Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 days in Amsterdam! the final day

Monday morning - and i can't believe that the 5 days were finally coming to an end. i would have been sad - but couldn't be unhappy, not with the amazing time that we had had!

We decided to grab a breakfast in our room whilst we packed. i'm sorry to say that the dog was ready well before its Man was - even after it had to repack twice when it forgot the "no fluids in the hand luggage" rule. But then, Sir does have a lot more gear than the dog does ;)

We left our cases at the hotel - and checked the train times for the afternoon flight - then hopped onto a tram down into the city for one last day...

Our first stop was V&D - for another wonderful brunch, sat on their balcony watching the guided tours below and listening to the clock towers chiming.

Sir really has a thing for flea markets - so we headed there next. It's a shame we had already packed, because we found a really fantastic second-hand leather seller there - and several boot stalls that the dog could have happily spent its remaining Euros at. We also found a brilliant stall selling old orange jump-suits and dungarees - which would have been perfect for Queen's day next year... ;)

From there we headed back to the Town Hall - so that Sir could show the dog the big mural that shows how far beneath sea level Amsterdam actually is! Thank god for the Dykes is all i can say (which would have been funny - except the Dutch don't seem to get that joke... :) )

After another stop at V&D (for the most amazing strawberry cake i have ever eaten!) we wandered through the Nuermarket and the old museum district again - heading back to the Gadget shop and Mr B so that Sir could pick up a few last gifts - and the odd pen - whilst the dog resisted the urge to buy itself more leather jeans, and settled on a beautiful Sam Browne belt instead...!

It was another beautifully sunny day - a perfect way to see the last of the city - and a lovely chance for the dog to take a last couple of photos.

But finally, the time came that we really had to leave - and so we collected our cases, hopped on a train and made our way back to Schiphol.

We were incredibly early for check-in and so had lots of time to kill before boarding - which was nice, because it gave us time to stroll back and forth through the shops and give the dog a chance to see what a *real* airport looks like. The armed Dutch police where a bit of a scare - but we did find a good place for Sir to buy some Port when He comes back out for their cruise in a month ;)

Eventually our flight was called - and so we headed down through the security checks: which included a full body scan that was set off by Sir's leather jeans - *again* - and meant that He had to be patted down whilst the pup laughed and chatted to a cute friendly gay couple in the queue, who wanted to know if Sir had paid extra for the 'personal' service... ;)

We were held up waiting for the plane for a while (and had to listen to a bunch of English hippies boasting that their buddy had been banned from ever flying with EasyJet for causing a passenger riot - and had just been turned away by BA for being too drunk to fly...) - but finally we were on board and flying home.

The pup did its best *not* to spend the whole flight with its nose pressed to the window this time - but it did get a few nice photos of the Severn bridges as we came in to Bristol...

Bristol Airport seemed so *tiny* after Schiphol - but we still had to wait at Passport control - which gave the nice gay couple a chance to catch up with us again - and to take a photo of the pup's blog address on its T shirt so that they could check the blog when they got home (hello Steve! ;) ) ).

Then it wa back to the car - back to Sir's house for a quick tea and a sorrowful farewell - and then a quick drive down the M5 to my own Geoff patiently waiting.

What an amazing experience it had all been: the city, the clubs, the friendliness of the dutch - the pleasure of 5 days with my Man. Thank You Sir - it was wonderful!

But the worst part of it all? Waking the next morning - lying half asleep and realising that i was missing the sound of the trams outside of my window - and that my neck felt so empty without my Man's collar around my neck...

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