Saturday, June 11, 2011

The No Safe Word Blog: It's All About Trust

I just wanted to share an excellent blog post on the No Safe Word blog:

The No Safe Word Blog: It's All About Trust: "Here is the thing, getting blown off by someone is normal fact of life in the kink world. You set up a time to play, you spend time chat..."
Sparky makes an excellent point here: so much of play has to be about Trust. i don't care whether you are a Master or a slave - you still need to be able to Trust the person you are playing with - and to show yourself to be trustworthy in return.

But any play is also about relationship - even if it is only for that one time. If you cannot show common decency and respect for the person you are playing with, then you do not deserve to be playing at all.

Simple rules: be honest, be trustworthy - and be a descent person! Do that, and you're gonna get a *lot* more play than if you're a flake or a jerk...


Sean posted a really nice 'Thank you!' for this post back at the NSWB - and also wrote  this pup a wonderful compliment that: "I have to say I have found [bootbrush] an insightful and fun writer, [who] embodies one of the values I highly enjoy seeing in a kink blog; a willingness to share of himself rather than just showing dick pics."

i posted my thanks there - but just wanted to share them here too: that this is one of the greatest compliments i feel i could receive - both as a pup, and as a writer.

Maybe it's being a pup - but i can't help wanting to share the excitement and enjoyment i feel being with my Handler, and the amazing new people and experiences that He introduces me to. Sharing that with guys who i know will appreciate it is a way for me to also re-live it - and to value it all the more.

Besides - we've all got dicks and know what they do, so who needs to see another one? It's what happens inside your *head* and heart that makes it all so much fun ;)
(RubberGTR's Hound)

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