Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A quick trip into wales

Monmouth bridge

Just one week to go until Amsterdam...!

Last night was such a beautiful evening, and so Handler asked the pup if it would come down for an evening ride (one of the first of this year!). i might have still been shattered after the excitement of the last weekend - and my new tattoo too bruised and peeling to be able to wear any rubber - but what pup could ever refuse a ride out with it's Man?!


There was a little discussion as to where to go - but Sir decided that it would be fun to head over the Bridge into Wales, and to take His pup over to Monmouth. It was a good choice: lots of long twisty roads over the hills for Him to zoom along whilst the dog used the excuse to hug Him tight, laughing and barking into the intercom.

Monmouth is a lovely little medieval town, with little streets and alleys for us to potter down - but best of all is the 13th Century bridge over the Wye - and the great little chippy just by it ;)

Handler went to get us some food whilst He left the pup sitting on the bridge - watching the sun set and the swallows skim the river (and laughing when He texted it from inside the chippy to say that He loves His dog...). Then we sat by the bridge, and He hand fed the pup chips and onion rings.

It was quite dark by the time we'd finished, so Sir sent the dog to find a quiet spot under the bridge - then let it glug away as He emptied His now full bladder down its throat. i would have loved to be able to pleasure Him then and there, but there were people on the bridge above us, and Sir thought the dog might get too vocal - so we watched the bats for a while, and then headed back to the bike.

Sir took the road through the Wye valley for the route home - with the river glowing in the dark through the trees, and the lit houses up the hills making us both think of Switzerland or Bavaria. We made two short stops: one at Tintern to look at the Abbey,  and another in Chepstow to see the castle by the river. Then it was back over the bridge - with the moon rising huge and red - and home for hot chocolate and a little snuggle on the sofa, before sending the pup home so its Man could get some sleep before an early start at work.

It was a wonderful evening - and a great start to what i hope will be a summer of biking with my Man.

Thank You Sir!!!

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  1. First off, the tattoos are gorgeous. I certainly hope you're fully healed before you head to Amsterdam! (btw....be sure and leave a few empty calories in your diet for at least one big dose of patats frites.....those incredibly unhealthy and tasty treats from the street vendors!)

    The quick trip to Wales? Beautiful descriptions as always. Someday you'll have to publish a book of photos: "From the bottom of England's greatest bridges."

    Wish I could join you in Amsterdam!!!


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