Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another day at the tattooist

Magpie, bee and dog-tag

On Friday my partner (Geoff / tattdragon) and i had our long awaited day-long visit with our tattooist and good friend, Jo Harrison - finally back from her latest world trip (6 months in India, Australia and New Zealand).

It was fantastic to see her after so long: she is one of the brightest and most inspiring people i know, and her natural sparkle has only been brightened further by the amazing experiences she has had over the last 2 years of travel and inspiration. She did some truly beautiful work on us both - and managed to complete both of our magpies: Geoff's on his back, mine on my chest ('one for sorrow' when apart, 'two for joy' when we're together) :

Geoff's magpie after 3 hours

Checkin the ink...

Jo starts work on me

Magpie with Amber and Jet 

We're due back to see her once more before she heads off for another few months (Thailand and Singapore) - when she hopes to complete colouring these two sections, and then start outlining the next sections on us both: further down onto Geoff's chest, and down onto my own ribs (ouch!).

Neither of us can wait! :)

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