Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gay Pride weekend, London 2011. Sunday

Sunday morning

We wake rather late: with my Man sleepily guiding my eager muzzle down under the duvet to lick and nuzzle Him into full wakefulness - breathing in the warm heat of Him and turning Him on more and more - until He kicks off the sheets so that He can drive deeper and deeper into my throat without entanglemants...

Driving deep into me in long solid thrusts - as deep as He has ever been. Feeling Him deep in my throat as His balls nudge against my nose – His cock head so deep inside me that i can feel the stretch of my throat and neck as it struggle to take Him.

Stopping my breath, filling my throat, fucking me slow and hard and utterly merciless.

i feel the gentle pressure of His hands on my shoulders: guiding me around underneath Him to expose my belly so that He can tease and stroke my dog-cock and balls - whilst He continues to thrust into me. His attentions making me groan and writhe and work all the harder to take Him deep into me - until i nearly choke in my eagerness to please, and He has to relent and let me catch my breath again: my nose and face nuzzled against His belly...

Catching my breath whilst He carresses my head - and i quietly stroke His fur, lick His pitts, nuzzle His nipples – blissfully randy and loving this last chance to be with Him.

Finally, He turns me around to spoon back against His chest – enfolds me in His strong arms in a warm and possessive hug. Deeply aroused now, i curve my butt back towards Him: pleading with my body for Him to fuck me at last.

i hear my Man's voice then, deep and breathless: promising to be gentle.

The rush of feeling at the touch of Him, still slick with my throat-juices: easing into me slowly, carefully – knowing His pup’s hole hadn’t been used since we last played in Amsterdam – letting its hole relax around His meat, inch by inch as He slowly slides Himself down inside me. Those first rings of tight muscle the hardest – then knowing that He can feel His dog’s deep inner core opening up around Him as it finally surrenders to Him and HIS desire.

Gently, slowly, fucking me. Thanking Him with a quiet sob in my voice: telling Him that it makes me feel whole to have Him inside of me like this – how complete i feel when i give myself to Him so completely, know that i am pleasing Him and making Him proud.

His hands turn me over onto my belly – pinning me down beneath Him. He growls when He feels my foot curl around His calf – telling Him that i do not want to be anywhere else but here: surrendered and pinned beneath my Man: opening myself up to His pleasure.

He fucks me deep and hard – until i am panting and sobbing at the overwhelming intensity of it – having to struggle to take His hunger and the intensity of His arousal. i can only gasp and groan as He finally forces Himself into me as deep as He can - down until i can feel the roughness of His fur against my ring and His belly presses down into my back.

He carefully turns me back onto my side then: wraps His arm around my throat in a gentle headlock, then presses down with the inside of His arm as He fucks me into breathless pounding blackness...

Finally, He pulls us both over so that He is lying on His back - draws me up to lie upon His furred belly; He is still deep inside of me as He whispers into me ear: filling my mind with erotic fantasies of being forcefully and mechanically milked. Feeling His bodily restraint turn into a milking table - the restraining arm coming down over my throat as the milking boom reaches down to enfold my leaking dog-cock - and the inner piston keeps up its mercilous massaging of my prostrate...

Twisting in His embrace - unable (and unwilling) to break free from His control - breathless and moaning: my hands reaching up to cling to His arm (and subtly pull it down harder against my neck). Finding myself helpless and open - pushing myself and my hole back against Him: fucking myself on Him and His meat as He milks my aching cock until i finally shoot over my belly in thick slimy strings... Hearing my gasps and His chuckle as He collects my cum in His palm and smooths it up my belly and over my chest: marking me with the scent of my own enforced perversity.

Sated - breathing heavily - quietly lying together at the end – feeling Him slowly soften inside me. i twitch my inner muscles and try hard to hold Him inside - not wanting to have to feel that emptyness as He finally withdraws...


The ride home

We could have lain in blissful warmth forever - but the alarm reminded us that we had 30 minutes to check-out, or face charges for a 3rd night.

It was a rush and blurr of gear and rukcsacks, but we managed to pack in record time – and it wasn't long before we were out on the M5 heading West. Both of us yawning within our helmets - and the dog hugging its Man tight with its head on His shoulder: trying to pour my love and warmth into Him, lending Him my energy so that He might not feel so tired. Feeling a little guilty that i work Him so hard sometimes: that my puppy eagerness sometimes gets the better of both of us, and makes us forget that neither of us is as young as we once were... ;)

It was another perfect day for riding: sunny and warm but with a cool wind - and so Sir decided to take us on a scenic detour along the A roads and down into Hungerford – and there we finally stopped for a hearty breakfast of ‘Two-things-on-toast’ at the wonderfully atmospheric Rafters cafe (where the owner joined the ranks of those to comment on how smart our leathers looked). The cafe itself is in the attic of a rambling Antiques market called the Hungerford Arcade, and so once we were fed we took some time to have a sneaky, if sleepy, browse through the antique shops - unsuccessfully looking for a large 'Brown Betty' tea-pot for the pup to take home to my Geoff (and our newly installed kitchen)...

We had to wait before leaving Hungerford itself whilst a wonderful old steam-engine rolled through the centre of the town - belching steam and smoke and the sweet scent of engine oil. It was an amazing sight - but like a daft dog, i forgot i even had my camera until it had gone!

We came back on the A roads through Marlborough and Wiltshire - and the dog had fun pointing out the West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill to its Man: flipping into pagan-Elder as it gave Him a short introduction to the amazing sacred landscape and the symbolic meanings of this the largest landscape of its kind in Europe. At the dog's nudging, Sir then took a small detour through Avebury, making a short pit-stop amongst the bikers at the Red Lion so that the dog could have a piss. Sir was amazed at the size of the stones and extent of the circle and earthworks – and we agreed that it might make a nice ride one day when we were not quite so tired!

It was a long and wonderful ride  - but finally we were purring around the Aztec Roundabout, and then pulling up at Sir's home at last. It was nice to be able to say 'Hi!' to Sir's Geoff, and give a short grinning account of our weekend – but all too soon it was time to bend my neck and let my Man unlock my collar, and then to say a sad little farewell as it climbed into its own car, ready for the drive back to its own man waiting at home.

But we did have a smile and a gentle reminder that it will only be two weeks or so until we do it all again at Bournemouth...!!!


It was a fantastic weekend - and i really want to thank Roy and Roger and all of the BLUF guys for helping to make it so much fun. i also want to thank Roy, Tim and Aris for continuing to keep the love flowing over the following week, as we exchanged emails and messages and they sent my Man the photos they had taken of us or found online.

Thank You for helping to preserve all of those incredible memories of a wonderful weekend.

Here's to next year!!


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