Friday, June 24, 2011

A play-visit and a sleep-over

Bounding up the path - my tail wagging with excitement to be seeing my Man again. He opens the door with a big grin on His own face, looking resplendent in His rubber bike jacket and jeans. He is nearly knocked off His feet as i leap into His arms, barking and laughing - we reel back into the hallway as i cover His face with puppy-licks...

i finally relent when His spluttering and laughing becomes too much and He has to let me down to the floor - then i scamper along behind Him as He leads us both into the lounge. He pulls me up onto 2 legs, wraps His arms around me in a huge enfolding embrace - pushes my head down into His shoulder and strokes the back of my head. His deep voice vibrates in His chest as He tells me those wonderful words: "Good boy: I love my dog!" A deep sob wrenches itself from inside of me: born of a week of stress and unhappiness at work, of my love for my Man, my surrender to Him, and the ache i feel when i am away from Him - away from this, my true place. He rocks me gently, kisses the top of my head - croons His love and support for His dog and tells it that He will always be here, ready with more hugs whenever he needs it.

i grin up at Him - but am then distracted by the amazingly glossy shine of His chlorinated rubber jacket: the feel of it beneath my hands, the smell of Him blending with the rubber into an amazingly heady smell of sex and masculinity... it makes my puppy-cock swell in my jeans, and i find myself start to helplessly bump against His thigh with a deep sigh. He laughs - rubs my hair - and guides my kissing mouth down along His whole rubberised body until i am on my knees again and covering the beautiful full mound of His rubber sex in doggy kisses and eagerness.

i watch and drool as He carefully unzips the rubberised fly - lets loose the meat which His dog loves and worships so deeply. His balls hang heavy and low in a split ball-weight - He lifts His cock out of the way so that the dog can reach them with its wet muzzle, cover them with long slow licks. It circles around each ball - then gently sucks them into the warm wet of its mouth - finds that if it sucks whilst also pushing gently upwards then it can manage to draw His entire sack into its mouth; with them held gently between its lips it is able to lick and mouth and gently tug - leaving Him sighing and grunting with pleasure and the dog wining in excitement.

He leads us both upstairs and into the playroom - settles the dog down onto the floor and then gives it free rein to lick and lap and tease and probe. i let myself go completely to the grooming of Him - the sensation of Him against my tongue and the subtle differences in taste and texture over every inch of His meat: the pulsing satin smoothness of His head, the tempting groove of His glans, the tautness of His frenem and the sweet oozing wetness of His pre-cum... Licking becomes my world as i am absorbed into the purely animal act of tasting and feeling - i feel myself sinking deeper into pupspace, and gratefully allow the dog-mind to rise up like a beautiful black tide to wash away all concerns and thoughts and humanity. i loose all sense of time and identity: merge gently into becoming simply a teasing wet tongue and the pleasurable groans and sighs which my attention draws from my Man. i am lost in the pure bliss of making my Man happy.

He lets me tease Him for what might have been hours - my jaw aches and the floor between my rubbered knees is spit-slick with my drool, but i am happy and blissfully deep. Ffinally, He pulls me back by my collar - looks into my eyes and asks "Does my dog want feeding?"  - i bark excitedly, still deep in puppy-space, then settle back on my heels: head tipped back and tongue a red-carpet of welcome for His seed. The taste of those first drops of cum: salt and sweet, thick and glutinous - it is too much for the dog to resist, and it hungrily swallows His meat down deep into its muzzle, down into its throat - so that it can feel Him pump His rich treasure directly into its heart.

He sinks down onto His knees - draws us both down onto the floor so that He can gather the dog bodily onto His chest; we lie there for a while whilst i feel the ragged rise and fall of His breathing settle back to restfulness. Once more, the feel of His slick chlorinated rubber gear beneath me becomes too much for my dripping cock, and i struggle to stop myself from gently trying to hump into His belly.

He cocks His head back, reaches up a thick gloved hand and lets the dog lick and suck the over-sized thumb whilst He reaches down to enfold its own meat in the other glove. It moans around the rubber as it humps that tight rubber fist - then quickly begs for an indulgence before it is too late:

"Please Sir - i brought my sleep-sack...

He laughs: "You pervert dog!" - then releases me and says "OK - fetch!".

He laughs even harder when i push the box into the playroom with my nose...

Hopping up onto the couch - easing my rubbered legs down into the tight dark confines of the sack, working my feet into the bulbous bottom - lying back as the tight rubber is carefully worked up my thighs and over my chest; i obediently put my arms down by my sides - let them be sealed into the zipped sleeves and pulled tightly against my chest. Finally the zips are pulled up and over my shoulders - and then Master pulls out the hooded gasmask; i grin up at Him as i raise my head to let Him slide it over my head - the smell of heady rubber is intoxicating as the mouth piece settles over me, my vision of Him is blurred through the lenses, but the condensation creates a halo around His head that sparkles and shines. He smiles wickedly down at His encased and cocooned dog - then covers the lenses with two heavy rubber gloves - sealing it away into blissful darkness and the hiss and pop of the breathing ports.

i tense and release my body - exploring the tight confines of my cocoon and realising how little i can now move - how every attempt is resisted and countered by the resilient rubber forcing me back into position, back into surrender. The effort only makes me breath harder and the gasmask clamp itself harder around my head. i know He has been watching me struggle - letting me test my boundaries - but then i feel His hands upon me - exploring and testing my bound body for Himself. Every touch is both muffled by the multiple rubber layers and yet also focused and amplified by the quiet isolation too.

He moves away for a while, and then i feel the touch of the first of His rubber floggers - gentle at first, then gradually falling heavier upon my helpless body - i strain my chest forward, begging Him for more - wishing i was on my belly so that i could feel His pain across my eager arse. One after another, He moves through the flogger weights, until He is finally using a beautiful heavy rubber flogger that makes me wince, groan and twitch with every impact. i am beyond the pain of it - insulated in my rubber world, and feeling each touch as the caress of His dominance and control - i take His pain as i give Him my love: freely and with honour and Pride.

Finally, i feel Him easing my straining cock from where it is trapped tight between my thighs - He pulls the zips closed around my balls so that the sack itself becomes a tight band around them. With my entire body so tightly and anonymously encased, my cock feels even more exposed and helpless than ever. With His gentle touch i shudder and twitch - groan and suck hard against the breathing restriction of the hood. His gloved hands feel incredible as they gently stroke around my glans - causing a bead of precum to well out, catching it in His palm, and then gently smoothing it over the entire head. i want to try to pull my knees up, buck my hips away from the intensity of sensation - but the chain around my bagged ankles, knees and chest prevent me from moving at all. i can do nothing but try to writhe and moan helplessly - perversely thankful that His restraints make me incapable of pulling away from the awful and wonderful teasing that keeps me so painfully and tantalisingly on the edge of release - and so utterly deep in submission.

But - finally - He relents, and the probing fingers and stroking hands push me over the blissful edge: twitching and gasping and pumping my puppy-cum over and over in laughing, howling release...


Man and hound both now released and relaxed - and grinning wickedly at each other over the ensuing careful clean-up. Helping each other to pull ourselves free from the now sticky rubber and then eagerly sliding into a warm dry bed. He reaches over to turn out the light, then sighs as His pup scoots back against Him and nuzzles in under His arm.

We lie in the dark for a while - quietly talking: recollections of the play we have just had, and the wonderful times previous - fanning those memories into bright fire so that they will burn themselves into our shared memory and stay with us both forever.

Slowly we grow quieter - i nestle down deeper against Him, feel His arm come around to hold me safe. i listen to His breathing as it slowly deepens and He falls into sleep. i lie awake for a while, quietly in awe of the intense feeling of protection and comfort lying here gives me - and the honour i feel at being able to sleep in His arms once more.

Next morning, the sun through the curtains - waking with the taste of His cock still in the back of my throat - the scent of Him in my beard.

Feeling Him stir into wakefulness beside me - His hand gentle on my collar as He guides me over to Him so that i can lie my head against His chest. Catching the scent of rubber still on His flesh - and giving a little wuff of pleasure. Gently nuzzling His nipple whilst opening my chest to the teasing pain His pinching fingers inflicts on my own...

A little later - foetal-curled against His thigh and drawing Him down into my throat - sucking Him deep into the very core of my self as i gently grind my own wet cock against Him - the feel of His Hand warm and firm against my rump... Eager to start all over again - until the cruel alarm drags us both back to the world and the realisation that the dog has a job to get to and another life waiting for it down the M5...


Thank You Sir - i am very Proud and honoured for all and *any* time we have together, but this was perhaps more precious than most, knowing how badly both of us were feeling. i hope that i helped You to forget Your troubles as much as You helped me forget mine.

i love You Sir - pure and simple.

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