Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gay Pride weekend, London 2011. Friday

The London MSC club hadn't planned a presence in the Pride Parade for this year - but the wonderfully sexy Aroi (who we first met at Pride 2 years ago) messaged Sir to ask if we would please come - and tempted us with plans for going in full leather.

We hadn't planned to go - but what could we do but make last minute arrangements?!


Sir worked late-night on the Thursday, but He told His pup i could come down when i was packed and ready. i still had His keys from when i watched the house so that He and His Geoff could go for a 25th anniversary Rhine cruise, so when i got to the house i punched in the alarm code and carefully let myself in with the key...

The house was quiet, so i carefully stowed my rucksack and jacket - then sank down onto all fours to pad across the hall and in through Sir's study; from the silence, i knew my Man was still in bed asleep, and so i gently nudged open His bedroom door with my nose – trying to pad in silently, the creak of my leather jeans and shirt sounding loud in the silence...! Holding my breath i crept across the room to kneel by the bedside - grinning at the sight of His hair ruffled upon the pillow - and then i quietly settled down to watch the rise and fall of the duvet where He slept on His side. After i while i saw the pattern change - and realised that He was now awake and was only now pretending to sleep. i know my face spread into a huge sheepish grin as He slowly turned over, opened an eye and gave me a sleepy but friendly “Hello pup!” 

Being a good and gentle pup i resisted the urge to bound all over the bed and cover Him in kisses - so i settled on leaning on the edge to kiss his nose and forehead instead. Being the wonderful Handler that He is, He simply laughed - then gently guided my muzzle down under the duvet...

We spent quite a little time then, with the pup's tongue doing what it does best - until it finally had Him so randy and distracted that He had to give in to hunger and drag His dog upstairs and into the playroom. He slapped the massage couch and gave an encouraging "Up!" – and so i leapt up and settled myself down with my head over the edge - reaching for Him with eager hands to stroke the back of His thighs and caress the beautiful fur on His belly and butt - all the while continuing my nuzzling and kissing and licking: drawing Him deeper into my mouth so that He could feel my hot breath and the ripple of my tongue beneath Him. When i could finally feel Him at the back of my throat, i consciously relaxed, breathed out and imagined my soft palate opening up: expanding to take Him so that He was able to push down inside of me with a grunt and a sigh...

Slowly, gently, pushing deeper and deeper - letting me take breathes in-between His strokes - opening myself to Him deeper than ever before: so deep that He swore He could feel the snap and yield of my vocal cords around the head of His cock...

But finally the probing got too much - and He had to let His pup sit up to choke and gasp whilst He stroked its head and rubbed its back - and it hugged His leg and boot.

Once the pup had its breath back it noticed that Sir had bought a new leather-headed crop - and so begged Him to try it with a wag of its butt and a twinkle in its eye. He soon had it lying forward over the couch: legs spread and leathered arse high - both of us deeply aroused by the satisfying thwack of leather upon leather as He brought the crop down harder and harder, until i was pushing my haunches high to receive His pain. i could hear His own gasps at how hard He was hitting me – harder than He said than He has ever been able to crop anyone – and i could feel pride swell in my chest at being able to give Him that unique pleasure.

My own squirming and gasped sounds of pleasurable pain had Him finally turning to His box of flogging tools - pulling each one carefully from the box and laying them before my nose in a line of expectation, then taking each in turn and using them upon my willing body; it was fascinating to experience the feel of each one, subtly different from the last: the solid impact of the strap, the greater sting of the tawse - the different weight of each of the floggers... (Later, having the pleasure of telling Him how good the solid impact of the heaviest of the rubber floggers had felt: like His strong embrace, only condensed and intensified into one momentary touch.)

By the time that all of the implements had been used, the pup was truly starting to squirm in pain - but both of us where breathless and deeply aroused – and it was a very thankful pup that turned to kneel and cover His hands and cock in kisses of thanks.

By now we had been busy for several hours - and so Sir patted a leg and i trotted down the stairs after Him to have a quick breakfast and then to help Him get the last of His packing done! It was great fun trying to help Him sort through His various clothing decisions – although i think it was easy for Him to decide, given the way His pup pawed and nuzzled His HOST rubber bike gear - and then groaned and excitedly barked at the sight of Him in His full leather CHP uniform and Dehners...! i was a very happy pup helping by cleaning His boots for Him too – amazed at how big they are, and how my arms disappeared into them almost up to my armpits. i took my time, of course, and lavished them with love (and several coats of polish) - and had incredible fun playing with His polishing machine and its multiple heads. i could have happily spent the rest of the day obsessing over every inch of that shining leather - but Sir finally had to come laugh and suggest that they might now be shiny enough, and it was time we where heading down to London...

It was perfect weather for being on the bike, and we had a wonderful couple of hours riding down on the M4: me sitting as far forward on the pillion seat as i could, with my paws clasped around His waist and my knees gripping the padded thighs of His breeches - whilst we chatted and talked all the way through the head-set.  When we finally got to our Hotel it was still quite early - and so we decided to drop off our gear, head into the City to check venues for the next day, and get some food.

It was another wonderful ride in – not least because it's great fun to weave through the traffic on the car-park that is the M25 - but also because i was able to watch our reflections in the glass spires of offices: gasping at how fantastic He looked in His gear, and feeling so small and yet so Proud behind Him...  We rode all the way into Kensington, since Sir wanted to check the Orangery at the Palace for a possible Afternoon Tea opportunity over the weekend. We couldn’t find the right place at first, and so we had the fun of stopping to ask some heavily armed Policemen: the Sergeant was very twinkly as he gave us directions - then commented on my Man's impressive leathers: correctly identified them as CHP, and then asked where He had bought them; Sir grinned and told him "A specialist leather maker in Germany called VK79...." i wonder what that Sergeant might think if he visits the site... :)

We parked the bike, then strode through Kensington Gardens in boots and leather – feeling so proud and perverse as everyone stopped and looked and quietly commented to each other. Sadly, the Orangery was closed by the time we got there, but the gardens where lovely and we had fun watching a family and their children hand-feeding some incredibly tame squirrels; we also saw some of the wild parakeets that nest in the park as we walked back to the bike.

By now we were starting to get hungry, so we stopped at Wagamamas for an amazing meal (including a bowl of Ramen soup that was so big the pup couldn’t finish it all!). The waiting staff was also rather cute (unusually for Sir, He even eyed up the one waiter’s trainers) – and they showed a lot of interest in the pup's tattoos. Nicest of all was the one waitress who stopped us as we left to comment on how smart we both looked in our beautiful leathers.

Handsomely fed and feeling a little tired, we headed back to the Hotel for a quick nap before the Black party at the Hoist that night; despite being a little tired we decided not to set an alarm since "it's only going to be a short nap..."

You would think that we would learn form past experience: when we finally woke up it was to silence and a dark room - and the dogs clock reading 11:30pm. It quickly became clear that there was no chance that we were going to make it - since the party had started at 10pm and we would need an hour or more to dress and get there! So we settled for something even more perverse: and snuggled back under the duvet with a hot chocolate and some cake instead, curled up together and feeling just a little guilty...

It was a shame to miss the event - but i must admit i soon forgot all thoughts of parties or guilt or anything other than the warmth and protection of my Man’s arms...


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