Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Sorry that there's not been many posts this week: i've been busy with family stuff for most of this weekend (i might be a pagan, but they all still do the whole Easter thing...) - and now i'm preparing for my trip with Handler to Amsterdam (5 days over 'Queens day' - and my first ever time abroad!!).

We fly out tomorrow, so today is the big pack day: it's sad, but i am so excited i could be running around the room screaming like a little girl on her first trip to Disneyland...

That said - Handler has been unwell and has put His back out - and i've spent the weekend fighting off a cold - so this might *not* be the wildest weekend ever seen in Christendom... But what do i care: i'll be away with my Man in a whole new country!!! We could sit in the sun in bath-chairs and rugs and as long as i'm by His side, i'd still be happy :))

i'm not sure what the roaming will be like - but if i'm able, i will try to post photos and short posts whilst we're away.


As to the perversion...

Maybe it's the pre-packing excitement - but last night i had a vivid dream:

i was staring into the inside of a Russian gasmask - holding it open in black rubber gloved hands so that i could see my waders through the lenses and the tube coiling off into somewhere unseen; i watched, fascinated, as the mask slowly filled with piss: watching those lenses turn golden and hearing the gurgling splash - unsure and uncaring if it was mine or someone Else's...

i raised the mask, ready to pull it over my head and immerse myself in that watery world - but just as the heady smell of Man's piss and industrial rubber hit my dream-nostrils, i awoke: my puppy cock twitching and shooting wads of sticky pervert-cum all over my stomach...

So - does that make me a pervert do you think...? ;)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A quick trip into wales

Monmouth bridge

Just one week to go until Amsterdam...!

Last night was such a beautiful evening, and so Handler asked the pup if it would come down for an evening ride (one of the first of this year!). i might have still been shattered after the excitement of the last weekend - and my new tattoo too bruised and peeling to be able to wear any rubber - but what pup could ever refuse a ride out with it's Man?!


There was a little discussion as to where to go - but Sir decided that it would be fun to head over the Bridge into Wales, and to take His pup over to Monmouth. It was a good choice: lots of long twisty roads over the hills for Him to zoom along whilst the dog used the excuse to hug Him tight, laughing and barking into the intercom.

Monmouth is a lovely little medieval town, with little streets and alleys for us to potter down - but best of all is the 13th Century bridge over the Wye - and the great little chippy just by it ;)

Handler went to get us some food whilst He left the pup sitting on the bridge - watching the sun set and the swallows skim the river (and laughing when He texted it from inside the chippy to say that He loves His dog...). Then we sat by the bridge, and He hand fed the pup chips and onion rings.

It was quite dark by the time we'd finished, so Sir sent the dog to find a quiet spot under the bridge - then let it glug away as He emptied His now full bladder down its throat. i would have loved to be able to pleasure Him then and there, but there were people on the bridge above us, and Sir thought the dog might get too vocal - so we watched the bats for a while, and then headed back to the bike.

Sir took the road through the Wye valley for the route home - with the river glowing in the dark through the trees, and the lit houses up the hills making us both think of Switzerland or Bavaria. We made two short stops: one at Tintern to look at the Abbey,  and another in Chepstow to see the castle by the river. Then it was back over the bridge - with the moon rising huge and red - and home for hot chocolate and a little snuggle on the sofa, before sending the pup home so its Man could get some sleep before an early start at work.

It was a wonderful evening - and a great start to what i hope will be a summer of biking with my Man.

Thank You Sir!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Day done - back home. Thanks Jo for a fantastic day (and lovley lunch!!!)

3 hours and all done -Jo takes photos

A little colour for the last hour

Outlining - and crying inside...

Transfering the design

Lunch done, now time to start my new design

Geoff all done for today

And a few more distractions

A few distractions to the pain...

Outline all done - now a few hours of colour

Everyone still smiling...

Geoff getting his outlining done

Geoff's design stencilled and placed: a big chamelean

Chilling whilst Jo works up the new designs

And here we are at MBA! :))

Beautiful Birmingham

M5 services for a pee - must be a #tattoo day :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Richter for Spexter - Sexy guy in print

Uli Richter is a spectacularly kinky photographer - you probably already know him through the fantastic work he's done for various sites and publications: including RubberZone, Rob and Instigator. His latest sexy publication is a book of images produced for the Spexter shop and website in Munich: Richter for Spexter.

A couple of years ago, i had the honour of  meeting Mike/Wescoslut (the owner, and model in many of the pictures): he came over and visited my Handler and i when we were down in London, and helped to make it an incredible weekend for all of us (including dancing my little arse off at XXL when Handler had to head home early ;) ). He really is one of the sexiest men i've met: stunningly good looking, *big* enough to make half the men at XXL look like pencil-knecks, and with the most infectious full-body laugh i've ever heard. He was also incredibly generous and gave me the beautiful blue leather uniform shirt that i've worn to BLUF events and the MSC Bournemouth party:

It's nice to see that Uli and he have brought some of that bright-eyed humour to these new photographs - and have produced a book of fetish images that is both deeply sexy *and* fun.

Buy it - enjoy it - and then feel inspired to go to the shop and kit yourself out in their sexy gear... :D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Wash day fuck-pup (2)

Jobs done.

The dog's bollocks, held tightly in its Master's hand - tugged along by them down into the garden. Hearing the sound of our heavy Waders through the grass as i try to keep pace with His long strides and minimise the aching pull. The warmth of the sun on my naked skin and the swing of the chain-leash around my neck...

Down first into the summer-house: Handler fastening the leash to the rail and then standing just out of reach, so that the dog has to strain and pull against its collar to try to reach Him - spluttering and gasping as it almost strangles itself and the blood pumps hot and hard into its head and fills it with hunger and need for Him. He relents and steps closer - so that the dog can fill its face with the scent of His meat, the taste of His balls, the bliss of Him deep inside its throat. i can smell His piss on my skin and feel my pup cock bouncing against the side of His waders. He feels it and laughs gently - steps either side of that waving rod and pins it between His ankles - the dog gasps and whimpers, and He gives it the permission to slowly hump its cock between His legs. The glass plug is still deep in my fuck-hole: sun-warmed and slick with a mix of His piss and my own juices.

Master lets me hump for a little while - and indulgently gives me His cock to lick and nuzzle with rising excitement. Feeding from Him only makes the dog more randy - and it is not long before it has to rock back onto it's heels and desperately fight not to cum (since it had not been given permission to do so).

He has me stand - then takes the leash in His hand and leads me further down the garden. He stops us by the picnic bench in the orchard and has me lie back upon the rough boards; head hung over the edge of the table i am just the right height for Him to slowly slide down into my willing throat. He grunts in pleasure when He feels himself nudge against the soft palate - i push my tongue down and forward into my mouth so that it opens my throat, and feel the satisfaction as He pushes past the tight restriction of my vocal cords... He pushes deep and long: filled with Him i am unable to draw breath and must wait for Him to release me. He revels in the power and control that i give to Him in this submission - and i feed from this show of the power He holds over me.

He relents - lets me take a breath. Then, slowly, He pushes down inside me again - just as slowly slides out, and then pushes down again. Slowly fucking His dog's throat - loving the choked sounds of its gasps and grunts - feeding from it as much as it feeds from Him. i feel Him close to cumming - but He eases off: wants to save that treat. He takes my shoulders and helps me to sit up - laughs at the pup coughing with sinuses filled with dog-snot and Man-juices.

He takes hold of my collar - pulls me up off the bench and leads me deeper into the garden...

Down to the bottom lawn, He settles down onto the swinging bench. He pats the wooden slats - tells the pup to put its boots up beside Him and sit astride His lap... We hug and kiss like that for a while, His chest-hair rough and warm against the fresh skin of my new tattoo; i can feel His meat bump and nudge my plug, and can't help but wriggle and grind it against Him - whimpering into His neck in my hunger to have Him fill me and fuck me again.

He has me stand up on the bench, legs astride Him - grabbing the chain supports and the overhead bar with my hands. He carefully teases the plug out of my dripping hole, then nuzzles my pup-cock and dog-balls whilst He pulls on a sheath and lubes Himself up.

He gives the command, and the dog slowly, gently, lowers itself down onto Him, taking the weight with my arms and legs (and knowing He likes to see how that flares my back and spreads my chest)  - carefully opening up to Him, finding the right angle to let Him slowly pierce up into my core - the sting and burn of the inner ring of muscle resisting, then the unbelievable pleasure of feeling them relax and 'let Him in'. i feel His thighs under my own, and His hands supporting my lower back - but i am focused purely on the feel of Him inside me and the heat and hunger that He makes me feel.

He has me wrap my legs around His waist - pushes Himself up from the bench and takes several steps into the middle of the lawn; i can feel the strength in His body and the power in His thighs - and the way the effort makes His cock swell harder inside me. He stands there whilst i cling to Him, speared on Him - overwhelmed by the strength and power of this Man who owns me and possesses me so completely.

He returns us to the bench - plants His boots and pushes the swinging seat back - gently rocking us both back and forth. With each swing i am pushed down further until i can feel Him deep inside me - feel His balls rub against the outside of my hole. i feel both weightless and utterly rooted in Him.

His pulls me to His beautiful bearded face and sucks the breath from my lungs in a fantastic kiss - helpless, i grind and wriggle down onto Him: moan and growl as i fuck my pup-hole onto His meat - my balls and leaking cock rub against His pelt and the arousal only makes my hole all the hungrier. He laughs and grabs my pup-cock in His hand - i gasp and whimper and feel my hole twitch around Him, and then i fuck my hole against Him as He slowly milks me to the edge.

i wait for His permission - whimper and beg to be allowed: He gives me the permission i need and i seem to cum forever: shooting thick white loops of dog-spunk all over His chest and into His fur...

The dog sated, he says it is now His turn: He slowly withdraws, has me turn on the bench so that i am straddled across the bench on all fours - He stands behind me and once more slowly pushes deep inside His dog's hole. Taken this way He is able to push even deeper inside me - and i struggle to take Him without pain. i try to relax, bite my lip, struggle not to whimper or cry out - i try to remember that no matter how my body may protest, still the dog in me wants to give Him all that He deserves and demands - that everything of me is His: even this pain.

He fucks deep and slow and hard - takes His pleasure as a Man is due. But He can feel the pup's distress, and whilst He shows it who is in control, still He loves His dog and finally takes pity on its shaking body. He withdraws and then gathers it up into a strong and powerful embrace - ignores its sorrowful and apologetic eyes, and tells it how proud He is of his dog and its eagerness to please Him.


He leads us back to the house.

We sit in the lengthening afternoon sun and discuss plans for Amsterdam in a few weeks time - the dog at His feet as He hand feeds us the first picnic of the summer. There is such beauty and tenderness and friendship there that i could have cried where i not so incredibly happy...

It's now only an hour before i am due to head home, so Master asks what the pup would like to do for a final treat. It grins at Him and He knows there's only one thing that a randy dog ever really wants or needs from its Man: and so He takes us up into the play room.

Master binds my head with PVC bandages but leaves my mouth free - enfolded in that tight darkness, i tell Him how much i love this feeling of bondage and dependancy. He teases the dog by calling it to Him, then dances away from its blind and seeking muzzle before it can find Him... He hops it up onto the couch and has it lie back - then fucks deep into the glossy black of its wrapped head; it is an amazing feeling to be so completely devoid of all senses but the taste and smell of Him deep inside me.

Finally, perfectly, He gives me that ultimate reward - and feeds me His cum: sweet and thick and briming with His power. i am honoured that He would save that gift till last - and allow me to give Him such pleasure in return.

i can taste Him rich and sweet in my mouth all the way home - and even into the day following...


A perfect day. Thank You Sir: my Master, my Owner, my friend.

    Adendum - from the dog's Handler via Recon:

What a joy to come home from a late shift and be able to read two big dog-bloggs on what we got up to on Friday. So much writing and so much detail too. Clever blogg-dog. Big hug for My dog - Good boy!

*blushes with pride*

Wash day fuck-pup

Sir had a free day on Friday, so He asked the pup to come down and help Him prepare His rubber gear before sending it off to Gordon to be chlorinated.

The weather was fantastic: sunny too early in the year to be too hot - and so the pup pulled on it's own newly chlorinated jeans and waistcoat, packed it's waders and trotted down to it's Man's side. It was so excited to see Him that it ran down the drive and into His arms with it's tail wagging so hard it nearly fell over. It's always just so wonderful to see Him: my Man, my Master, my best friend; every care simply melts away at the sight of His smile, the sound of His 'Hello boy!', the taste of His neck as i nuzzle and excitedly lick, the feel of His arms and His hand stroking my head - all the dross of everyday life fades away, and out comes bootbrush: the *real* me from deep down inside - come out to play and love - and to serve Him with everything that i am...

But it wasn't all play: i *am* a service dog too, and there were jobs to be done!

First off was helping Sir to take some photos for a few eBay sales He has planned later this week - which is always a great excuse to root through His piles of gear and then to gaze adoringly at Him under the pretense of trying to get the perfect shot :)

Next job was then to help Him decide which gear He should send off to be chlorinated. We both wanted to have stuff ready for the trip to Amsterdam in May - so it was a matter of choosing what He might want to take with Him, and prioritising that gear to be treated first. i've never seen into Sir's rubber-wardrobe before - and man, He *is* a pervert with a life-time habit of collecting! :))  There was everything in there: catsuits, jeans, bike gear, raincoats - even a cloak!  the pup was in rubber heaven :)  But, we did manage to whittle it down to 2 boxes worth, and then it was out into the sunshine to wash and prepare it all...

Sir took the opportunity to wear His rubber apron and to have us both in our waders, the pup also kept on it's rubber jeans - then it was out with the hose and large buckets of soapy water - carefully massaging suds into each item, lathering them up, hosing them down, then hanging each item to dry out of the sun... there was quite a pile of gear to work through, so it took us most of the morning: it was like some perverted Chinese laundry! But it was warm and sunny, and the rubber felt really good - and the man and dog chatted away over the suds, and laughed when the water would go everywhere... the dog especially loved the way that the water would slosh over its waders and down inside the rubber - and the rainbows formed in the hose spray - and in the stray droplets that shone in the fur of it's Man's chest...

And off course, all that water makes any Man need to piss - so Sir took several opportunities through the morning to have His pup kneel and drink from Him. All that work made the pup thirsty too, so it was easy for Master to lean back and let go in one long perfect stream - and grin as He listened to His dog greedily glugging away as it gulped down every last steaming drop...

Well, almost every drop: at one point it leant back to stare hungrily at His meat - grinning up at Him so that He could arc a long stream of His piss into its open muzzle, then letting it overflow so that hot piss would run down through its beard and drip down its chest. Handler loved the look of that so much that He told the dog to lean back further and clench its abs - so that He could watch His piss run down its belly and under the waistband of its rubber jeans. The feeling was just incredible as His warm piss ran down between the sun-warmed rubber layers: its Man's juices sluicing around its cock and balls to pool around its arse and slosh  around the glass plug filling its hole...

Piss-filled, the dog was then allowed to lick His cock clean - which only made Him hard again, and hungry to feed His dog - and His dog even more eager to please and feed in turn. Best of all, when i took His meat deep into my throat i was able to grind my muzzle into His jock, rich with the scent of His sweat and piss - He moved His boot so i could rub up against His leg and feel the heavy rubber of His waders against my still-wet chest, and every time i moved i could feel the slosh of the warm pool of His piss trapped inside my jeans: caressing my own hardening pup-cock and soaking His scent into my skin. He moved again, so that the pup could rest it's plugged and piss-soaked arse against His toe - and crooned His encouragement as it ground and fucked its own hole until it was panting and shaking on the edge of cumming...

And all the while He stroked my head, and told me what a good dog i was - it was so gloriously perverse and wonderfully intimate - and i was in pure doggy-bliss!


But finally, the jobs are done. Handler had the dog strip out if its rubber, but keep on it's waders - He put on its chain-leash but had it stay on two legs - then grabbed its balls in one fist and led it down into the garden to play...


The pup has recently become a convert to chlorinated latex. This is a process whereby latex clothing is chemically treated so as to become incredibly slick and smooth - so much so that it no longer requires 'dressing' with talc or lube in order to get it on. The process can also have the additional benefit of restoring some of the surface gloss to the outside of the rubber.

i first heard of the process through my pup-buddy Lucky, who wore a chlorinated catsuit to a visit with my Handler. Handler was so impressed that He set the library-dog to do some research. i finally found the amazing chlorination service provided by Gordon at Catalyst latex in the UK: all of the latex gear he sells is pre-chlorinated, but he also does a service for treating existing gear that is fantastically friendly, fast, and incredibly thorough: with a turn around of only a few days!

You do have to make sure that the gear is thoroughly clean first - including removing any lingering lube or silicone polish (i found the best way to do that was with a careful hand wash with 'Fairy' / washing-up liquid, then a spot clean with an isoproyl alcohol cleaner) - but the results are fantastic!

i had some jeans done first as a 'test', and they came back so smooth that i could pull them on as if they were lined leather - without any messy lube or talc and without losing any leg hairs! ;) They felt and looked *incredible* - so good, i even wore them out to go shopping - something i've never been able to do before because the rubber would stick and cling too much, and get covered in hairs or street dust; but with the smooth chlorinated surface, nothing sticks to em!

i've now had most of my suits and pup-gear done - and Handler is in the process of having the main parts of His own collection treated too.

If you're interested, check for your own local chlorination service, or give Gord a contact - you won't regret it!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A pet's request

1. My life is shorter than yours, and time more keenly felt - any separation from you is always painful.

2. I am simple and do not understand things as you do - please give me time to understand what you want of me.

3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being.

4. Don't be angry with me for long and don't lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment, but I have only you.

5. Talk to me. Even if I don't understand your words, I do understand your voice when speaking to me.

6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it.

7. Before you hit me, before you strike me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet, I choose not to bite you.

8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I'm not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or my heart might be getting old or weak.

9. Please take care of me when I grow old. You too, will grow old.

10. On the ultimate difficult journey, go with me please. Never say you can't bear to watch. Don't make me face this alone. Everything is easier for me if you are there, because I love you so.
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