Sunday, May 29, 2011

A sneaky Recon exchange with my Handler...

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:11

Here i am at work getting ready for an important meeting later this morning - reading Validation documents and trying to be intelligent and understand the Academic language used, knowing that i will be interrogated on it later.

But i can't concentrate because my head is filled with incredibly intense images of our last play session: back from the bike ride to Abergavenny, and strapped down onto my man's couch - still in my bike leather and 'piss-pup' T-shirt but with your hooded S10 encasing my head and controlling my breathing - writhing in the darkness as You applied the massager over my crotch until You had forced me to cum in my gear...

From: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:14

MY pervert DOG - it was wonderful nob-raping you like that. Good boy!

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:18


Your helplessly horny pup was thinking about it this morning Sir - had to pull on some rubber and a gas mask and apply the massager - think of its Man and imagine it was Him controlling it again. It filled the dog's mind with another fantasy Sir:

Strapped down again for You - but this time sealed into my rubber sleepsack first. Sealed, plugged, gagged - barely able to move and completely unable to resist: a slick, sleek, tight rubber package for my Man to play with to His heart's content.

Imagining clenching my hole around the vibrating plug and whining around the gag as He applies the massager over the painful bulge of His dog's trapped cock and balls - trying to arch my body against the straps that hold me down. The lenses of the hooded gas mask steaming up as He attaches the tubes to the intake - holds the other end over His nob and pits - breathlessly teasing me with His scent, knowing how it turns me on and makes me go deep into pup-space. Then feeling Him apply the massager again as He pushes the tube down into His crack: filling His dog's helpless muzzle and reeling mind with *all* of His scents - helping him to bond them into it's brain as *HIS*, just as it is HIS pervert DOG...

From: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:20

Nice fantasy, dog! Got your Man's cock stirring! Good boy!
My pup, rubbered and humping at the thought of its Man controlling it. My Pervert dog getting randy at the memory of its Man's smell.

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:23

Yes Sir!

Your dog's perversion didn't stop there though Sir: it got hot thinking of You then loosening the straps and flipping Your rubber-wrapped dog over onto it's belly and slipping a leather pillow beneath its hips (both to raise them higher, and to give it something to grind into) - could feel the flood of cool air as You pulled open the zipper - and then the spreading warmth as You emptied Your bladder over its exposed hole - holding the breathing tube close so You could hear the dog's groan at the smell of Your piss as it was marked with Your scent as Your property.

The sharp tug as You eased out the plug, and pushed a rubber gloved finger deep inside - probing and stroking its prostrate and making it whimper and grind. Then the movement of the bench as You climbed up to mount across the dog's legs - the heat of Your sheathed cock as You slowly pushed down in through the rubber sack, down into You dog's tight hole, penetrating deep into its core whilst it lay bound tight and helpless within the blinding, suffocating blackness. Feeling it opening to You, ready for You...

Bracing Your legs against the smooth sides of its bound body - feeling it's arms trapped and useless within the internal sleeves - pushing down with the weight of Your entire body, feeling its bound body trapped beneath Yours - reaching around and under the tight rubber package of its body to grab hold of the bench beneath us both - drawing up the  breathing tube from its masked and hooded head and placing it into your mouth so that it is forced to share Your panted breathing as You take its helpless yet hungry hole...

Being breathless fucked - my body doubly squeezed by both the rubber sack and Your strength and weight - knowing i am now under Your *total* control: not even my breath is my own - and yet finding bliss in the necessity of my complete and unthinking surrender.

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:26

(dammit - and Yours is not the only cock stirring now Sir! It's going to be a breathless and red-faced dog in the meeting at this rate :))) )

From: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:26

Nice thought, dog: humping the dog's wet hungry hole whilst I feed it My exhausted breath at the same time!

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:32

The dog sealed up - breathlessly sucking the hood against its face and trying to struggle against the enfolding transforming rubber - its mind overwhelmed but its body fully surrendered. Totally dependent on its Man: breathing His air, steeping in His piss and juices, filled with His meat - bonded to Him and become a part of Him completely. Beyond knowing or caring whether it has cum or will be allowed to cum: knowing only HIS hunger, HIS fulfillment - because it is now fully apart of Him, and HIS Pleasure is its pleasure.

From: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:33

lol - that's My boy!! I might have to use the massager Myself a this rate, boy!

Now - off to your meeting, my naughty little pervert pup!

To: rubberGTR16/May/11 09:34

YESSIR!! (scampers off with a huge grin - and knowing its going to have to keep its legs crossed through most of the meeting now... ;D )

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5 days in Amsterdam! the final day

Monday morning - and i can't believe that the 5 days were finally coming to an end. i would have been sad - but couldn't be unhappy, not with the amazing time that we had had!

We decided to grab a breakfast in our room whilst we packed. i'm sorry to say that the dog was ready well before its Man was - even after it had to repack twice when it forgot the "no fluids in the hand luggage" rule. But then, Sir does have a lot more gear than the dog does ;)

We left our cases at the hotel - and checked the train times for the afternoon flight - then hopped onto a tram down into the city for one last day...

Our first stop was V&D - for another wonderful brunch, sat on their balcony watching the guided tours below and listening to the clock towers chiming.

Sir really has a thing for flea markets - so we headed there next. It's a shame we had already packed, because we found a really fantastic second-hand leather seller there - and several boot stalls that the dog could have happily spent its remaining Euros at. We also found a brilliant stall selling old orange jump-suits and dungarees - which would have been perfect for Queen's day next year... ;)

From there we headed back to the Town Hall - so that Sir could show the dog the big mural that shows how far beneath sea level Amsterdam actually is! Thank god for the Dykes is all i can say (which would have been funny - except the Dutch don't seem to get that joke... :) )

After another stop at V&D (for the most amazing strawberry cake i have ever eaten!) we wandered through the Nuermarket and the old museum district again - heading back to the Gadget shop and Mr B so that Sir could pick up a few last gifts - and the odd pen - whilst the dog resisted the urge to buy itself more leather jeans, and settled on a beautiful Sam Browne belt instead...!

It was another beautifully sunny day - a perfect way to see the last of the city - and a lovely chance for the dog to take a last couple of photos.

But finally, the time came that we really had to leave - and so we collected our cases, hopped on a train and made our way back to Schiphol.

We were incredibly early for check-in and so had lots of time to kill before boarding - which was nice, because it gave us time to stroll back and forth through the shops and give the dog a chance to see what a *real* airport looks like. The armed Dutch police where a bit of a scare - but we did find a good place for Sir to buy some Port when He comes back out for their cruise in a month ;)

Eventually our flight was called - and so we headed down through the security checks: which included a full body scan that was set off by Sir's leather jeans - *again* - and meant that He had to be patted down whilst the pup laughed and chatted to a cute friendly gay couple in the queue, who wanted to know if Sir had paid extra for the 'personal' service... ;)

We were held up waiting for the plane for a while (and had to listen to a bunch of English hippies boasting that their buddy had been banned from ever flying with EasyJet for causing a passenger riot - and had just been turned away by BA for being too drunk to fly...) - but finally we were on board and flying home.

The pup did its best *not* to spend the whole flight with its nose pressed to the window this time - but it did get a few nice photos of the Severn bridges as we came in to Bristol...

Bristol Airport seemed so *tiny* after Schiphol - but we still had to wait at Passport control - which gave the nice gay couple a chance to catch up with us again - and to take a photo of the pup's blog address on its T shirt so that they could check the blog when they got home (hello Steve! ;) ) ).

Then it wa back to the car - back to Sir's house for a quick tea and a sorrowful farewell - and then a quick drive down the M5 to my own Geoff patiently waiting.

What an amazing experience it had all been: the city, the clubs, the friendliness of the dutch - the pleasure of 5 days with my Man. Thank You Sir - it was wonderful!

But the worst part of it all? Waking the next morning - lying half asleep and realising that i was missing the sound of the trams outside of my window - and that my neck felt so empty without my Man's collar around my neck...

5 days in Amsterdam! a night in the sling at "The Web"

Our last night in Amsterdam. We couldn't let it pass without doing something special, could we? Besides - we hadn't had a chance to wear our newly chlorinated latex yet...

So: Sir had the pup pull on its sleeveless catsuit (and sox), squeeze into its Premium leather chaps and strap itself into its new Mr. B chest harness - whilst He pulled on His rubber jeans and Y-back vest. Then - both shining and smooth and heavily booted - we stepped out into the night streets and out to The Web.

What we hadn't realised was that the club was celebrating its 25th anniversary that night,  and the place was heaving! Feeing a little bit sheepish, we bought drinks, and then slowly squeezed through the crowds: heading for the playrooms upstairs. Our rubber must have proved too much for some to resist - because the pup's smooth rubbered butt received more than a few strokes on our way.

When we got to the top of the stairs, there was a guy already standing in the sling-room doorway - Sir politely asked if he was planning on using the room, then said "Thanks very much - I will then"  when he gave a nervously hopeful "no..." ;)

The sling room at the web is quite a space: a 5 point sling with a nice big mirror above it, a bath and urinal - even a wash basin, and nice big sign saying "If you make a mess, clean it up". Which everyone obviously ignores... Seedy is one thing, but come on guys - have  a little respect for the places you play in, and the guys who are going to be using it after you're done...!

Lucky Sir brings His own wipes.

Sir closed the door - and wedged it with His bag (like all good perverts and exhibitionists we both enjoy being watched when we play - but we don't enjoy the groping and interruptions that tend to happen when others forget the simple "look, but don't touch" rule of civilised play). Whilst He prepared the space to His liking the pup had a look at the sling: i'm a late bloomer and have only been in one a few times...! In fact, if you've read this blog for a while then you will know that i had never been fucked at all until i met my Handler  - and that it was His careful, considerate and patient training over several years that taught me to first take a plug, then a tail - and then His meat.

i am proud to be His fuck-pup - and His alone.

With the door closed and the lights low, the pup got to nuzzle up to its Man: press its rubbered and leathered body up against Him and burry its suddenly hungry nose into the rubber stretched across His chest - eagerly questing up into His pit as He indulgently lifted an arm and guided its nose into that richly scented hollow. Instantly drunk on the heady smell of Him: rubber and fresh sweat and a warm undertone of leather - the dog-brain instantly waking the deeply implanted instinct to lick and whine, whilst its pup-cock humped and twitched through the rubber...

Master let the dog lose itself in Him for a while - held its head there with one hand whilst He stroked down its back and groped its hole through the rubber with His other. He could hear its muffled moans and whines - feel it rocking and grinding against His leg. It tried to sink to its knees - to move around so that it could bury its face in His rubbered crotch - but He restrained it with a hand on its collar - turned it around and pushed it back so that its thighs touched the sling.

Eager - hungry - it stared up at Him as it grabbed the chains and pulled itself up - leant back and swung its booted legs up - growled as its Man wrapped the boot chains around its ankles and clicked the locks shut. Strapped in - legs locked wide - its smooth rubber arse and crotch open and exposed. He smiles possessively as He towers over it - eyes dark beneath the brim of His muir; the lights glinting off His rubber and shining in the fur across His shoulders and chest.

i look up at Him - see myself in the mirror above Him. He is every inch my Master - and i know that i am utterly and only His.

He slowly pulls open the zipper on my suit - exposes my fuck-hole. But not my cock. i know that He is going to fuck His pup now - use its willing body for His pleasure. That He wants its hole and its surrender - but that He doesn't want it to cum - not this time. This time it is all about serving *HIM*

i shift in the sling - pull myself down to expose my arse over the edge, stretch my legs out further - adjust myself to His comfort - croon and whine my hunger to please Him. He holds me in place with one hand on my belly and i twitch my muscles around His gloved finger as He smooths lube deep into my hole: show Him that i am eager and hungry to serve.

He rolls on a sheath - stares at me as He coats His thickening rod in shining silicone. He places His hands on the inside of my thighs as He pushes into my slick hole - then takes hold of my hips and pulls me all the way onto Him as He pushes Himself right down inside me - all the way to the hilt so that i can feel the press of His pubic bone and the slap of His balls against my butt. 

i curve my back against the sling, open my hole: draw Him into me with pure hunger. This is about Him now: His meat, His pleasure - my body given to Him, to His service - my pleasure, my satisfaction, only in the quality and depth of the pleasure i can give to Him now.

He strokes deep and slow - enjoying the feel of His dog's hole tight around Him - opening up to Him. The sling moves beneath me in time to His movements. i stare up at Him with eyes that i know are deep and black with hunger - pour myself into His gaze just as i draw Him into me with my body.

He sets His jaw - puts a booted foot up onto the edge of the bath behind me; the sling jerks and swings with the movement as He pulls me back down onto Him hard - the angle making Him feel like He is fucking me sideways. i feel Him stabbing up into my core - deep, deeper than ever before - i wince with the pain - and the pleasure of it. 

i reach down to grab His hips - pull Him towards me like i did in the hotel before - but with a stern word He orders my hands away: tells me to grab the chains behind my head and keep them there - to open myself and simply submit to what He takes from me. He tells me that it is He who will set the pace this time, HE who is fully in charge - and that it is HE who is fucking me this time.

He fucks me hard then - pounding into me - reasserting His dominance over His dog. i have to bite my lip not to cry out: my hole burns under the onslaught - yet seems only to open all the more to Him with this show of His dominance over me. 

He takes His foot down off the bath - plants His boots firmly and reaches up to grab the chains over my head - He pulls them towards Him and both sling and dog are dragged up into the air - forcing its legs wide and its hole down so deep onto Him that i swear i could feel it pressing under my ribs. He fucks me like that for a long while - so hard and deep that my vision swirls in black and red. Over the sound of His exertion and the clank of the chains i can hear a growling string of obscenities; it takes a moment before i realise that they are pouring from me: begging my Master to fuck me, to use me, to fuck my hole and make me HIS...

In the growl of that voice i realise that i am completely transformed - become a creature of pure lust; not a shred of my old self remains: i am reborn simply as His hungry-arsed dog deep in the heat of its Man's rut - careless of anything but His pleasure and beyond all divisions between human or beast, pleasure or pain. It was the most incredible feeling - and i loved every moment of it.

i don't know how long he fucked me - but we must have been making quite a noise: several times there was a rattling at the door handle - and at one point someone even managed to shove it open enough to try to peer around. i can't say how impressed i was when Sir kicked it shut and shouted out in a voice thick with power:

"I'm fucking my dog - now PISS OFF!"

He didn't even break His stroke...

But after a while the distractions and interruptions got too much - and i guess we realised we must have been hogging the room for quite a while. Both of us were dripping in sweat, and i'm not sure that either dog or Man could have taken much more anyway...

All the same - it was a painfully empty feeling to have to have Him withdraw - and He did have to hold the dog tight for a while whilst it shivered and hugged Him tight: overwhelmed by an incredible wash of devotion and submission to Him, grateful only for what He had trained me to do for Him, and made of me in the process.

There was quite a crowd of people when we opened the door - and a lot of envious looks.

Leaving the club was even more fun than getting in; the party was in full swing, and a drag act was in full flow on the stage by the main door; she had already berated someone for coming in late, and so as we headed for the door i dreaded that we would be next for a tongue lashing; i met her eye and gave her my best doggy-grin - maybe she took pity on us because of that look, or perhaps it was the gear - it might even have been the aura of damned-good-sex that seeped from our sweating skin - whatever it was, i'm glad to say  that we managed to slip out without a word said!


Glowing and grinning - but exhausted and *starving!* - we strode back to the hotel - had a shower and a quick change of clothes - and then headed back out to grab something to eat (i can't remember what - it might have been chinese or falafel, but i was still reeling and humming, and didn't really care anyway :D )

i do remember that the canals were beautifully lit - and that we both got cold whilst the dog took a whole load of photos before its Man dragged it back onto a tram and back to the hotel. And that we stopped at a little patisserie for a midnight feast of hot chocolate, waffles, strawberries and cream.

It was the most amazing evening. A fan-fucking-tastic experience. And the perfect way to end our last night in Amsterdam.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 days in Amsterdam! a day in the suburbs

Sunday morning - and the hound slowly wakes, wrapped in its Man's arms. i lie there for a while, basking in the warmth and protection that i feel in knowing that i am His, and that He loves and cares for me as much as He does. i don't want to wake Him, and so lie as quiet as i can - but finally i have to give in to the swelling pain in my bladder, and carefully pad across into the bathroom.

i know that He is really awake when i carefully climb back onto the bed - because He chuckles at the feel of my four paws delicately padding across the duvet. i give a quiet little "WUFF!" - and lick His nose and face in morning welcome - which makes Him splutter and laugh all the more, then wrestle me down into a great big hug.

The pup wants to get randy again - but its Man has plans for the day: He resists the dog's whines and has us up, showered and dressed - then we head back to the little coffee shop we visited on the first day, for a lovely breakfast of toast and eggs and cheese.

From there it was over to the station - and to buy a ticket for a day on the trams. We didn't use it immediately though - but headed through the station and out to the docks on the other side. This year is a significant anniversary of the Civil Partnership of Sir and His partner - and to celebrate they have booked a cruise down the Rhine; the cruise starts in Amsterdam, and as luck had it their boat was in port that day, and so Sir thought it would be fun to check it out - and perhaps see the cabin they would be staying in.

Unfortunately, they wouldn't let us on board - but it was very nice to see both the boat and the docks themselves...

We headed back to the trams - and had a little discussion about where we wanted to go: down into the centre, or out to the suburbs? The dog decided it would be nice to see a little more of the outside of the city - and so we hopped on a #9 and followed it all the way out to the end of the line.

Riding through Amsterdam on a tram is a wonderful way to see the city! The lines run through the best of the main streets - and Handler had a great time pointing out key buildings and interesting architecture (including the zoo!) .

When we got to the end of the line, we hopped off and had a quiet stroll through the quiet residential streets. We found a fantastic little cafe next to one of the swing bridges on the canal - and had a deliciously relaxed 2 hour lunch, sitting out on their veranda and simply chatting and watching the boats going by (whilst also giggling along to the wonderful 1970's music playing over the cafes sound system) 

It was a fantastic afternoon, but sated and happy (not to say a little sun burnt), we finally decided to catch a tram and head back into the city - hopping off again at the Rembrandtplein to go look at the Munt tower and the beautiful Tuschinski Art Deco Cinema. We then also had a leisurely wander through the shopping streets until we found the beautifully secluded community and square surrounding the Begijnhof chapel.

Finally, we ended our lazy day at the Amsterdam Museum - just managing to bribe them to serve us their last cup of tea before they closed.

Tired and happy, we headed back to the hotel for a nap - planning to gather our energies for the night ahead...

Thursday, May 19, 2011

5 days in Amsterdam! Saturday evening

When we got back to the hotel, both Man and hound where rather worn out - and so we retired to bed for a quick nap. When we awoke it was already dark - and so the pup took the opportunity to take a few night-time pics through our window. Handler had originally planned to take the pup out to The Web for some post-Queen's day play in their sling - but both of us where so tired that we decided to chill with some TV for a while before we made any decisions.

It was kinda fun to simply relax: lying back on the bed in our socks and underwear with Handler flicking through the chanels as the pup lay on its belly and fiddled with its phone, trying to get onto the hotel's WiFi network; He had to laugh that His pup "is worse than a teenager with that thing!", but finally had to tell it to put the phone away when it stared to get frustrated and cross at its lack of success - softening His words with a little whistle and a lifted arm: the pup didn't need any more encouragement, and scooted across the bed to nuzzle happily into His side whilst its Man tried to introduce it to the wonders of Dutch TV...

At least, that was the plan; but Handler found it hard to concentrate with His pup curled up on the bed with Him - its head snuggled up against His chest as it drowsed, enfolded in His warmth and the comforting sounds of His heartbeat. It couldn't help but sigh and gently press its head up against Him when it felt His idle hand stroking its head and gently pulling at its beard - His fingers following the soft line of its throat to find and trace the edge of His collar where it held its neck safely padlocked.

The pup tilts its head to gaze up at the rapt look on its Mans face as those stroking fingers travel down to trace the matching dog-tag and chain inked over its heart: proud and honoured that He acknowledges and adhores that permanent reminder of its devotion to Him, and its own acceptance of its inner k9 identity. For a long moment Man and dog stare deep into each others eyes - sharing a look that expresses a bond that is too deep for mere words.

His hand strokes over the dog's chest, finds and lightly toys with a nipple - gently growls at the dog's sighed moan in responce.

Slowly, gently, He starts to play with the tender little nub of flesh: stroking, rubbing, flicking... as the flesh slowly darkens and swells, He gently takes hold of it - rolling it between His fingers, gently pulling it first upwards, then down - now side to side. He is fed by the moans and sighs that His dog makes - and the way that it almost subconsiously starts to raise its chest up towards Him: stretching its pecs and exposing its nipples to Him more. The tweaking and pulling becomes harder - and the dog groans a little - but squirms in a satisfyingly eager way. He pinches harder - building the pressure into discomfort and then into pain. His dog's groans turn to whimpers and then little gasps and indrawn breaths - its eyes open and it winces up at Him with big puppy-dog eyes, but He can also see its dog-cock swell and harden and knows that its body is responding to His demands.

It wriggles and moans - He watches, fascinated, as it bites its lip, flinches, fights its natural urge to pull away or to beg Him to stop; sees it fight and then slowly surrender - open itself up to Him and accept everything that He wishes to give to it. Watches it surrender to His pain, and allow itself to be transformed by it.

"That's it - good dog. Take my pain. My pervert dog"

His words only seem to deepen the dogs surrender - and make its cock twitch and drip in responce.

"Your pain-pig Sir - Your pervert pup!"

He pinches one nip hard whilst He reaches down with His free hand to stroke and then take hold of its balls - gently pulls them in time to the pulse of pain He is inflicting on its chest; forming an erotic current of pain that links the different parts of its body in a chain of surrender to Him. His forearm brushes the tip of its cock and the dog helplessly bucks its hips a little to hump against it - clenching its inner thighs against His hand and pulling against its own balls as it leaves a trail of pre-cum that glistens through His fur; He can feel the heat of its hole against His naked thigh...

He tells it to turn over - onto all fours: its balls hanging low and its hot little hole exposed. He traces a finger down the ink on its back and strokes the soft fur on its butt - enjoys the little growl it gives and the shake of its hips: knows that it is wagging an imaginary tail in pleasure at its Man's touch. Between its legs its swollen dog-cock drips onto the bed sheets.

He reaches for His fuck-bag - smiles as His dog looks over its shoulder at Him, watching Him prepare: eyes filled with desire and devotion. It shudders a little when it feels the cool lube in its hole - then lowers its head to the bed and pushes its hips high: exposing its fuck-hole to Him in a purely k9 act of submission. He holds its butt cheeks slightly open, feels its hole twitch against His sheathed head; He pushes against a moment of resistance - hears the dog let out a long sighing breath as it relaxes - and slowly, gently, He enters His dog...

He strokes long and slow at first - enjoying the feeling as His dog's hole slowly relaxes - opens up deeper and deeper to His probing meat. He feels the pup clench and relax the inner ring of its muscles - opening them up, but also knowing that He enjoys the way that massages His cock from the inside. The dog turns its head where it is pressed into the bedding - looking back at Him from under its braced arm - its face a picture of concentrated effort and deep desire.

He reaches forward - guides it up onto all fours again so that He can reach underneath its belly to find those sensitive nips again; the dog arches its back and gives a satisfyingly deep moan as its Man tweaks and pulls - the harder He pinches, the more it seems to make its dog-hole respond: that chain of pain and surrender now reaching down into its core. Taking His pain, taking His meat - becoming His and being TAKEN.

He takes hold of its shoulders - fucks deeper, harder - pushing His dog to surrender fully. He leans forward, pushes down with all His weight onto its back - enjoys the moment as it tries to hold them both up, but then has to allow Him to force it down onto its belly. He traps its legs beneath His own - grabs it's wrists and pulls them above its head to hold them in one powerful hand - feels it writhe underneath Him: restrained and bound by His greater weight and strength.

He grinds down into it - squeezing the breath from its lungs as He pounds into its hole. His furry chest rubs into its back as mutters into its ear: "MINE!"

Pinned, trapped beneath Him, it pants back at Him through clenched teeth: "YOURS! SIR!" Helpless, yet open - it cannot resist as He forces it to take His fucking.

He relents a little - pulls it back up onto all fours; reaches around to hold its hips steady whilst He strokes Himself down into it - building to His own climax. When He can feel He is close, He reaches under the dog's belly - finds its own cock full and wet and ready to cum. He wraps a hand around its meat and carefully He times His strokes: listens for the dogs panting sign that it is on the edge - waits for that moment before finally pushing deep down inside and letting Himself go so that they can both cum together in a grunting, howling union of Man and dog....

Sated, He lets the dog collapse back down onto the bed - turns it on its side so that it can lie spooned in the curve of His body, His cock still deep inside its body. It shudders as He wipes His cum-filled hand up its chest: smearing and marking it with its own cum - He knows it will wear that scent with pride: a badge of its own perversity and His complete control.

Quitely, He tells it to reach across the bed - to put out the light.

Bonded, complete - Man and hound drift off into sleep - a perfect end to a perfect day.

Queen's day postings:

In the sling at The Web:
Final Day: 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

5 days in Amsterdam! Queens day

Saturday - and Queens Day at last.

Both Man and dog drifted awake - still glowing from the night before. Snuggled and spooned - listening to the sounds of a slowly building flood of people streaming from the station and down into the centre of Amsterdam; the dog nuzzling its Man's hand where it curled under its head, and snuggling backwards into the curve of His protecting body with a happy growl. Grinning and wriggling even more when it felt Him gently pull its collar aside kiss the neck protected beneath it.

His breathless growl: 'Mine!' - and the dog's passionate response: 'YOURS Sir - balls to bone!'

We decided to eat breakfast at the 'Peace and Love' cafe attached to the Hotel - which was a delightful 'help-yourself' cornucopia of homemade muesli, eggs and bacon, warmed rolls and freshly baked bread - all served by the friendliest couple you can imagine, and eaten whilst sat in the window so that we could watch the people stream by. i have never seen so many variations on the theme of 'Orange': although Cowboy hats and feather bowers seemed to be this years essential accessory, both Man and hound thought the young guys in their orange dungarees looked the best... ;)

Sir has been to Queens day for many years - and so He was already prepared with a full 'Queen's Day' outfit: orange polo shirt, orange combats and kerchief, all worn with His Slayers, Sam Browne and Confederate cap. He caused quite a stir - and had even the Dutch stopping to thank Him for getting so into the spirit of things! He had also thought of something to help the dog get into the theme - and gave it a smart pair of orange braces and a kerchief to wear with its leather jeans.

Feeling suitably dressed, we headed out into the crowds.

Queens Day in Amsterdam is *amazing*: think Gay Pride, Lord Mayor's Show, Royal Wedding and Carnival all rolled into one. The entire city turns orange as everyone comes together to celebrate their Pride in their Dutch heritage; it is also traditional that people sell their old unwanted items from the street in front of their apartments, and so every bridge and street corner becomes either a party venue or a bric-a-brac stall (complete with rusty old bicycles still chained to the railings!).

Best of all - the Dutch seem to know how to party without ever taking it to extremes: everyone drank and danced and got high - but it was all incredibly good natured and communally-spirited, and i didn't once see anyone aggressively drunk or unpleasant. i can't imagine the same happening here in the UK after a day of drinking...

The most fun is to be had on the canals, however: they become so thronged with everyone who owns a boat, or a dingy - or in fact *anything* that might float - that they have to turn the whole system one-way for the day. Every boat is packed with people - with most of the larger boats also having their own DJ and huge sound systems - and they spend the day cruising and partying, whilst everyone throngs the canal banks and watches and waves - and laughs at the frantically shouted 'DUCK!' every time they try to pass under one of the low bridges, for fear one of the dancing party-goers may lose their head or end up in the drink. There was also a wonderfully naughty time to be had, watching all the lads pissing over the side of the boats when they log-jammed underneath them... ;)

We spent a wonderfully relaxed day strolling around and enjoying both the celebrations and the wonderful weather: nosing through the bric-a-brac, fending off endless offers of orange juice and cup cakes, and indulgently stopping to pose for photos whenever we were asked. (Handler: I particularly remember the two very nice young men who picked some random old bag from the passing crowd - but she couldn't work out how to use their iPhone and ended up taking her own photo instead!! And then there was the nice family on the sofas just on the edge of the Jordaan, who were taking photos of all the couples they met - and the mother asking if we were American, so I laughed and told her that was the same as me asking *her* if she was German... :D ).

We stopped for a tea and cake at one of the Jordaan cafes - and enjoyed both the buzz and the friendly chatter with the other customers and the staff (including the girl on serving duty as she sneakily ate her way through most of the strawberries and cream, and tried to fend off the shops cat). 

As the day got warmer, the pup took off its T-shirt and flashed off its tattoos; Handler said He had a great time then, watching everyone turn around after we passed - admiring the ink, or shocked at its extent! The ink on display then led us to be stopped by a very bouncy young dutch guy who persuaded me that i had to add something dutch to my ink, and that his two young nieces could offer just such a service for the day, and only for a mere 50c. How could i refuse?! i think i helped their trade - because i ended up with half the crowd taking photos as these two sweet kids tried to get the transfer to stick - whilst being thoroughly distracted by the work already there. i was very sweet - and told them that their tattooing was a lot less painful than a certain Ms. Harrison... ;))

We finally wandered over to the intersection and bridge outside the Cafe Rouge, were the guys at Mr B had organised their own street party. We had hoped to catch up with a few people there - but the crowds were so heavy that we had enough to do just to squeeze through with the pup in the front and Handler with His hand securely on its collar so that it didn't get lost. We did manage to briefly flirt with one of the guys from the shop however - the dog showing incredible interest in the beautifully sexy leather jeans that he was wearing: with a long asymmetric zipped fly from waistband to just above the knee...! (Handler: i seem to remember my dog talking about little else for the next 2 days!). We were also stopped several more times for photographs - including two *very* big straight muscle-guys who seemed very relaxed about being fondled by a leather clad pup and its Man... :)

But by this time it was getting late, so we started heading back to the hotel - by way of the main canal basin and the wonderful 'skinny bridges' (Handler: and chatted to the two girls who were studying to be flight-attendants - who were fascinated by both my dog's collar and his tattoos.). On the way, we also decided to hop on a boat tour - which was rather fun,  despite the driver and guide laughing that it was possibly the *worst* day to see Amsterdam's canals, since the whole place is snarled up with party boats and craziness. Still, we got to see the Aida in dock, and we didn't get pissed on - and we were joined by an interesting family from one of the South American Dutch colonies - the mother of which spent most of the trip telling us how clever her grand-daughter was (she did speak 6 languages - and was only 8 years old!) - and how we were now her very best friends. Seems that fag-hags are a truly international phenomenon... :D


Sunday, May 08, 2011

5 days in Amsterdam! Fucking after the BLUF party

All those days in leather - proudly wearing my Master's collar and snuggled beside Him each night - the dog just couldn't help itself anymore. The dog's cock was hard and dripping within its own leathers just from kneeling down and touching its Master's boots in order to help Him undress after the BLUF party - and it could not help but press its face into His leg and whimper its hunger for Him as it did so...

Luckily, Master had more planned that simply snuggling in bed: He ordered His dog to undress from its leathers and put on its new leather harness - then put its boots and gloves back on and wait quietly and respectfully whilst He did the same.

The dog was so hungry - and all those days in leather made Him smell so *good* - and so it eagerly set its muzzle to work when He stood before it and gathered its face into His chest. Licking and nipping, it sought each nipple amongst the thick fur - heady with the scent of leather that had seeped into His skin. Carefully it drew each nub of flesh into its mouth, gently bit and tugged with its teeth - its hands stroking and caressing through the fur on both His back and His belly. Master guided the dog's head around until it was almost nestled under His arm, and able to look up to see His face as He watched it at work - it also put the pup in the right position to place its boots either side of His and press its body against Him - trapping its balls and now leaking cock against His leg. It groaned deep and breathless as He rocked both its head and His leg - encouraging it to slowly hump a slug trail of puppy pre-cum into His thigh whilst He reached down and around to fondle its wagging puppy butt and leather-scented crack...

He had the dog kneel then - and use its tongue to massage and worship His balls and shaft - all the while with the feel of the smooth leather of His Dehners against its belly and thighs. He couldn't help but notice how the dog's cock dripped onto the toes of His boots - and so finally commanded it down to lick each boot clean - towering over it and finally crushing it down into the floor with the weight of Him pressing down through their leather soles. In the bliss of submission it could only grunt and writhe - hoping that He would understand and push one of those shafts into the crack between its legs.

Master relented at last - and had the dog move into the small corridor that formed the entry to the room - to stand up against the wall with its back to Him, leather gloved hands spread against the wall and boots planted wide. It could only moan and pant as it felt His own gloved hands explore and probe its braced and helpless body: tracing the tender underside of its arms and the curve of its belly, its trembling legs and the furry mound of its arse.

i could hear my own voice, quiet and breathless as i begged Him: 'Please Sir, fuck me - fuck Your dog...'

He had me stand there, braced, whilst He prepared Himself, and i tried not to twitch when He drooled a long cold trail of lube into my crack - but i was already so hungry that i could not help but push back eagerly against Him when i finally felt the touch of His meat against my hole.

The feel of Him: hot and hard and poised against that twitching ring of muscle - that moment when i know He is about to push into me for the first time; the submission and eagerness, that sharp moment of pain that gives way to heat and hunger - the feel of Him sliding into me, pushing me apart and invading my inner core. The pain and the pleasure of it - the surrender and demand - the giving and being taken, all wrapped up in one...

He wanted to fuck me slowly - gently - but i was beyond all that: i think the dog stunned us both in its hunger as it braced its arms against one wall and pushed its Man's back against the other - pinned between His dog's body and the wall - trapping Him there inside it and grinding itself back against Him over and over; fucking Him with its hole as much as He fucked it with His meat.

Up on its booted toes, back arched - fucking itself on Him, deeper and harder - the hunger building and exploding from the dogs mouth in loud growls, howls and barks - so loud that Master had to clamp His gloved hand over its mouth so as not to wake the rest of the hotel (and Amsterdam itself!).  Feeling its muscles twitch and tense within it - milking Him from within and making Him groan and gasp. An animal in heat, feasting on its Man and the power of their bodies combined - stoking the fires within until they were both beyond pleasure or pain, hunger or surrender, Master or dog...

Stoking their conjoined desire to an intense climax that left them both trembling and shattered - dripping with sweat and smeared with the dog's cum - reeling from the power and hunger they had both shared.

Both shattered, but blissful - and grinning disbelievingly at each other in the bathroom mirror as they cleaned up: stunned at the beast the dog had revealed to them both.

Then, quietly, turning to bed and finding reassurance in the nightly ritual of the Master holding His dog in His arms - crooning the pup back down into sleep and the boy into gentle surrender and peace.

The last words i remember before sleep took me was my Master's gently spoken 'Wow...! Have I told my dog how much I love him?!'

What better words could any dog wish to hear...?

(Handler: I was nob-raped! You know I like it when the dog fucks itself on me - but that was just intense. Remember what I said though boy: when two men fuck, it should be teamwork - the more you work together for each other's pleasure, the more pleasure you both will have.

I love my dog. Nx)

5 days in Amsterdam! Black body and the BLUF party

A third morning - and the slow blissful rise into awareness, realising that i am still wrapped in the warmth of my Man's arms. i lie still, hoping that i have not woken Him - but can't help but chuckle and wriggle when i hear His smiling 'good morning pup!' whispered into my ear...

We snuggle for a while - taking pleasure from not having any pressure to be anywhere or do anything. The dog simply nuzzling His arm and kissing His hand, whilst He stroked its head and toyed with its beard. Simple pleasures - timeless moments - frighteningly rare when we are apart.

But hunger and thirst finally drove us up and out of bed - first into the shower (with the pup taking great pleasure in soaping and showering its Man's pelt - and He taking equal pleasure in shampooing the dog :D ), and then out to find a wonderful canal-side cafe for breakfast - and a photo of Sir astride one of the Amsterdam bollards...

(Handler: that was the nice cafe by the old circular Kirk which has been turned into a conference centre. Remember the big group of English guys hassling the poor waitress in the cafe next door - and the very cute young blue-eyed man in pin-stripe shorts...?)

Breakfast over, we strolled around some more - mostly down into the Jordaan and the Museumplein. The dog was truly amazed at how quiet and peaceful the heart of the city was. i am sure that a major part of this is due to the lack of traffic: in most other cities in Europe you are constantly assailed by the buzz and growl of cars and buses, and surrounded in a miasma of diesel and exhaust fumes; but in Amsterdam there were few cars to disturb the quiet - and everyone seemed to rely either on bicycles or scooters, or to hop on and off the amazingly regular trams. The resultant quiet was genuinely bliss.

The architecture of Amsterdam was also fascinating: all those narrow little houses with their gables and weird angles - i loved that everyone seemed to live so freely and publicly too: drinking coffee whilst sat in those wonderfully floor-to-ceiling windows  - with little regard for the risk of falling out of them ;)

We had a wonderful simple lunch of tea and cake at a street cafe by the Fire Station just off from the Jordaan (that also had one of the most amazing cellar bathrooms - with the sink as a large granite tank filled with pebbles!) - and had fun watching them wrapping the street-lights and balconies above in orange bunting ready for the festivities to come.

Another afternoon of strolling finally saw us back on the Spuistraat, were we had a uniquely interesting time browsing the 'Gays and gadgets' shop - before heading down stairs into the new basement space for the Black Body.

This was another incredibly friendly shop - it was also the day of the Royal wedding back home, and so we ended up watching a little of the pomp and ceremony on the owner's lap-top with him - whilst the pup chuckled at the incongruity of doing so amongst the shelves of dildos and bondage gear. We did also have to confess to having planned our trip long before Kate and Wills had announced their own plans - and Sir admitted that He had been present at both the previous events, He had thought that this time they might be more successful in His absence... ;)

i do also admit to admiring Harry's beautiful ceremonial uniform: all that piping and braiding...!

But eventually we dragged ourselves away - and finally ended the afternoon at V&D - were we sat on the balcony and watched the comings and goings below, and where Sir treated the pup to a huge and delicious smoothie - before taking it back to the hotel for another long and luxurious mid-afternoon snuggle...

Friday evening was the BLUF leather Party, back at the Argos bar.

Pup had hoped to be able to wear its premier chaps - but they were so tight it couldn't get them on over its jeans, and so it had to make do with its uniform shirt and best Leather jacket (hand made by Aero leathers from the best front-quarter horse-hide, and a much-loved gift from its partner). Its Man wore his own leather jacket and Sam-browne - and the pup felt weak at how perfect He looked.

We were greeted at Argos by @leatherscot and His pup - who had organised the party, and with whom this pup has been chatting via twitter; Sir also got to catch up with Nigel BLUF03 - and the pup had the honour to be greeted by @SirCharlesNL - who recognised the pup from both twitter and this blog - and to introduce Him to my Handler (who does not necessarily share the pups nerdish love of gadgetry and networking ;) ).

But best of all, i finally got to meet with the wonderful NLLeatherman. We have spoken for years - and he was the first person i ever heard speak about pup-play (back when he himself was a dog called Rex). It was an honour to be able to meet Him and chat face to face at last.

We also spent quite a long time out in the street outside - with the pup blissfully down on its knees, hugging its Man's leathered legs whilst His gloved hand stroked its head and probed its mouth. i was also honoured to be pushed down and given permission to worship His boots for Him - with the tourists passing by and sneakily trying to snap photos (if any of you are reading this - please, i really *would* like a copy of any images you took!)

We also had a lot of fun watching LeatherScot and His muzzled pup being constantly hassled by hen-parties for photographs together - until the pup got tired and starting chasing them for laughs ;))

(Handler: hehe - 'a photo with the leathermen' is always an irresistable photo opportunity for the straights!  Remember that was also when LeatherScot suggested we start keeping a log-count for everytime some het started singing "YMCA"? We got up to #5 in just that first hour ;) )

It was a good evening - surrounded by sexy men and beautiful gear - but Sir finally relented to the dog's whining, and said His 'good nights' to all before taking the pup back to the hotel...

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