Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Pup-play on Leatherati is an in depth site filled with articles and essays on the leather and BDSM community and 'lifestyle'. If you've not come across it before it's well worth taking a good look - not least because their current issue 'Pup out: an in-depth look' is focused entirely around pup-play.

The issue features several excellent entries written by pups or their Handlers. Key items for me were pug's entry on 'Why pup-play' (including her thoughts on the spiritual aspects of play, and seeing the shift into pup-space as a kind of shape shifting - both of which resonate with my own experiences as a pagan and a pup), Brue's piece on individuality and community in 'pup-play: not a cookie-cutter lifestyle', and the video interview with Stomper (founder and manager of the excellent community site 'Pup-zone' - of which myself and several of the essayists are members)...

But it was the 'Bringing home a new puppy' essay by Master Dan and pup loki that moved me the most.

i am honoured to know both Master and pup - we regularly exchange emails and comment on each others blogs, and am proud to call them friends (albeit ones whom i have only met in heart and mind, given that we are half a world away!). Their essay tries to answer the simple question 'How did you get started in pup-play?', to which they both give excellent advice - but what really made the article sing to me was the way in which it is written as a dialogue between Master and pup. The way they write in counterpoint reveals a genuine love and respect for each other that just so beautifully expresses the bond between a Man and His dog, that - well - it almost made me cry.

And i'm not the only one - Handler was so moved when He read it that He posted a lovely long response of His own - adding His thoughts on how He become a Handler to this pup, and describing His own pride in sharing His life with a doggy companion!

And that really had His pup sniffling... ;)

So - i just wanted to say 'Thanks for sharing G/guys!' to both Master Dan and loki - and a very big 'THANK YOU!' to my Handler for having written such beautiful things about His pup.

(And a nice big 'Thank you' to Leatherti for publishing such an interesting issue too!)

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