Monday, April 11, 2011


The pup has recently become a convert to chlorinated latex. This is a process whereby latex clothing is chemically treated so as to become incredibly slick and smooth - so much so that it no longer requires 'dressing' with talc or lube in order to get it on. The process can also have the additional benefit of restoring some of the surface gloss to the outside of the rubber.

i first heard of the process through my pup-buddy Lucky, who wore a chlorinated catsuit to a visit with my Handler. Handler was so impressed that He set the library-dog to do some research. i finally found the amazing chlorination service provided by Gordon at Catalyst latex in the UK: all of the latex gear he sells is pre-chlorinated, but he also does a service for treating existing gear that is fantastically friendly, fast, and incredibly thorough: with a turn around of only a few days!

You do have to make sure that the gear is thoroughly clean first - including removing any lingering lube or silicone polish (i found the best way to do that was with a careful hand wash with 'Fairy' / washing-up liquid, then a spot clean with an isoproyl alcohol cleaner) - but the results are fantastic!

i had some jeans done first as a 'test', and they came back so smooth that i could pull them on as if they were lined leather - without any messy lube or talc and without losing any leg hairs! ;) They felt and looked *incredible* - so good, i even wore them out to go shopping - something i've never been able to do before because the rubber would stick and cling too much, and get covered in hairs or street dust; but with the smooth chlorinated surface, nothing sticks to em!

i've now had most of my suits and pup-gear done - and Handler is in the process of having the main parts of His own collection treated too.

If you're interested, check for your own local chlorination service, or give Gord a contact - you won't regret it!

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