Thursday, April 14, 2011

Richter for Spexter - Sexy guy in print

Uli Richter is a spectacularly kinky photographer - you probably already know him through the fantastic work he's done for various sites and publications: including RubberZone, Rob and Instigator. His latest sexy publication is a book of images produced for the Spexter shop and website in Munich: Richter for Spexter.

A couple of years ago, i had the honour of  meeting Mike/Wescoslut (the owner, and model in many of the pictures): he came over and visited my Handler and i when we were down in London, and helped to make it an incredible weekend for all of us (including dancing my little arse off at XXL when Handler had to head home early ;) ). He really is one of the sexiest men i've met: stunningly good looking, *big* enough to make half the men at XXL look like pencil-knecks, and with the most infectious full-body laugh i've ever heard. He was also incredibly generous and gave me the beautiful blue leather uniform shirt that i've worn to BLUF events and the MSC Bournemouth party:

It's nice to see that Uli and he have brought some of that bright-eyed humour to these new photographs - and have produced a book of fetish images that is both deeply sexy *and* fun.

Buy it - enjoy it - and then feel inspired to go to the shop and kit yourself out in their sexy gear... :D

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