Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 days in Amsterdam! a day in the suburbs

Sunday morning - and the hound slowly wakes, wrapped in its Man's arms. i lie there for a while, basking in the warmth and protection that i feel in knowing that i am His, and that He loves and cares for me as much as He does. i don't want to wake Him, and so lie as quiet as i can - but finally i have to give in to the swelling pain in my bladder, and carefully pad across into the bathroom.

i know that He is really awake when i carefully climb back onto the bed - because He chuckles at the feel of my four paws delicately padding across the duvet. i give a quiet little "WUFF!" - and lick His nose and face in morning welcome - which makes Him splutter and laugh all the more, then wrestle me down into a great big hug.

The pup wants to get randy again - but its Man has plans for the day: He resists the dog's whines and has us up, showered and dressed - then we head back to the little coffee shop we visited on the first day, for a lovely breakfast of toast and eggs and cheese.

From there it was over to the station - and to buy a ticket for a day on the trams. We didn't use it immediately though - but headed through the station and out to the docks on the other side. This year is a significant anniversary of the Civil Partnership of Sir and His partner - and to celebrate they have booked a cruise down the Rhine; the cruise starts in Amsterdam, and as luck had it their boat was in port that day, and so Sir thought it would be fun to check it out - and perhaps see the cabin they would be staying in.

Unfortunately, they wouldn't let us on board - but it was very nice to see both the boat and the docks themselves...

We headed back to the trams - and had a little discussion about where we wanted to go: down into the centre, or out to the suburbs? The dog decided it would be nice to see a little more of the outside of the city - and so we hopped on a #9 and followed it all the way out to the end of the line.

Riding through Amsterdam on a tram is a wonderful way to see the city! The lines run through the best of the main streets - and Handler had a great time pointing out key buildings and interesting architecture (including the zoo!) .

When we got to the end of the line, we hopped off and had a quiet stroll through the quiet residential streets. We found a fantastic little cafe next to one of the swing bridges on the canal - and had a deliciously relaxed 2 hour lunch, sitting out on their veranda and simply chatting and watching the boats going by (whilst also giggling along to the wonderful 1970's music playing over the cafes sound system) 

It was a fantastic afternoon, but sated and happy (not to say a little sun burnt), we finally decided to catch a tram and head back into the city - hopping off again at the Rembrandtplein to go look at the Munt tower and the beautiful Tuschinski Art Deco Cinema. We then also had a leisurely wander through the shopping streets until we found the beautifully secluded community and square surrounding the Begijnhof chapel.

Finally, we ended our lazy day at the Amsterdam Museum - just managing to bribe them to serve us their last cup of tea before they closed.

Tired and happy, we headed back to the hotel for a nap - planning to gather our energies for the night ahead...

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