Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A 5 year anniversary

Five years ago, a nervous little stray pup trotted up a strange new path and into a while new life.

To think, how stunned i was when my Handler answered the door to me that first time - my head reeling to think how *gorgeous* He looked in His leather, how genuine the smile of welcome He gave me... The eye-popping, tail-wagging fun-filled day of gently being guided to open up to my inner-pup, dormant for so long... And the huge grin on my face when i finally left - buzzing with the pleasure we had and breathlessly hoping that i would be allowed to visit Him again one day...

Sir, it is a real cliche, but i really did fall in love with You on that very first meeting - and everything we have done since has only deepened that love and devotion.

Thank You Sir - i love You so much, and am so PROUD that You chose me to be Your pup!

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