Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gay Pride weekend, London 2011. Saturday


We learnt our lesson from Friday night: and so we were up early on Saturday morning to an alarm at 8am – with the dog multi-tasking and making its Man a welcome cup of tea whilst also teasing Him awake with its tongue.... He crooned with pleasure at the one special trip back to the bed - just to tenderly kiss His forehead and whisper “i love You Sir!”

Tea, biscuits - then it was up and out of bed and time to dress in our formal leathers – with the pup sneaking crafty looks at how beautiful and *POWERFUL* its Man looked in His uniform, and how utterly i wanted to simply sink to my knees and worship Him and tell Him that i am His: all ways and always

But i was also a very happy grinning dog-boy when i presented myself to Him and asked “Do i pass muster, Sir?” - and He replied with a deep and satisfying growl of appreciation.

We headed down into the centre of London again - and decided to leave the bike near the Embankment; i got lots of chances to sneakily watch people looking at us both whilst Sir locked up the bikes and our helmets. 

We then headed over to the Embankment cafe for breakfast – where two nice guys said hello and commented on our leather as we walked past, and then followed us in to the cafe itself to ask if we were going to the parade; i did my best to chat, but i must admit i was a little distracted at trying to see the menu and decide what to order - so my apologies if i appeared a little unfriendly!

We sat outside on the terrace - grinning at each other whilst the builders and taxi-drivers gawped at us through the window, and the queues for the Tour buses nudged and commented to each other - but we didn't care, and enjoyed a nice simple breakfast whilst we watched the Thames roll by...

Feeling fortified for the day, we then headed of to Oxford Circus on the Tube – grinning even more as we gathered more looks and the occasional compliment. We also met a nice lesbian couple who stopped us on the stairs at the station to say how beautiful we looked (we saw them again later on our way to the start of the parade - and again when they introduced themselves as Journalists for the Independent newspaper, and took photos of us all for their special 'Diversity' edition!)

We were still a little early for the gathering, so we headed over to Rob first; as we strode up the street there was a gathering of photographers who asked for our photo, and we gladly obliged, then commented about it with the guy in the shop - he laughed and said that they might have been waiting for Lady Gaga, but we were much more interesting... :) 

If you've not visited Rob London yet, i suggest you do so: they've had an amazingly horny refit, with iron fittings and black steel - and even heavy prison-bar style doors on all of the basement changing areas... We had a nice time trying out their canes and floggers - and a wonderful ball-gag that had us both hard...

Shopping done, we headed back to Regent Street to wait for everyone on the steps of All Souls in Langham Place – although Handler did take the opportunity to get a photo of His pup tied up and waiting by a lamp-post too (much to the surprise and interest of the builders working on the BBC's new extension to Broadcasting House...!) - and we also met a very sexy be-kilted photographer (Pieter Wessels) who took some lovely photos of my Man.

Gradually people started to arrive: word had spread that our informal meeting of friends was now the unofficial leather presence at the parade (it was even mentioned on the BLUF website) – and so we gathered quite a leather flashmob of very sexy men! Of course, such a gathering also attracted quite a lot of looks and i had fun watching guys trying to take sneaky photos – knowing they would all pretend not to like the powerful image we projected, but secretly all wishing they could be so brave as to come speak to us.

Roy was totally in his element - and positively lapped up the attention! He was also the one to shepherd us all together for official photos by the press: including the nice lesbian journalists from the Independent and several other press and official photographers (our apologies to the one guy who wanted us all to growl and look mean for Him - we were just having too much of a good time :) ).

Finally it was time for the Parade to start - we kept our position on the steps initially since it gave us such a good view. There were the standard floats, and some amazing drag costumes - but most moving to me was the enthusiastic applause for the several marching groups of gay guys from the Forces and the Police. There was also the sexiest dancing bear on the float for the Battersea Dog's home...

Roy was eager to get started - and my Man had to physically hold him back several times whilst we waited for the best point to join the parade. But when Roy spotted a gap in the parade in front of the huge Rainbow flag we couldn't hold Roy back any longer: and so we squeezed through the barriers, Roger and another of the BLUF guys unfurled their BDSM pride flags - and we proudly stepped out to show our true perverted colours!

It really was an incredible feeling to be marching beside my Man in the midst of such a sexy crew of leather-clad men – and i positively glowed with pride when He reached over to fasten His lead onto my collar so that everyone could see that i was His. Sir said that it was too far for me to walk on all fours, and so i strode along beside Him on two - but the parade stopped and started several times, and every time we stopped i happily went down onto my knees beside Him – which always seemed to raise a lot of comment from people in the crowd.

As the Parade progressed, Sir really got into the swing of the day – and had intense fun alternately intimidating and teasing cute men from the crowd: advancing on them as they tried to take our photos, watching them flinch as He reached out and then melt into blushes and smiles when He stroked their beards and asked who was lucky enough to wake up to such sexiness ('hello' to all those cute guys - especially the lovely big red-bearded bear!). We also had a fun exchange with a nice lady in an incredible corset who was also waving the BDSM flag - and got to say hello to a couple of pups in the crowd (who would have joined the parade too, but their Sir had a disabled pup with Him whom He didn't believe would manage the full route).

The pup had as much fun as its Man though: playing up for the photographers and  hugging His leg and kissing His boots. Most memorable of all was the one point in the middle of Regent Street: braced up on my hands and toes with my arse in the air whilst He caned my leathered butt and the photographers swarmed about us and the crowd cried for more...!

With all the distractions we always seemed to be several yards behind everyone else - at one point they were even trying to call me to keep up, but my Man had left me kneeling in a 'Stay' with my lead in my mouth, so all i could do was shrug my shoulders helplessly and wait for Him to come back from teasing some poor young man... All the distractions meant that we were constantly having to try to keep ahead of the Pride flag just behind us – but it finally swamped us completely when the pup got thoroughly distracted with kissing Sir's boots, and then Aris and several of the other guys joined in...

We also had great fun good naturedly teasing the various policemen that lined the route – but the real prize has to go to the very nice officer in Piccadilly who bravely survived being surrounded by us all whilst his photo was taken and we all teased him – but my Man worked His charm and melted His resistance into smiles.

It was all immense fun, and it was quite a surprise when we finally reached the end of the parade route – and were herded over into a side street by the marshals. Still, the pup did take a moment to dash over and chat to a cute semi-naked guy who had a greenman tattoo – although that meant i had to then show him *mine*, and that meant gasps and even more photos...

By this time it was early afternoon - and we were desperate for a stiff cup of tea!  There was some discussion about where to go that would be suitable (Roy remembering our complaints from the previous year's visit to the National Gallery and their lack of proper *china*...!) - but eventually we were all led off to Compton Street, and spent a wonderful couple of hours having a wonderful lunch at the Med restaurant there: choosing a window table, so that we could watch the crowds outside - and Sir and Roy could chat and flirt with those brave enough to chat to us (including one very cute man and his partner who sat on the window ledge and kept us all entertained ;) )

L2R: Roy, Nigel, bootbrush, Ian, Mark, David, Mark and Roger
It was the perfect way to end a brilliant afternoon - but we were also exhausted, and had to finally make our excuses and head back for a nap - Roy was very sensible though, and made me set an alarm there and then to make sure that we didn’t over-sleep and miss the BLUF party (again!).

It still took us It forever to get back to the bike though - because of the number of people who wanted their photos taken with us...



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