Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wise words

Not a long post this time - i just wanted to share some words from my very good friend (and regular commentator to this blog), Atlantarubber:

"I've come to realize this is a tiny world with the internet helping make it even more so. I've also come to realize there are very few clear-headed, clear thinking, deeply perverted men who have joy and humor and true integrity and hunger driving them. Men who invest their souls in their personal journeys. These are the men I want close to me: People who are first and foremost true to themselves."

Such wise words - and a beautiful compliment to those of us who know Him. i'm not sure there is much more i could add, without risking gilding the lily!

All i can say is i have always tried to live by a simple set of rules:

#  Be honest and true - to yourself and others. Prentending to be what you are not will only lead to disapointment.

#  Stay true to your ideals - and faithful to those whom you love. Integrity means to be whole, complete, unfractured.

#  Know yourself.

#  Revel in the unfolding wonder that is the experience of being: 'let naught stop you or turn you aside'. Life is a verb, not a noun - happiness a process and not a posession.

#  We are all on a journey, so travel it hopefully - and help others along the way where you can.

Namaste! ;)

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  1. There's a difference between pretense and having a vision for what you want to be. The latter is honest to everyone that you are building or seeking the goal, while the former is a sham you do not honestly intend to be what you say.


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