Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 days in Amsterdam! a night in the sling at "The Web"

Our last night in Amsterdam. We couldn't let it pass without doing something special, could we? Besides - we hadn't had a chance to wear our newly chlorinated latex yet...

So: Sir had the pup pull on its sleeveless catsuit (and sox), squeeze into its Premium leather chaps and strap itself into its new Mr. B chest harness - whilst He pulled on His rubber jeans and Y-back vest. Then - both shining and smooth and heavily booted - we stepped out into the night streets and out to The Web.

What we hadn't realised was that the club was celebrating its 25th anniversary that night,  and the place was heaving! Feeing a little bit sheepish, we bought drinks, and then slowly squeezed through the crowds: heading for the playrooms upstairs. Our rubber must have proved too much for some to resist - because the pup's smooth rubbered butt received more than a few strokes on our way.

When we got to the top of the stairs, there was a guy already standing in the sling-room doorway - Sir politely asked if he was planning on using the room, then said "Thanks very much - I will then"  when he gave a nervously hopeful "no..." ;)

The sling room at the web is quite a space: a 5 point sling with a nice big mirror above it, a bath and urinal - even a wash basin, and nice big sign saying "If you make a mess, clean it up". Which everyone obviously ignores... Seedy is one thing, but come on guys - have  a little respect for the places you play in, and the guys who are going to be using it after you're done...!

Lucky Sir brings His own wipes.

Sir closed the door - and wedged it with His bag (like all good perverts and exhibitionists we both enjoy being watched when we play - but we don't enjoy the groping and interruptions that tend to happen when others forget the simple "look, but don't touch" rule of civilised play). Whilst He prepared the space to His liking the pup had a look at the sling: i'm a late bloomer and have only been in one a few times...! In fact, if you've read this blog for a while then you will know that i had never been fucked at all until i met my Handler  - and that it was His careful, considerate and patient training over several years that taught me to first take a plug, then a tail - and then His meat.

i am proud to be His fuck-pup - and His alone.

With the door closed and the lights low, the pup got to nuzzle up to its Man: press its rubbered and leathered body up against Him and burry its suddenly hungry nose into the rubber stretched across His chest - eagerly questing up into His pit as He indulgently lifted an arm and guided its nose into that richly scented hollow. Instantly drunk on the heady smell of Him: rubber and fresh sweat and a warm undertone of leather - the dog-brain instantly waking the deeply implanted instinct to lick and whine, whilst its pup-cock humped and twitched through the rubber...

Master let the dog lose itself in Him for a while - held its head there with one hand whilst He stroked down its back and groped its hole through the rubber with His other. He could hear its muffled moans and whines - feel it rocking and grinding against His leg. It tried to sink to its knees - to move around so that it could bury its face in His rubbered crotch - but He restrained it with a hand on its collar - turned it around and pushed it back so that its thighs touched the sling.

Eager - hungry - it stared up at Him as it grabbed the chains and pulled itself up - leant back and swung its booted legs up - growled as its Man wrapped the boot chains around its ankles and clicked the locks shut. Strapped in - legs locked wide - its smooth rubber arse and crotch open and exposed. He smiles possessively as He towers over it - eyes dark beneath the brim of His muir; the lights glinting off His rubber and shining in the fur across His shoulders and chest.

i look up at Him - see myself in the mirror above Him. He is every inch my Master - and i know that i am utterly and only His.

He slowly pulls open the zipper on my suit - exposes my fuck-hole. But not my cock. i know that He is going to fuck His pup now - use its willing body for His pleasure. That He wants its hole and its surrender - but that He doesn't want it to cum - not this time. This time it is all about serving *HIM*

i shift in the sling - pull myself down to expose my arse over the edge, stretch my legs out further - adjust myself to His comfort - croon and whine my hunger to please Him. He holds me in place with one hand on my belly and i twitch my muscles around His gloved finger as He smooths lube deep into my hole: show Him that i am eager and hungry to serve.

He rolls on a sheath - stares at me as He coats His thickening rod in shining silicone. He places His hands on the inside of my thighs as He pushes into my slick hole - then takes hold of my hips and pulls me all the way onto Him as He pushes Himself right down inside me - all the way to the hilt so that i can feel the press of His pubic bone and the slap of His balls against my butt. 

i curve my back against the sling, open my hole: draw Him into me with pure hunger. This is about Him now: His meat, His pleasure - my body given to Him, to His service - my pleasure, my satisfaction, only in the quality and depth of the pleasure i can give to Him now.

He strokes deep and slow - enjoying the feel of His dog's hole tight around Him - opening up to Him. The sling moves beneath me in time to His movements. i stare up at Him with eyes that i know are deep and black with hunger - pour myself into His gaze just as i draw Him into me with my body.

He sets His jaw - puts a booted foot up onto the edge of the bath behind me; the sling jerks and swings with the movement as He pulls me back down onto Him hard - the angle making Him feel like He is fucking me sideways. i feel Him stabbing up into my core - deep, deeper than ever before - i wince with the pain - and the pleasure of it. 

i reach down to grab His hips - pull Him towards me like i did in the hotel before - but with a stern word He orders my hands away: tells me to grab the chains behind my head and keep them there - to open myself and simply submit to what He takes from me. He tells me that it is He who will set the pace this time, HE who is fully in charge - and that it is HE who is fucking me this time.

He fucks me hard then - pounding into me - reasserting His dominance over His dog. i have to bite my lip not to cry out: my hole burns under the onslaught - yet seems only to open all the more to Him with this show of His dominance over me. 

He takes His foot down off the bath - plants His boots firmly and reaches up to grab the chains over my head - He pulls them towards Him and both sling and dog are dragged up into the air - forcing its legs wide and its hole down so deep onto Him that i swear i could feel it pressing under my ribs. He fucks me like that for a long while - so hard and deep that my vision swirls in black and red. Over the sound of His exertion and the clank of the chains i can hear a growling string of obscenities; it takes a moment before i realise that they are pouring from me: begging my Master to fuck me, to use me, to fuck my hole and make me HIS...

In the growl of that voice i realise that i am completely transformed - become a creature of pure lust; not a shred of my old self remains: i am reborn simply as His hungry-arsed dog deep in the heat of its Man's rut - careless of anything but His pleasure and beyond all divisions between human or beast, pleasure or pain. It was the most incredible feeling - and i loved every moment of it.

i don't know how long he fucked me - but we must have been making quite a noise: several times there was a rattling at the door handle - and at one point someone even managed to shove it open enough to try to peer around. i can't say how impressed i was when Sir kicked it shut and shouted out in a voice thick with power:

"I'm fucking my dog - now PISS OFF!"

He didn't even break His stroke...

But after a while the distractions and interruptions got too much - and i guess we realised we must have been hogging the room for quite a while. Both of us were dripping in sweat, and i'm not sure that either dog or Man could have taken much more anyway...

All the same - it was a painfully empty feeling to have to have Him withdraw - and He did have to hold the dog tight for a while whilst it shivered and hugged Him tight: overwhelmed by an incredible wash of devotion and submission to Him, grateful only for what He had trained me to do for Him, and made of me in the process.

There was quite a crowd of people when we opened the door - and a lot of envious looks.

Leaving the club was even more fun than getting in; the party was in full swing, and a drag act was in full flow on the stage by the main door; she had already berated someone for coming in late, and so as we headed for the door i dreaded that we would be next for a tongue lashing; i met her eye and gave her my best doggy-grin - maybe she took pity on us because of that look, or perhaps it was the gear - it might even have been the aura of damned-good-sex that seeped from our sweating skin - whatever it was, i'm glad to say  that we managed to slip out without a word said!


Glowing and grinning - but exhausted and *starving!* - we strode back to the hotel - had a shower and a quick change of clothes - and then headed back out to grab something to eat (i can't remember what - it might have been chinese or falafel, but i was still reeling and humming, and didn't really care anyway :D )

i do remember that the canals were beautifully lit - and that we both got cold whilst the dog took a whole load of photos before its Man dragged it back onto a tram and back to the hotel. And that we stopped at a little patisserie for a midnight feast of hot chocolate, waffles, strawberries and cream.

It was the most amazing evening. A fan-fucking-tastic experience. And the perfect way to end our last night in Amsterdam.

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