Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Writing catch-up (ketchup?!?)

Another ridiculously busy week - most of it sodding work (and not in a pleasurably literal way i'm afraid - just the arse-clenchingly tedious way) - but i did still manage to fit in a little bit of working on the book whenever i could find a spare moment...

i've abandoned the idea of simply submitting the blog: the format and tone is just too self-referential and specific to blogging, and i don't think it would work well in book form; besides - you guys are worth more to me than a bored rehash of old material ;)

That said, i do still like the idea of compiling something along the lines of 'The diary of a dog' (or 'how i became a pup and learnt to love myself' ;) ), based on my experience over the last decade or so - a kind of 'how to' book on pup-play, but told from the pup's perspective and phrased as a fetish autobiography (my Geoff suggested something along the lines of a kinky version of Maupin's 'Tales from the city': real events, experiences and thoughts told in re-imagined episodic chapters).

So far i've drawn up a possible synopsis and a rough plot-arc, and i am now starting to pencil out chapters. i thought it would be good to start from the call to write a book, based on my accounts of being my Handler's pup at the club - describing how fully and proudly i am His devoted pup, then do a flashback with 'how did i get here...?'. The story arc would then trace how i first came to pup-play (back in the day when it was still something new!), how i met my Handler, and how He helped me to become the pup that i am today - both physically and emotionally (since i know several of you have said how much you like reading what i *feel*, since that helps you to understand what motivates a pup to be a pup in the first place...).

Don't worry though - within that structure i might still be able to include some of my early stories and accounts from here - since i've had several of you asking me to republish your favourites. But i'd want to make sure that the majority was new material: after all who wants to buy a book whose content is mostly free online anyway? ;)

Writing from scratch will take me longer - but hell, it's more fun anyway!

Use the comments to tell me what you think of the idea - and i'll keep you posted how it's going.

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