Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bournemouth - a lovely thank you letter from my Handler

The following is the letter of thanks which my Handler sent to both the owners of the lovely Yenton hotel which hosted the MSC Bournmouth Gala dinner this weekend, and also to the Committee itself. I thought it was such a sweet gesture that i asked if He would mind if i posted it here too... (i love the last comment about the dog's small accidental leakage! :)) )

Reposted with permission

Yenton Hotel,

Dear Matt and Thom

I am writing to thank you for the wonderful evening on Saturday last for MSC Bournemouth’s 25th Birthday event. Over the years I have been to a number of MSC Bournemouth's events and they always seem to be able to find new and interesting venues.

Again on this occasion we were invited to your hotel for dinner on Saturday evening. We were made to feel very welcome in your comfortable lounge bar, and this was followed by a most enjoyable meal. Excellent service and hot food combined with a wide selection of food and five courses too!

After dinner in the bar the atmosphere became even more relaxed and I was so pleased to see you and your staff joining in too. A very special thank you is due to you both for allowing bootbrush to change privately in one of your rooms. It is always nice to be able to take the dog out in public and have him happy on four legs, and so I am grateful to you for facilitating his ‘transition’ in this way. Sadly, I have become aware of some club members who have suggested that My dog disgraced himself on the hard floor in your bar. While you were kind enough to provide paper towels on My request, I should have explained that although this was to mop up after the dog, it was due to excessive perspiration and certainly not for the lack of ‘exercise’ prior to our visit, or because he had become incontinent with excitement!

Thank you again for a most pleasant evening.

With our best wishes.


rubberGTR on Recon
my dog bootbrush on Recon

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