Sunday, July 31, 2011


i was getting tired of everyone at Pride asking if the CHP badge on my uniform shirt meant that i was a cop - and so my Handler and i have spent some time designing some alternative patch-badges suitable for pups, dogs and other furry submissive folk.

The badges are 3" x 3" and embroidered to the highest quality; cost is £5 each with p&p (£8 if you buy two - one for each shoulder! ;) ).

If you are interested in obtaining some, please contact me.


  1. The middle one in latin is GORGEOUS! :3 What a wonderful idea!!!

  2. They are gorgeous! You have 3 designs? If I wanted 2 sets, total of 6 patches, and shipped to US? Dang! Just love 'em!

  3. Thank You. Both of You! :)

    @atlantarubber: i've emailed you the prices


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