Sunday, May 08, 2011

5 days in Amsterdam! Fucking after the BLUF party

All those days in leather - proudly wearing my Master's collar and snuggled beside Him each night - the dog just couldn't help itself anymore. The dog's cock was hard and dripping within its own leathers just from kneeling down and touching its Master's boots in order to help Him undress after the BLUF party - and it could not help but press its face into His leg and whimper its hunger for Him as it did so...

Luckily, Master had more planned that simply snuggling in bed: He ordered His dog to undress from its leathers and put on its new leather harness - then put its boots and gloves back on and wait quietly and respectfully whilst He did the same.

The dog was so hungry - and all those days in leather made Him smell so *good* - and so it eagerly set its muzzle to work when He stood before it and gathered its face into His chest. Licking and nipping, it sought each nipple amongst the thick fur - heady with the scent of leather that had seeped into His skin. Carefully it drew each nub of flesh into its mouth, gently bit and tugged with its teeth - its hands stroking and caressing through the fur on both His back and His belly. Master guided the dog's head around until it was almost nestled under His arm, and able to look up to see His face as He watched it at work - it also put the pup in the right position to place its boots either side of His and press its body against Him - trapping its balls and now leaking cock against His leg. It groaned deep and breathless as He rocked both its head and His leg - encouraging it to slowly hump a slug trail of puppy pre-cum into His thigh whilst He reached down and around to fondle its wagging puppy butt and leather-scented crack...

He had the dog kneel then - and use its tongue to massage and worship His balls and shaft - all the while with the feel of the smooth leather of His Dehners against its belly and thighs. He couldn't help but notice how the dog's cock dripped onto the toes of His boots - and so finally commanded it down to lick each boot clean - towering over it and finally crushing it down into the floor with the weight of Him pressing down through their leather soles. In the bliss of submission it could only grunt and writhe - hoping that He would understand and push one of those shafts into the crack between its legs.

Master relented at last - and had the dog move into the small corridor that formed the entry to the room - to stand up against the wall with its back to Him, leather gloved hands spread against the wall and boots planted wide. It could only moan and pant as it felt His own gloved hands explore and probe its braced and helpless body: tracing the tender underside of its arms and the curve of its belly, its trembling legs and the furry mound of its arse.

i could hear my own voice, quiet and breathless as i begged Him: 'Please Sir, fuck me - fuck Your dog...'

He had me stand there, braced, whilst He prepared Himself, and i tried not to twitch when He drooled a long cold trail of lube into my crack - but i was already so hungry that i could not help but push back eagerly against Him when i finally felt the touch of His meat against my hole.

The feel of Him: hot and hard and poised against that twitching ring of muscle - that moment when i know He is about to push into me for the first time; the submission and eagerness, that sharp moment of pain that gives way to heat and hunger - the feel of Him sliding into me, pushing me apart and invading my inner core. The pain and the pleasure of it - the surrender and demand - the giving and being taken, all wrapped up in one...

He wanted to fuck me slowly - gently - but i was beyond all that: i think the dog stunned us both in its hunger as it braced its arms against one wall and pushed its Man's back against the other - pinned between His dog's body and the wall - trapping Him there inside it and grinding itself back against Him over and over; fucking Him with its hole as much as He fucked it with His meat.

Up on its booted toes, back arched - fucking itself on Him, deeper and harder - the hunger building and exploding from the dogs mouth in loud growls, howls and barks - so loud that Master had to clamp His gloved hand over its mouth so as not to wake the rest of the hotel (and Amsterdam itself!).  Feeling its muscles twitch and tense within it - milking Him from within and making Him groan and gasp. An animal in heat, feasting on its Man and the power of their bodies combined - stoking the fires within until they were both beyond pleasure or pain, hunger or surrender, Master or dog...

Stoking their conjoined desire to an intense climax that left them both trembling and shattered - dripping with sweat and smeared with the dog's cum - reeling from the power and hunger they had both shared.

Both shattered, but blissful - and grinning disbelievingly at each other in the bathroom mirror as they cleaned up: stunned at the beast the dog had revealed to them both.

Then, quietly, turning to bed and finding reassurance in the nightly ritual of the Master holding His dog in His arms - crooning the pup back down into sleep and the boy into gentle surrender and peace.

The last words i remember before sleep took me was my Master's gently spoken 'Wow...! Have I told my dog how much I love him?!'

What better words could any dog wish to hear...?

(Handler: I was nob-raped! You know I like it when the dog fucks itself on me - but that was just intense. Remember what I said though boy: when two men fuck, it should be teamwork - the more you work together for each other's pleasure, the more pleasure you both will have.

I love my dog. Nx)

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