Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sorry that there's not been many posts this week: i've been busy with family stuff for most of this weekend (i might be a pagan, but they all still do the whole Easter thing...) - and now i'm preparing for my trip with Handler to Amsterdam (5 days over 'Queens day' - and my first ever time abroad!!).

We fly out tomorrow, so today is the big pack day: it's sad, but i am so excited i could be running around the room screaming like a little girl on her first trip to Disneyland...

That said - Handler has been unwell and has put His back out - and i've spent the weekend fighting off a cold - so this might *not* be the wildest weekend ever seen in Christendom... But what do i care: i'll be away with my Man in a whole new country!!! We could sit in the sun in bath-chairs and rugs and as long as i'm by His side, i'd still be happy :))

i'm not sure what the roaming will be like - but if i'm able, i will try to post photos and short posts whilst we're away.


As to the perversion...

Maybe it's the pre-packing excitement - but last night i had a vivid dream:

i was staring into the inside of a Russian gasmask - holding it open in black rubber gloved hands so that i could see my waders through the lenses and the tube coiling off into somewhere unseen; i watched, fascinated, as the mask slowly filled with piss: watching those lenses turn golden and hearing the gurgling splash - unsure and uncaring if it was mine or someone Else's...

i raised the mask, ready to pull it over my head and immerse myself in that watery world - but just as the heady smell of Man's piss and industrial rubber hit my dream-nostrils, i awoke: my puppy cock twitching and shooting wads of sticky pervert-cum all over my stomach...

So - does that make me a pervert do you think...? ;)

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