Sunday, May 29, 2011

A sneaky Recon exchange with my Handler...

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:11

Here i am at work getting ready for an important meeting later this morning - reading Validation documents and trying to be intelligent and understand the Academic language used, knowing that i will be interrogated on it later.

But i can't concentrate because my head is filled with incredibly intense images of our last play session: back from the bike ride to Abergavenny, and strapped down onto my man's couch - still in my bike leather and 'piss-pup' T-shirt but with your hooded S10 encasing my head and controlling my breathing - writhing in the darkness as You applied the massager over my crotch until You had forced me to cum in my gear...

From: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:14

MY pervert DOG - it was wonderful nob-raping you like that. Good boy!

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:18


Your helplessly horny pup was thinking about it this morning Sir - had to pull on some rubber and a gas mask and apply the massager - think of its Man and imagine it was Him controlling it again. It filled the dog's mind with another fantasy Sir:

Strapped down again for You - but this time sealed into my rubber sleepsack first. Sealed, plugged, gagged - barely able to move and completely unable to resist: a slick, sleek, tight rubber package for my Man to play with to His heart's content.

Imagining clenching my hole around the vibrating plug and whining around the gag as He applies the massager over the painful bulge of His dog's trapped cock and balls - trying to arch my body against the straps that hold me down. The lenses of the hooded gas mask steaming up as He attaches the tubes to the intake - holds the other end over His nob and pits - breathlessly teasing me with His scent, knowing how it turns me on and makes me go deep into pup-space. Then feeling Him apply the massager again as He pushes the tube down into His crack: filling His dog's helpless muzzle and reeling mind with *all* of His scents - helping him to bond them into it's brain as *HIS*, just as it is HIS pervert DOG...

From: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:20

Nice fantasy, dog! Got your Man's cock stirring! Good boy!
My pup, rubbered and humping at the thought of its Man controlling it. My Pervert dog getting randy at the memory of its Man's smell.

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:23

Yes Sir!

Your dog's perversion didn't stop there though Sir: it got hot thinking of You then loosening the straps and flipping Your rubber-wrapped dog over onto it's belly and slipping a leather pillow beneath its hips (both to raise them higher, and to give it something to grind into) - could feel the flood of cool air as You pulled open the zipper - and then the spreading warmth as You emptied Your bladder over its exposed hole - holding the breathing tube close so You could hear the dog's groan at the smell of Your piss as it was marked with Your scent as Your property.

The sharp tug as You eased out the plug, and pushed a rubber gloved finger deep inside - probing and stroking its prostrate and making it whimper and grind. Then the movement of the bench as You climbed up to mount across the dog's legs - the heat of Your sheathed cock as You slowly pushed down in through the rubber sack, down into You dog's tight hole, penetrating deep into its core whilst it lay bound tight and helpless within the blinding, suffocating blackness. Feeling it opening to You, ready for You...

Bracing Your legs against the smooth sides of its bound body - feeling it's arms trapped and useless within the internal sleeves - pushing down with the weight of Your entire body, feeling its bound body trapped beneath Yours - reaching around and under the tight rubber package of its body to grab hold of the bench beneath us both - drawing up the  breathing tube from its masked and hooded head and placing it into your mouth so that it is forced to share Your panted breathing as You take its helpless yet hungry hole...

Being breathless fucked - my body doubly squeezed by both the rubber sack and Your strength and weight - knowing i am now under Your *total* control: not even my breath is my own - and yet finding bliss in the necessity of my complete and unthinking surrender.

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:26

(dammit - and Yours is not the only cock stirring now Sir! It's going to be a breathless and red-faced dog in the meeting at this rate :))) )

From: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:26

Nice thought, dog: humping the dog's wet hungry hole whilst I feed it My exhausted breath at the same time!

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:32

The dog sealed up - breathlessly sucking the hood against its face and trying to struggle against the enfolding transforming rubber - its mind overwhelmed but its body fully surrendered. Totally dependent on its Man: breathing His air, steeping in His piss and juices, filled with His meat - bonded to Him and become a part of Him completely. Beyond knowing or caring whether it has cum or will be allowed to cum: knowing only HIS hunger, HIS fulfillment - because it is now fully apart of Him, and HIS Pleasure is its pleasure.

From: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:33

lol - that's My boy!! I might have to use the massager Myself a this rate, boy!

Now - off to your meeting, my naughty little pervert pup!

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:34

YESSIR!! (scampers off with a huge grin - and knowing its going to have to keep its legs crossed through most of the meeting now... ;D )

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