Sunday, July 31, 2011


i was getting tired of everyone at Pride asking if the CHP badge on my uniform shirt meant that i was a cop - and so my Handler and i have spent some time designing some alternative patch-badges suitable for pups, dogs and other furry submissive folk.

The badges are 3" x 3" and embroidered to the highest quality; cost is £5 each with p&p (£8 if you buy two - one for each shoulder! ;) ).

If you are interested in obtaining some, please contact me.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Bournemouth 'Hide and Sea' bike weekend, 2011 (Thursday)


Another weekend in my Handler's company: His devoted bike-pup. No wonder i was feeling so excited...!

i spent the morning packing - trying to keep my gear selections to a mimimum and my rucksack to a bearable weight. Since this was due to be a weekend of socialising and bike runs, i knew there would be little chance to wear my rubber - and so i decided to wear my sleeveless rubber catsuit, harness and riding boots down so as to give my Man a little something interesting to play with before we left for the coast...

He answers the door in beautiful crotch-high Wescos and leather shorts - with a beautiful grin splitting His handsome bearded face, holding my collar open and ready in His hand. It feels so good to be back 'home' - to simply let go of the incredible stresses of a working-week-from-hell and to let everything dissolve into simply being 'pup'.


So good in fact that it is *too* good - too much of a dissonance: and i find myself helplessly clinging to Him as i dissolve into tears - releasing the pent up stress and overwhelmed by how good He is to me, how simple and joyful it is to be His pup, and by how much and how deeply i love Him. But He holds me and strokes my head and tells me that everything will OK, and finally the sobbing subsides... Then He tips my chin with His hand and kisses my nose and makes me laugh through the tears: telling me that i may be nicely waterproofed in my rubber, but His T shirt is now soaked through in puppy tears and snot :)

Sir lets me gather my composure over some tea (gods, how british we are!), and we discuss a little of His plans for the weekend - but the pup can't keep its paws off His boots for long, and soon enough it is happily waggling its shiny rubber butt whilst it laps and licks and moans away into the leather and from under His cleated heels...

i pad up behind Him to the playroom - both of us intent on a little play before we head off.

Eager and ready, i leap up onto the couch - shuffle backwards and tip my head back with a grin. The leather mound of His shorts tastes so beautiful as i trace the line of His cock with my tongue - feel it pulse with life and arousal. i rub my beard and chin against that hardening curve - breath in the scent of leather and Manhood; my hands reach around and down to stoke the smooth leather stretched over His arse - i find the rolled edge of His boot tops where they nudge the top of His thigh, and gently work my fingers between them and the curve of His butt cheeks. Whilst my mouth and beard are absorbed in the taste and sensation of His meat tightly constrained in the leather i let my hands roam at will across His back, stroke His lats, tease His nipples.

Finally He pulls down the zipper - lets me gently work His meat from its confines with my tongue and teeth. i breath in the heady smell of leather and musk - and feel my hips helplessly grind my encased cock into the air in answering arousal.

i tease the length of His meat with long slow licks from a flat wet tongue - tracing the ridge under His cock from balls to glans and back again. Feeling the texture of His skin, from the many-folded ridges of His balls to the veined length of His cock - the tautness of his frenum and the sweet satin smoothness of His glans. Watching a glistening bead of precum form - and then delicately catching it with the end of my tongue - gently smoothing its sweet wetness around and across the rest of His head whilst He moans and shudders in pleasure.

He tells me to climb down from the bench and i sink down onto my knees before Him - i show Him my devotion and arousal by covering Him in kisses: showing His flesh and His leather equal devotion and love. He pushes me down onto His boots - lets me work my face into the leather - i feel the cleats of His other boot upon my kneck and groan with pleasure as He pushes me down: pins me between them in breathless surrender.

He lifts His boot and lets me carefully work my way up His boot leather and back to His cock - a long wet trail of puppy-drool linking boots and Manhood in a line of love and arousal.

He unclips a chain lead from His belt - reaches behind me; i feel the click as He attaches it to the ring on my chest harness, then the tightening of the chain as He fastens the other end to the leg of the couch - He growls down at the eager look on His dog's face as it feels the restraint and strains against it towards Him: knows that its hunger is deepened from this sign from Him that it is under HIs control until He decides otherwise.

Restrained, it returns its attentions to His cock - lets itself lose everything in the perfect and infinite moment of loving and serving Him. Not using my throat this time - just my tongue. Long and thick, muscular and mobile, gently licking and probing and testing and teasing - relentless and mercilous: a muscular probosis probing out my Man's juices and sweet nectar.

Hearing His voice - breathing a moan of my own against His flesh in response:

"Do it - make it happen boy"

Allowing my senses to become totally absorbed in the taste and the feel of Him - all but lost in the sensations - letting my instincts take over and allowing my consious mind to drift. Allowing that instinctive self to become totally focused on the nuances of His responces and reactions: the pulse in His cock-head, the subtle movement of His hips, an involuntarily in-drawn breath or a tightening of His hand against the back of my head - letting those signs guide my tongue to tease and carress Him to ever greater heights of pleasure and arousal - pushing Him closer and closer to orgasm with just my tongue.

i feel Him start to tremble - hear Him gasping, laughing: "what is He doing?!"

Keeping Him on the edge is now my one goal. My tongue is relentless, mercilous: rippling and twisting around and beneath Him - probing and teasing, flicking and massaging - long and wet and muscular. i tempt and tease - keep changing the rhythm and focus of my lapping - never quite giving Him enough to push Himself over the edge and into release. He pants and grunts, gasps and shudders - His hands clench and relax against my head, i sense that He is fighting the urge to push me away so He can get respite, yet is too caught up in these overwhelming sensations that He does not yet want to end...

But finally i relent - reach up and gently stroke along underneath His balls and perineum;  a sensation that i know will be the final touch. He gives a shuddering breath and His hands hold my head still - and He finally cums in shuddering gasps and helpless shaking.

i eagerly swallow and lap up every sweet beautiful drop of His cum - but then i still don't stop: even though i know that He is always painfully sensitive afterwards - instead i am fastened tight around Him, my tongue teasing and carressing until He is laughing and giggling - and shaking so hard that He can hardly stand up...

His reaction is so intimate and intense that it feels like i share His orgasm within my own throat. It is the most beautiful gift - and the greatest reward i could ever wish for.

He finally finds beath to gasp that it is "Like being fucked by a limpit!" - and i finally have to let Him go in breathless giggles of my own.

He later tells me that it was the Best sex.


But, playtime over, it is finally time to think about leaving for Bournemouth - and so we clean up and i trot downstairs to help Him with the last of His packing.

i can't face stripping out of my rubber to dress in my bike gear, and so i ask for both His advice and His permission to wear the rubber beneath my leathers. He gives me a sexy grin and says yes, then calls me "Pervert!" when He catches me stroking my hands across the smooth chlorinated silkiness as i pull on the padded leather over the top of it. It feels so amazing to wear the rubber like this: a rubber inner skin beneath the tough outer leather - and i'm sure that i could never have managed it without the extra comfort of the chlorination that stops the rubber from pinching or pulling under the tight leather.

It is a glorious ride down too - even though we have to dodge the clouds and try to stay ahead of the rain (mostly!). But we still find time to make our customary pitt-stop in Shaftsbury - for tea and warmed scones and treakle tart with Purbeck ice-cream (yum!).

Unfortunately, the further South we go, the more the darkening weather seems to catch us up - and our luck runs out as the rain begins to fall at the roundabout heading into Poole; it feels like a deluge by the time we are in Bournemouth proper - and we have to limp between the sheltering cover of the trees - too wet now and too close to our destination to make it worth stopping and pulling on our wet-weather gear...

But finally we can see the sea-front - and then we are pulling up into the car-park at our hotel - our leather damp and steaming (but the dog curiously comfortable inside it's waterproofing rubber beneath ;) ).

i guiltily watch whilst He goes back into the rain to collect the panniers (i offered: but He says they are too complicated for a pup with 'no opposable thumbs' ;) ).

It is a beautiful room - with a sea view from the bed - but we are both tired from the ride, and so curl up for a nap


We wake in the early evening, in a glorious tangle of limbs. i turn to nuzzle and kiss Him, and He gently pushes me down under the covers for a little tender devotion - my warm rubber body curled against His thigh whilst my tongue and beard cover Him in kisses. But He only lets me give Him a 'lick and a promise' before He decides that i would be more gainfully employed getting us up and out for dinner.

We settle on a wonderful meal at a great sea-front Italian restaurant we have been to before; whilst we eat we also have the dubious pleasure of watching the rain lash over the coast - it is wonderfully dramatic and romantic, but luckily it stops before we have to head back to the hotel.

By the time we get back i have spent nearly 12 hours in rubber, and i am getting just a little sore behind the knees - so my Man helps me to peel it off before running a bath so that we can soak and chill and chat late into the night. We finally fall into bed, knowing that tomorrow will bring a free day to ride and chat and play before the official MSC meet begins in the evening.

'Hide and Sea 2011' posts:

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Compliments from the Master

What more could a pup ever wish for:

Nigel to me
From my personal diary: 
"Thursday morning: bootbrush caused me to cum using his tongue only. 
BEST SEX EVER: a laughing orgasm."

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A 5 year anniversary

Five years ago, a nervous little stray pup trotted up a strange new path and into a while new life.

To think, how stunned i was when my Handler answered the door to me that first time - my head reeling to think how *gorgeous* He looked in His leather, how genuine the smile of welcome He gave me... The eye-popping, tail-wagging fun-filled day of gently being guided to open up to my inner-pup, dormant for so long... And the huge grin on my face when i finally left - buzzing with the pleasure we had and breathlessly hoping that i would be allowed to visit Him again one day...

Sir, it is a real cliche, but i really did fall in love with You on that very first meeting - and everything we have done since has only deepened that love and devotion.

Thank You Sir - i love You so much, and am so PROUD that You chose me to be Your pup!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Packing for MSC Bournemouth 'Hide and Sea'

Just a few more days before we head off down to the South Coast and the MSC Bournemouth's 'Hide and Sea' bike run weekend - and this pup is busy polishing it's leather and buffing its boots to a high shine. i can't wait - i just hope the weather clears up a bit...!

i look forward to being able to give a friendly 'WUUFF!!' to everyone again - and for those of you unable to come, review and photos will follow in due course.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gay Pride weekend, London 2011. Sunday

Sunday morning

We wake rather late: with my Man sleepily guiding my eager muzzle down under the duvet to lick and nuzzle Him into full wakefulness - breathing in the warm heat of Him and turning Him on more and more - until He kicks off the sheets so that He can drive deeper and deeper into my throat without entanglemants...

Driving deep into me in long solid thrusts - as deep as He has ever been. Feeling Him deep in my throat as His balls nudge against my nose – His cock head so deep inside me that i can feel the stretch of my throat and neck as it struggle to take Him.

Stopping my breath, filling my throat, fucking me slow and hard and utterly merciless.

i feel the gentle pressure of His hands on my shoulders: guiding me around underneath Him to expose my belly so that He can tease and stroke my dog-cock and balls - whilst He continues to thrust into me. His attentions making me groan and writhe and work all the harder to take Him deep into me - until i nearly choke in my eagerness to please, and He has to relent and let me catch my breath again: my nose and face nuzzled against His belly...

Catching my breath whilst He carresses my head - and i quietly stroke His fur, lick His pitts, nuzzle His nipples – blissfully randy and loving this last chance to be with Him.

Finally, He turns me around to spoon back against His chest – enfolds me in His strong arms in a warm and possessive hug. Deeply aroused now, i curve my butt back towards Him: pleading with my body for Him to fuck me at last.

i hear my Man's voice then, deep and breathless: promising to be gentle.

The rush of feeling at the touch of Him, still slick with my throat-juices: easing into me slowly, carefully – knowing His pup’s hole hadn’t been used since we last played in Amsterdam – letting its hole relax around His meat, inch by inch as He slowly slides Himself down inside me. Those first rings of tight muscle the hardest – then knowing that He can feel His dog’s deep inner core opening up around Him as it finally surrenders to Him and HIS desire.

Gently, slowly, fucking me. Thanking Him with a quiet sob in my voice: telling Him that it makes me feel whole to have Him inside of me like this – how complete i feel when i give myself to Him so completely, know that i am pleasing Him and making Him proud.

His hands turn me over onto my belly – pinning me down beneath Him. He growls when He feels my foot curl around His calf – telling Him that i do not want to be anywhere else but here: surrendered and pinned beneath my Man: opening myself up to His pleasure.

He fucks me deep and hard – until i am panting and sobbing at the overwhelming intensity of it – having to struggle to take His hunger and the intensity of His arousal. i can only gasp and groan as He finally forces Himself into me as deep as He can - down until i can feel the roughness of His fur against my ring and His belly presses down into my back.

He carefully turns me back onto my side then: wraps His arm around my throat in a gentle headlock, then presses down with the inside of His arm as He fucks me into breathless pounding blackness...

Finally, He pulls us both over so that He is lying on His back - draws me up to lie upon His furred belly; He is still deep inside of me as He whispers into me ear: filling my mind with erotic fantasies of being forcefully and mechanically milked. Feeling His bodily restraint turn into a milking table - the restraining arm coming down over my throat as the milking boom reaches down to enfold my leaking dog-cock - and the inner piston keeps up its mercilous massaging of my prostrate...

Twisting in His embrace - unable (and unwilling) to break free from His control - breathless and moaning: my hands reaching up to cling to His arm (and subtly pull it down harder against my neck). Finding myself helpless and open - pushing myself and my hole back against Him: fucking myself on Him and His meat as He milks my aching cock until i finally shoot over my belly in thick slimy strings... Hearing my gasps and His chuckle as He collects my cum in His palm and smooths it up my belly and over my chest: marking me with the scent of my own enforced perversity.

Sated - breathing heavily - quietly lying together at the end – feeling Him slowly soften inside me. i twitch my inner muscles and try hard to hold Him inside - not wanting to have to feel that emptyness as He finally withdraws...


The ride home

We could have lain in blissful warmth forever - but the alarm reminded us that we had 30 minutes to check-out, or face charges for a 3rd night.

It was a rush and blurr of gear and rukcsacks, but we managed to pack in record time – and it wasn't long before we were out on the M5 heading West. Both of us yawning within our helmets - and the dog hugging its Man tight with its head on His shoulder: trying to pour my love and warmth into Him, lending Him my energy so that He might not feel so tired. Feeling a little guilty that i work Him so hard sometimes: that my puppy eagerness sometimes gets the better of both of us, and makes us forget that neither of us is as young as we once were... ;)

It was another perfect day for riding: sunny and warm but with a cool wind - and so Sir decided to take us on a scenic detour along the A roads and down into Hungerford – and there we finally stopped for a hearty breakfast of ‘Two-things-on-toast’ at the wonderfully atmospheric Rafters cafe (where the owner joined the ranks of those to comment on how smart our leathers looked). The cafe itself is in the attic of a rambling Antiques market called the Hungerford Arcade, and so once we were fed we took some time to have a sneaky, if sleepy, browse through the antique shops - unsuccessfully looking for a large 'Brown Betty' tea-pot for the pup to take home to my Geoff (and our newly installed kitchen)...

We had to wait before leaving Hungerford itself whilst a wonderful old steam-engine rolled through the centre of the town - belching steam and smoke and the sweet scent of engine oil. It was an amazing sight - but like a daft dog, i forgot i even had my camera until it had gone!

We came back on the A roads through Marlborough and Wiltshire - and the dog had fun pointing out the West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill to its Man: flipping into pagan-Elder as it gave Him a short introduction to the amazing sacred landscape and the symbolic meanings of this the largest landscape of its kind in Europe. At the dog's nudging, Sir then took a small detour through Avebury, making a short pit-stop amongst the bikers at the Red Lion so that the dog could have a piss. Sir was amazed at the size of the stones and extent of the circle and earthworks – and we agreed that it might make a nice ride one day when we were not quite so tired!

It was a long and wonderful ride  - but finally we were purring around the Aztec Roundabout, and then pulling up at Sir's home at last. It was nice to be able to say 'Hi!' to Sir's Geoff, and give a short grinning account of our weekend – but all too soon it was time to bend my neck and let my Man unlock my collar, and then to say a sad little farewell as it climbed into its own car, ready for the drive back to its own man waiting at home.

But we did have a smile and a gentle reminder that it will only be two weeks or so until we do it all again at Bournemouth...!!!


It was a fantastic weekend - and i really want to thank Roy and Roger and all of the BLUF guys for helping to make it so much fun. i also want to thank Roy, Tim and Aris for continuing to keep the love flowing over the following week, as we exchanged emails and messages and they sent my Man the photos they had taken of us or found online.

Thank You for helping to preserve all of those incredible memories of a wonderful weekend.

Here's to next year!!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gay Pride weekend, London 2011. BLUF party

Backstreet triptych. Image © Guy Burc

After all the fun of the parade, we got back to the hotel quite late, so we only had time for a very short nap before we were waking with a jump to the alarm: and my Man’s bleary eyed protestations. But nothing could curb the dog's excitement at seeing everyone again at the BLUF party, and so it was out of the warm bed and into our rubber – with both of us blessing Gordon and the wonders of chlorination that meant we could simply slide into the rubber without struggle or hassle or lube or talc or waxing...

Rubber-skinned, and wearing my red 'Service dog' boiler-suit, it was then down to the bike and onto the road – riding back into town whilst i hugged my Man tight to keep Him warm in the cooling evening. We had to make good time too, worried that we might face Roy's scolding for being late – but the lights were with us and we made it to the Backstreet just in time for the 10pm club opening (unfortunately, there had been some misunderstanding about the BLUF Party start time, and so we were in fact amongst the 1st there...!)

We took a moment for the pup to shrug out of its boiler-suit and tail-up - and then i proudly padded into the club proper at the end of my Master’s leash, hooded and moving easily on all-fours: once more the proud rubber fuck-dog that i am at my core.

Sir got us a drink (and let His pup have a few slurps through a straw), then we circulated through the club to see who was there and say Hello to the many friends that Sir has; i was proud to hear my Man chat to so many different men, and very pleased that so many of them gave me a friendly head pat and 'Hello bootbrush!'.

Everyone was also very impressed with the LED flashing dog-collar that the pup was wearing - and congratulated Sir on the idea (the club is very dark, and a dark-skinned pup on all fours is very hard to see, which means that the pup is regularly stepped on or tripped over... Not this time: not with it's neck and lead lit up like a christmas tree...!! :) )

Nicest of all was one sexy leatherman whom Sir had been chatting to on Recon, who made a beeline for us both, just so that he could make a fuss of the dog - the pup really enjoyed the attention he gave it, and i think He enjoyed it too (from the way he was stroking my hood and back ;) ). Sadly, not everyone appreciated having a pup snuffling at their boots though - and one guy was so disturbed when Sir sent His pup over to say 'wuff!' that he nearly backed himself out of the club, and Sir had to call me back to His side with my tail between my legs...

After a while, Sir led His pup down into the club - weaving between the oil-drums and the boots and the Men - down into the spot-lit darkness... He found a nice spot where He could lean against a wall and have His pup tucked between His boots where it was less likely to be accidentally trod-on, and His pup gratefully rested its muzzle into the top of His thigh whilst He watched the comings and goings and the darkly-lit activities of the Men around us...

It didn't take long before i heard the snap of Sir's cod-piece - and then the gentle guiding of His gloved hand on the back of my hooded head; i didn't need any more encouragement...

The scent and taste of Him after He has been wearing His rubber is intoxicating: the complex bitterness of the rubber intermingled with the salt of His sweat and the sweetness of His precum - i took a moment to breathe Him in deeply: letting Him feel His dog's hot breath and the warmth of its lips just brushing the tip of His head - then reached out with the tip of my tongue to gently lick and probe around His glans. i felt His hand press lightly and gladly obeyed His unspoken command: with a moan and a sigh i opened my mouth and slowly slid myself down - warm and wet and hungry around Him - a long slow deep breath: and then i opened up and took Him deep down into my throat once more...

Gently at first - taking time to lick and nuzzle whilst i caught my breath - but i could feel the tension in His hips, and knew that He was fighting the urge to fuck my face hard. i relaxed and whined around His meat - letting Him know that it was OK: urging Him to do what He wanted - to take His pleasure from His dog.

Finally i felt Him grab hold of my head, brace His feet - push Himself deep into me - i could feel His growl as it resonated through the rubber... Relaxing - letting Him take control - my tongue and throat the only active parts of me now: stroking and milking Him as He drove deeper and deeper, over and over... Both of us focused only on the feel of Him pushing down past my vocal chords - lost in the beat of the music and the darkness and the moving forms around us - the dog focused only on HIM - only on making HIM pleased...

Hearing His voice over the sounds of the club - telling His dog: "Good boy! DO IT! - just like that - good boy...!" Opening further at His urging and the hot hard feel of Him inside me, filling my throat, controlling my breathing...

Feeling His urgency rising as He built towards climax "Fucking my dog - gonna fuck You till i cum boy - gonna feed my dog - gonna make you take my cum..." Knowing we had collected an audience now, but caring nothing for the watching men - knowing only Him now, His desire: the thick slick taste of His precum and my spit...

And then, finally, feeling Him brace Himself - hearing the tremble in His voice as He told me "Gentle now boy....!" - and the beautiful feeling as He spilled the gift of His seed into HIS dog - HIS pup.

Later, back at the bar, we finally caught up with Roy and Roger – and they all made a wonderful fuss of the pup in its rubber: commenting on how natural a dog it was now it was on all fours. The pup played up for them - and proudly braced up into "SHOW!" so they could admire its glossy skin and wagging tail; i was also very happy to show all their boots some happy devotion whilst they chatted above me, and discussed plans for future meets (including Sir trying to tempt Roy down for the Bournemouth 'Hide and Sea' weekend at the end of this month).

Sir also got to chat to a wonderfully sexy guy from Canada called Kurt...

But finally it was getting late, and the pup was starting to flag after its exciting day - so Sir took pity and started to make our goodbyes. Roy was very sweet and came out to the bike with us - and gave the pup the biggest hug you can imagine - making us promise to come back to London again soon!

It was a cool night on the way back to the hotel – even colder for the wind against our sweat-slick rubber - and the pup had to hug its Man tight so that we could share whatever body-heat we could. My arms were warm, but Sir shuddered and groaned when I moved and let the cold pool of sweat trickle down inside His gear.

We were cold and tired by the time we got back to the hotel - and i am ashamed to say that, perverts or not, we couldn’t get the rubber off quick enough. But then it was into the warm dry sheets for a snuggle and a warming drink - and i'm afraid that we were both fast asleep before either of us could manage much more...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gay Pride weekend, London 2011. Saturday


We learnt our lesson from Friday night: and so we were up early on Saturday morning to an alarm at 8am – with the dog multi-tasking and making its Man a welcome cup of tea whilst also teasing Him awake with its tongue.... He crooned with pleasure at the one special trip back to the bed - just to tenderly kiss His forehead and whisper “i love You Sir!”

Tea, biscuits - then it was up and out of bed and time to dress in our formal leathers – with the pup sneaking crafty looks at how beautiful and *POWERFUL* its Man looked in His uniform, and how utterly i wanted to simply sink to my knees and worship Him and tell Him that i am His: all ways and always

But i was also a very happy grinning dog-boy when i presented myself to Him and asked “Do i pass muster, Sir?” - and He replied with a deep and satisfying growl of appreciation.

We headed down into the centre of London again - and decided to leave the bike near the Embankment; i got lots of chances to sneakily watch people looking at us both whilst Sir locked up the bikes and our helmets. 

We then headed over to the Embankment cafe for breakfast – where two nice guys said hello and commented on our leather as we walked past, and then followed us in to the cafe itself to ask if we were going to the parade; i did my best to chat, but i must admit i was a little distracted at trying to see the menu and decide what to order - so my apologies if i appeared a little unfriendly!

We sat outside on the terrace - grinning at each other whilst the builders and taxi-drivers gawped at us through the window, and the queues for the Tour buses nudged and commented to each other - but we didn't care, and enjoyed a nice simple breakfast whilst we watched the Thames roll by...

Feeling fortified for the day, we then headed of to Oxford Circus on the Tube – grinning even more as we gathered more looks and the occasional compliment. We also met a nice lesbian couple who stopped us on the stairs at the station to say how beautiful we looked (we saw them again later on our way to the start of the parade - and again when they introduced themselves as Journalists for the Independent newspaper, and took photos of us all for their special 'Diversity' edition!)

We were still a little early for the gathering, so we headed over to Rob first; as we strode up the street there was a gathering of photographers who asked for our photo, and we gladly obliged, then commented about it with the guy in the shop - he laughed and said that they might have been waiting for Lady Gaga, but we were much more interesting... :) 

If you've not visited Rob London yet, i suggest you do so: they've had an amazingly horny refit, with iron fittings and black steel - and even heavy prison-bar style doors on all of the basement changing areas... We had a nice time trying out their canes and floggers - and a wonderful ball-gag that had us both hard...

Shopping done, we headed back to Regent Street to wait for everyone on the steps of All Souls in Langham Place – although Handler did take the opportunity to get a photo of His pup tied up and waiting by a lamp-post too (much to the surprise and interest of the builders working on the BBC's new extension to Broadcasting House...!) - and we also met a very sexy be-kilted photographer (Pieter Wessels) who took some lovely photos of my Man.

Gradually people started to arrive: word had spread that our informal meeting of friends was now the unofficial leather presence at the parade (it was even mentioned on the BLUF website) – and so we gathered quite a leather flashmob of very sexy men! Of course, such a gathering also attracted quite a lot of looks and i had fun watching guys trying to take sneaky photos – knowing they would all pretend not to like the powerful image we projected, but secretly all wishing they could be so brave as to come speak to us.

Roy was totally in his element - and positively lapped up the attention! He was also the one to shepherd us all together for official photos by the press: including the nice lesbian journalists from the Independent and several other press and official photographers (our apologies to the one guy who wanted us all to growl and look mean for Him - we were just having too much of a good time :) ).

Finally it was time for the Parade to start - we kept our position on the steps initially since it gave us such a good view. There were the standard floats, and some amazing drag costumes - but most moving to me was the enthusiastic applause for the several marching groups of gay guys from the Forces and the Police. There was also the sexiest dancing bear on the float for the Battersea Dog's home...

Roy was eager to get started - and my Man had to physically hold him back several times whilst we waited for the best point to join the parade. But when Roy spotted a gap in the parade in front of the huge Rainbow flag we couldn't hold Roy back any longer: and so we squeezed through the barriers, Roger and another of the BLUF guys unfurled their BDSM pride flags - and we proudly stepped out to show our true perverted colours!

It really was an incredible feeling to be marching beside my Man in the midst of such a sexy crew of leather-clad men – and i positively glowed with pride when He reached over to fasten His lead onto my collar so that everyone could see that i was His. Sir said that it was too far for me to walk on all fours, and so i strode along beside Him on two - but the parade stopped and started several times, and every time we stopped i happily went down onto my knees beside Him – which always seemed to raise a lot of comment from people in the crowd.

As the Parade progressed, Sir really got into the swing of the day – and had intense fun alternately intimidating and teasing cute men from the crowd: advancing on them as they tried to take our photos, watching them flinch as He reached out and then melt into blushes and smiles when He stroked their beards and asked who was lucky enough to wake up to such sexiness ('hello' to all those cute guys - especially the lovely big red-bearded bear!). We also had a fun exchange with a nice lady in an incredible corset who was also waving the BDSM flag - and got to say hello to a couple of pups in the crowd (who would have joined the parade too, but their Sir had a disabled pup with Him whom He didn't believe would manage the full route).

The pup had as much fun as its Man though: playing up for the photographers and  hugging His leg and kissing His boots. Most memorable of all was the one point in the middle of Regent Street: braced up on my hands and toes with my arse in the air whilst He caned my leathered butt and the photographers swarmed about us and the crowd cried for more...!

With all the distractions we always seemed to be several yards behind everyone else - at one point they were even trying to call me to keep up, but my Man had left me kneeling in a 'Stay' with my lead in my mouth, so all i could do was shrug my shoulders helplessly and wait for Him to come back from teasing some poor young man... All the distractions meant that we were constantly having to try to keep ahead of the Pride flag just behind us – but it finally swamped us completely when the pup got thoroughly distracted with kissing Sir's boots, and then Aris and several of the other guys joined in...

We also had great fun good naturedly teasing the various policemen that lined the route – but the real prize has to go to the very nice officer in Piccadilly who bravely survived being surrounded by us all whilst his photo was taken and we all teased him – but my Man worked His charm and melted His resistance into smiles.

It was all immense fun, and it was quite a surprise when we finally reached the end of the parade route – and were herded over into a side street by the marshals. Still, the pup did take a moment to dash over and chat to a cute semi-naked guy who had a greenman tattoo – although that meant i had to then show him *mine*, and that meant gasps and even more photos...

By this time it was early afternoon - and we were desperate for a stiff cup of tea!  There was some discussion about where to go that would be suitable (Roy remembering our complaints from the previous year's visit to the National Gallery and their lack of proper *china*...!) - but eventually we were all led off to Compton Street, and spent a wonderful couple of hours having a wonderful lunch at the Med restaurant there: choosing a window table, so that we could watch the crowds outside - and Sir and Roy could chat and flirt with those brave enough to chat to us (including one very cute man and his partner who sat on the window ledge and kept us all entertained ;) )

L2R: Roy, Nigel, bootbrush, Ian, Mark, David, Mark and Roger
It was the perfect way to end a brilliant afternoon - but we were also exhausted, and had to finally make our excuses and head back for a nap - Roy was very sensible though, and made me set an alarm there and then to make sure that we didn’t over-sleep and miss the BLUF party (again!).

It still took us It forever to get back to the bike though - because of the number of people who wanted their photos taken with us...



Sunday, July 10, 2011

Gay Pride weekend, London 2011. Friday

The London MSC club hadn't planned a presence in the Pride Parade for this year - but the wonderfully sexy Aroi (who we first met at Pride 2 years ago) messaged Sir to ask if we would please come - and tempted us with plans for going in full leather.

We hadn't planned to go - but what could we do but make last minute arrangements?!


Sir worked late-night on the Thursday, but He told His pup i could come down when i was packed and ready. i still had His keys from when i watched the house so that He and His Geoff could go for a 25th anniversary Rhine cruise, so when i got to the house i punched in the alarm code and carefully let myself in with the key...

The house was quiet, so i carefully stowed my rucksack and jacket - then sank down onto all fours to pad across the hall and in through Sir's study; from the silence, i knew my Man was still in bed asleep, and so i gently nudged open His bedroom door with my nose – trying to pad in silently, the creak of my leather jeans and shirt sounding loud in the silence...! Holding my breath i crept across the room to kneel by the bedside - grinning at the sight of His hair ruffled upon the pillow - and then i quietly settled down to watch the rise and fall of the duvet where He slept on His side. After i while i saw the pattern change - and realised that He was now awake and was only now pretending to sleep. i know my face spread into a huge sheepish grin as He slowly turned over, opened an eye and gave me a sleepy but friendly “Hello pup!” 

Being a good and gentle pup i resisted the urge to bound all over the bed and cover Him in kisses - so i settled on leaning on the edge to kiss his nose and forehead instead. Being the wonderful Handler that He is, He simply laughed - then gently guided my muzzle down under the duvet...

We spent quite a little time then, with the pup's tongue doing what it does best - until it finally had Him so randy and distracted that He had to give in to hunger and drag His dog upstairs and into the playroom. He slapped the massage couch and gave an encouraging "Up!" – and so i leapt up and settled myself down with my head over the edge - reaching for Him with eager hands to stroke the back of His thighs and caress the beautiful fur on His belly and butt - all the while continuing my nuzzling and kissing and licking: drawing Him deeper into my mouth so that He could feel my hot breath and the ripple of my tongue beneath Him. When i could finally feel Him at the back of my throat, i consciously relaxed, breathed out and imagined my soft palate opening up: expanding to take Him so that He was able to push down inside of me with a grunt and a sigh...

Slowly, gently, pushing deeper and deeper - letting me take breathes in-between His strokes - opening myself to Him deeper than ever before: so deep that He swore He could feel the snap and yield of my vocal cords around the head of His cock...

But finally the probing got too much - and He had to let His pup sit up to choke and gasp whilst He stroked its head and rubbed its back - and it hugged His leg and boot.

Once the pup had its breath back it noticed that Sir had bought a new leather-headed crop - and so begged Him to try it with a wag of its butt and a twinkle in its eye. He soon had it lying forward over the couch: legs spread and leathered arse high - both of us deeply aroused by the satisfying thwack of leather upon leather as He brought the crop down harder and harder, until i was pushing my haunches high to receive His pain. i could hear His own gasps at how hard He was hitting me – harder than He said than He has ever been able to crop anyone – and i could feel pride swell in my chest at being able to give Him that unique pleasure.

My own squirming and gasped sounds of pleasurable pain had Him finally turning to His box of flogging tools - pulling each one carefully from the box and laying them before my nose in a line of expectation, then taking each in turn and using them upon my willing body; it was fascinating to experience the feel of each one, subtly different from the last: the solid impact of the strap, the greater sting of the tawse - the different weight of each of the floggers... (Later, having the pleasure of telling Him how good the solid impact of the heaviest of the rubber floggers had felt: like His strong embrace, only condensed and intensified into one momentary touch.)

By the time that all of the implements had been used, the pup was truly starting to squirm in pain - but both of us where breathless and deeply aroused – and it was a very thankful pup that turned to kneel and cover His hands and cock in kisses of thanks.

By now we had been busy for several hours - and so Sir patted a leg and i trotted down the stairs after Him to have a quick breakfast and then to help Him get the last of His packing done! It was great fun trying to help Him sort through His various clothing decisions – although i think it was easy for Him to decide, given the way His pup pawed and nuzzled His HOST rubber bike gear - and then groaned and excitedly barked at the sight of Him in His full leather CHP uniform and Dehners...! i was a very happy pup helping by cleaning His boots for Him too – amazed at how big they are, and how my arms disappeared into them almost up to my armpits. i took my time, of course, and lavished them with love (and several coats of polish) - and had incredible fun playing with His polishing machine and its multiple heads. i could have happily spent the rest of the day obsessing over every inch of that shining leather - but Sir finally had to come laugh and suggest that they might now be shiny enough, and it was time we where heading down to London...

It was perfect weather for being on the bike, and we had a wonderful couple of hours riding down on the M4: me sitting as far forward on the pillion seat as i could, with my paws clasped around His waist and my knees gripping the padded thighs of His breeches - whilst we chatted and talked all the way through the head-set.  When we finally got to our Hotel it was still quite early - and so we decided to drop off our gear, head into the City to check venues for the next day, and get some food.

It was another wonderful ride in – not least because it's great fun to weave through the traffic on the car-park that is the M25 - but also because i was able to watch our reflections in the glass spires of offices: gasping at how fantastic He looked in His gear, and feeling so small and yet so Proud behind Him...  We rode all the way into Kensington, since Sir wanted to check the Orangery at the Palace for a possible Afternoon Tea opportunity over the weekend. We couldn’t find the right place at first, and so we had the fun of stopping to ask some heavily armed Policemen: the Sergeant was very twinkly as he gave us directions - then commented on my Man's impressive leathers: correctly identified them as CHP, and then asked where He had bought them; Sir grinned and told him "A specialist leather maker in Germany called VK79...." i wonder what that Sergeant might think if he visits the site... :)

We parked the bike, then strode through Kensington Gardens in boots and leather – feeling so proud and perverse as everyone stopped and looked and quietly commented to each other. Sadly, the Orangery was closed by the time we got there, but the gardens where lovely and we had fun watching a family and their children hand-feeding some incredibly tame squirrels; we also saw some of the wild parakeets that nest in the park as we walked back to the bike.

By now we were starting to get hungry, so we stopped at Wagamamas for an amazing meal (including a bowl of Ramen soup that was so big the pup couldn’t finish it all!). The waiting staff was also rather cute (unusually for Sir, He even eyed up the one waiter’s trainers) – and they showed a lot of interest in the pup's tattoos. Nicest of all was the one waitress who stopped us as we left to comment on how smart we both looked in our beautiful leathers.

Handsomely fed and feeling a little tired, we headed back to the Hotel for a quick nap before the Black party at the Hoist that night; despite being a little tired we decided not to set an alarm since "it's only going to be a short nap..."

You would think that we would learn form past experience: when we finally woke up it was to silence and a dark room - and the dogs clock reading 11:30pm. It quickly became clear that there was no chance that we were going to make it - since the party had started at 10pm and we would need an hour or more to dress and get there! So we settled for something even more perverse: and snuggled back under the duvet with a hot chocolate and some cake instead, curled up together and feeling just a little guilty...

It was a shame to miss the event - but i must admit i soon forgot all thoughts of parties or guilt or anything other than the warmth and protection of my Man’s arms...


Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Counting blessings...

Geoff kneeling in the bath whilst I sobbed my suddenly overwhelming feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness - not caring for the water soaking into his jeans or my tears soaking into his shirt; not needing to say anything, just holding me and rocking me and letting me know by the warmth of his bodily presence that I am loved and supported - and that together we can overcome the return of this depression and the work stress that caused it...

Nigel phoning and realising my dark mood - listening carefully, giving His own words of love and support - and then reminding me of all the wonderful times we have shared - making me laugh and smile in a way that outshines this current black mood. Then emailing me daily words of support and positive actions i can do to help me through these dark emotions...

A colleague calling just to say how valued and respected I am - and reminding me that I must not let the current situation we face at work to let me forget the Professional regard and respect that I am held in...

Another colleague texting with his own words of appreciation and support...

In the dark depths of stress and depression it is easy to forget what an incredible network of love and support we gather about us - or how powerful a few words of appreciation can be in rescuing another from self-doubt.

Please: take time to tell those whom you love that you LOVE them. Let your colleagues and friends know how appreciated and respected they are. That small act may well save someone's life.

Geoff & Nigel: i LOVE YOU. i can't say that often enough or with enough conviction. You are both such beautiful, honourable and wonderful men.

It is an honour to know and love you both.
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