Monday, June 13, 2011

15 years of Rubberzone (ne Rubber-lovers Contact List)

15 years of Rubberzone

Blimey - has it really been 15 years?!

I first came across Rubberzone when it was still the 'Rubber-lovers Contact List' on the Latex pyjamas site - only a year after it had started in 1996.

The net was still a brave new world at that point: there was no Recon or Gaydar - and the closest we came to Social Networking were clunky old mailinglists (hell, i even remember accessing the Bear's Bulletin Board on the old text-based JaNET network!). To have a site where individuals could easily post personal details, share images and contribute to discussions was a radical and revolutionary step forward - and a complete revelation!

i was still relatively new to being out about my kink - and desperately looking for someone to help guide me in my explorations. The RLCL was fantastic - and through its pages i was able to make my first connections into true perversity: first with Master Derek (now in Bournemouth), and then with a sexy local rubberman (hello Simon ;) ). i was also able to share my experiences, gain advice - even find suggestions for what to buy and where to buy it...!

A little later, the RubberMen shareweb site came along - and really helped to build an incredible community of like-minded perverts by introducing us to the concept of membership in exhange for submissions. i even posted some of my own images there - and it is where some of my early stories had their first airings. Tommy and Co. were also incredible perverts, and made some of the sexiest and perverted rubber videos you could imagine...

Eventually, both the RLCL and RubberMen merged - and together they became the amazing RubberZone service that we have today. It's wonderful to have them still here - and still doing such an amazing job at seamlessly merging community networking, image sharing *and* sexy magazine issues - not to mention their incredibly high-production rubber videos (the latest 'Rubber Sexpig conversion serum' is fantastic - deeply perverse and much better than anything from the major studios).

It's an amazing site - and if you're not already a member you should be!

Happy birthday guys - and thank you Squirm especially! without your help i would never be the pervert i am today! :D

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