in the garden - wadered boots planted and the zip-fly pulled low so that He can piss a great shining arc down onto my kneeling head and chest - the golden stream running down and over my body and collecting in the pouch of my rubber shorts in a hot pool, bathing my balls and arse and marking me with His scent. When He is done, i greedily and noisily lap around His own cock and balls, cleaning them and bathing them in my own eager pup-drool.

The 'Rubber laundry' completed and packed, Sir then decides to take His pup down to the summer house - where He has already set up the sling...

i spend a glorious while licking and nuzzling Him into readiness - then clamber up into the sling when i am ordered. My hole is sore and tender after the fucking He gave His pup earlier that morning, but i am still eager to try to please Him. Sir is careful and slow, but the pup's hole refuses to relax: He finally has to relent when i can no longer hide my winces and He notices how hard i am biting my lip to stop myself crying out. He fondles and strokes my hole instead and strokes the leaking head of my bouncing exposed cock - telling His dog how much He loves it, and that it means too much to Him for Him ever to knowingly hurt or damage it.

His love and care - and the stroking and teasing - make me all the more eager to please Him, and finally i have to beg Him to ignore my rebellious hole and fuck His pup anyway!

i settle back into the sling and let my breathing become slow and deep - gently, i tense and relax the muscles deep inside me in time to the slowing rhythm, letting myself relax. Sir gently strokes my aching ring with a well lubed finger - probing gently when He can feel the muscles relaxing, but letting the dog set the pace for now...

Both of us feel my hole start to relax as He carefully teases it open... i reach down to pull apart my own cheeks - guide His stroking fingers - then reache up to pinch and tease my own nipples; all the while i stare up at Him, knowing that He can read the hunger and the need for submission deep in my eyes. Finally, Sir feels my hole open enough to take Him - and He slowly slides His cock past the tensing muscles - watching the pup's face, reading my reactions: looking for the dilation in my pupils and the dark bruise of arousal around my eyes...

Both of us can feel my inner pup start to take over: rocking myself against Him as my pup-hole starts to pull Him deeper inside it. Responding to my body's unspoken demands, He slowly starts to picking up the pace of His strokes - pushes deeper into my now willing body. He reaches up to pull forward the bungee straps attached to the head of the sling - draws them down and together and clips them behind my booted knees: pulls my legs up to my chest. The dog in me responds instinctively and i reach up to grab the cleats of my wadered toes: pulling my legs up and out to spread my hole all the wider and to give Him deeper access. The pup is starting to growl and pant now - andi hear myself swearing quietly to Him: begging Him to Fuck His dog 'harder, deeper'.

He unclasps the restraints, grabs hold of the rings on my chest harness - and then lifts me bodily from the sling: He takes a few steps back, the dog speared on His cock and suspended in His arms. His legs strain as it takes our combined weight, and His hips clench to drive Him so deep into the dog's insides that i swear i can feel Him pushing up against my ribs. With an explosive grunt He slaps me back down into the sling - both of us gasping and laughing at His strength. My gasps drive Him to fuck His dog all the harder - picking me up and slapping me down into the sling several times more... Both of us panting and sweating now with the exertion - and the dog gasping at how hard and full He is within me...

He Fucks His dog long and hard, watching to see me pushed to the edge of cumming: then reaches down to stroke my dripping cock and push me over that edge: growling encouraging obsenities as i shoot another thick load to join the dried remnants of the morning's earlier milking.

Finally, He lets me down from the sling to kneel panting and cum covered in the grass whilst He milks His own cock to readiness - then feeds His dog the delicious gift of His cum: spilling it onto the bowl of my tongue so that i can savour the taste and the Honour of His service.

He has the pup bound back to the house to finish pacing the rubber gear, then we run down to the Post Office to send it on its way to Gordon. When we get back, Sir decides it would be a shame not to take advantage of the last of a beautiful day, and so He has us pull on our leathers (the dog still with its rubber shorts and two lots of dried cum on its chest) and head off on the bike for an afternoon jaunt.

It's a beautiful ride down to Portishead - where we both admire the new marina development and imagine Him and Geoff retiring to one of the large balconied apartments (and wondering if there was room for a kennel overlooking the boats... ;) ) - then we head along the coast to Cleevedon - playing chase along the way with a very cute bearded cyclist as he powers up the hilly roads - his lycra-clad thighs and tight rounded arse pumping away, no doubt a little paranoid that we keep stopping to let him pass...

In Clevedon the pup's tummy starts to grumble, and so Sir sends me trotting into a chip shop to buy some cheesy chips and onion rings (grinning as the other customers try to sneak a look at my padlocked collar and 'PISS PUP' T-shirt peeking out from its open leather jacket). Sir then finds a nice little park overlooking the windswept bay and the pier - and feeds His grinning pup by hand as the local dog-walkers look on incredulous. But i don't care: i'm proud and perverted and i'm with my Man whom i love and adore and SERVE.

It's a perfect supper - topped only by bananas and ice cream when we get back home!


And before we know it, our 36 hours are over and it is time for the pup to be heading home again.

i kneel in front of Him - try not to let my sorrow show - then give Him *really* big Sad Puppy Eyes - which makes Him laugh and then tell me off for making *Him* feel sad. But i hug His leg tight - and He ruffles my hair - and we both tell each other how much we love our time together, and how *nothing* could ever spoil that or make us regret being with each other.

Then He walks His de-collared pup to its car, and waves me off as i head back along the motorway home - leaving Him to try to catch up on exhausted sleep, ready for a wonderful weekend with His other boy and 'Attack cat' :))

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