Thursday, February 10, 2011

A night at Club Primal part 2: fuck-pup redux

Part 1: arrival and training


Back out in the cold - sweat chilling under my rubber - kneeling up with paws just touching the ground - my head titled back and my Man's meat buried deep in my muzzle - feeling His hand steadying me on the back of my head as He concentrates on relaxing, then lets a slow stream of warm piss flood into the dog's mouth.

Gulping down a mouthful when it threatens to overflow - grinning as i feel each twitch of His cock - knowing that He is concentrating as hard as the pup: eager to simply let go, but equally not wanting to drown His dog or make it choke.

Several gulps - then He withdraws and leans back - aims a stream into the dogs mouth so that He can watch it arc through the night (strangely beautiful as it glints pale and yellow in the security lights) and into the rubbery darkness of its waiting hooded maw. He laughs at the dog's choking bark of pleasure, and growls as it lets the warm liquid overspill - flushing down into its beard and spilling onto its chest.

He steps around the dog - stands astride its back - lets loose another stream that splashes across the smooth rubber and drips down to form a spreading puddle beneath its belly; shining rivulets run across its shoulders and trickle down its arms to drip and fill its gloves. He proudly marks His dog with His piss and His scent whilst it growls and whines in excitement: its dog-cock leaks so heavily that when its Master finally tells the dog to cock its own leg, the piss drips thick with precum through the slit in its red sheath.

Both Man and hound are so involved that they are only dimly aware of the men eagerly watching from the darkened doorway...


Back inside - Master leads the dog to the slings: playfully has it weave along underneath them to meet Him at the end of the row - then orders it to hop up onto one of the hanging sling boards.

The dog has never been on a sling board before - it's quite a trick trying to stay on all fours when every movement makes the ground beneath you sway and buck! But Handler didn't leave the dog to struggle for long: a quick pat on the padding and a 'Play dead!' and it was soon on its back with head hanging over the edge, muzzle eagerly scenting out His still piss-damp cock to nuzzle and lick...

You will already know how much this dog loves to deep throat its Man - the sheer joy it finds in taking Him deep into itself, giving Him intense pleasure by rippling both its throat around Him and its tongue underneath Him - probing and teasing under His glans even as it strives to take Him right down to the root. The thickness of His arousal and the slickness of His precum as it blends with the juices of my mouth and throat. The heady dizzyness of being suffocated on His meat, waiting for Him to rock back and free my airway - for His physical permission to breath.

It is a deep and satisfying feeling to take Him so deep, and to be so Trusting of Him that i can give myself so completely into His power - to HIS pleasure.


Sucking Him is never a means to an end - but it does now often lead to the moment when i know His arousal becomes so great that He cannot resist the need to mount His dog - and this was one of those times.

He had the dog turn around with its head on the leather pillow - i could see a burning mix of both tenderness and hunger in His eyes as He lifted my booted legs into the stirrups: gauntlets lingering a moment to carress the rubber over my thighs and down across my belly...

He reaches down to find my tail wagging slowly with the movement of the bench and the sway of His body - firmly grasps it as He fixes me with His gaze. As before: a low command of 'Give!' and a slow gentle tug, easing the tail's large rubber root from His dog's fuck-hole, leaving it suddenly cold and empty - but eager and hungry to have its place filled by HIM in its stead. i breath deep and relax as i watch Him prepare Himself - whine in excitement inside the hood as i see the light shine on His leather and glint from the peak of His cap - behind Him, i can see a small gathering crowd of men, waiting to see this Master of Leather fuck and breed His rubber dog.

i feel Him at my Fuck hole - i twitch and relax the ring of muscle to make it easier to take Him - and to nudge and tease against His head as it pushes down and slowly spreads me open. There is a moment of stinging, even with all my efforts to relax - i involuntarily clench and am rewarded by a sharp pain as my body struggles to resist Him - He eases up on the pressure, watches me closely: reads my body and my reactions - hungry to take me but careful not to hurt me too. His care reminds me that i can Trust Him: my body responds and relaxes once more - and i feel Him slowly push deep within my opening core.

Slow and careful, but long and deep - He strokes in and out of my hole; the sensation hovers on that shivering border between intense pleasure and discomforting pain; i know the more i relax, the greater the pleasure will be - but the hunger is so strong that it is almost impossible to find that inner calm i need.

Desperate, sobbing, i look up into His face: the face of my Master - i see His eyes shining, and His mouth stretches into a wide grin: i see all the love and tenderness hiding there, just as i feel the power and control in His body and hands where they hold my legs and press down upon my belly - i let myself become one with that blend of passion and care, power and playfullness: bleed into it and Him... and in that surrender, the pup suddenly wells up inside of me, overwhelms my fears and resistance - and i find both body and mind opening up in perfect unthinking submission and devotion to Him.

Thethered by His gaze and bonded to His cock - our bodies move in counterpoint whilst my mind rides thoughtless and free: driven now only by instinct and desire. He groans when my hole hungrily clenches tight around Him - sighs when it relaxes and calls Him deeper within. He grabs the head of the board and pulls the dog's body up to meet Him: holds the weight of us both with booted legs spread, His cock pushed deep inside its hole whilst He kisses it hard and probes into its mouth with His tongue. The bench rocks and swings as He lets it back down - i feel like i'm floating weightless, even as the rocking motion drives Him deep inside me.

He reaches for my sheathed and lubed cock: slides its glossy redness through His fist and growls at the huffing whine that escapes me - the shuddering ripple of arousal He feels around His cock. There is an evil glint in His eye as He starts to pump in time to His own thrusts. The dog can't help but make the bench swing and clink as it bucks and grinds: alternately driving its hole down onto Him and its cock up into His hand; each thrust accompanied by a whining bark as the dog inside strives for completion. The sensation of being fucked and milked is overwhelming, and the dog is driven to the edge of oblivion as it feels its prostrate throb against the stabbing press of His meat.

It begs for the command it needs to hear before it can cum: with His growled 'Give!' it is finally released - and its back arches as it pumps thick spools of white that splatter across the blackness of its rubbered belly...


The dog spent, He finally takes my legs from the stirrups - guides them to wrap around His waist. With a final thrust He picks me bodily from the bench and pulls my head up to rest against His neck. He holds me there for a moment: i am in awe of His strength, and feel so secure in His arms - if it were not for the swelling punch of His cock deep inside me, i might feel like a child within the protection of its parent's arms.

Gently, carefully - i feel Him pull me upwards, slowly slide out of me; i swing my legs down and He places my feet onto the floor. Instintively i sink all the way - back down to my true place on all fours.

He towers over me now - Master to pup - He is still hard within His own gauntletted hand.

He glances down to His boots - the dog's nose follows His gaze, picks up His unspoken command: its tongue leaves a long glistening trail as it traces the long leather inches from crotch to instep. As the dog devotes itself to His boot leather, it can feel the intensity of His gaze, and the strength of arousal it fires in Him.

He leans back against the wall - lifts a boot to press down on the dog's back: it gives a muffled growl of satisfaction and He responds with a growl of His own. i glance sideways from my work - and am rewarded to see Him still massaging Himself in His gauntletted fist: the tip of His tongue tracing the curve of His lips in unconscious imitation of the dog's around the edge of His booted sole...

Finally, He slips a toe under the dog's chest - pushes it backwards onto its haunches. The dog gives a hungry 'wuff!' - grins up at Him with its muzzle wide and tongue cupped. He grins back and asks 'Hungry...?' - voice husky and on the edge. The dog's bark is all the answer He needs.

His one hand holds my head, whilst the other milks out His seed: filling the cup of my tongue - His cum is all the sweeter for the tang of boot leather that still lingers there. His gaze burns deep into mine as the tastes co-mingle: perversity and pleasure, submission and reward... i hold that precious gift on my tongue until He gives me permission to 'Swallow'

Complete, sated - His hands find my collar, guide me to rest my head against His leg - i give a deep contented 'wuff!' as i wrap both paws around His boots and hug myself hard against Him: knowing He feels and understands the deep satisfaction and completion i feel in having pleased and served my Man.

i cannot help but shudder in soul-deep pleasure at His whispered 'i love my DOG: good boy!'


Thank you Sir - it was another incredible night. i am so Proud to be able to be Your pup, and to be able to share these perfect moments of playfulness and submission with You, my Master. i am equally Proud that You let me share them with others - both in public at the clubs, and here on the blog.

Always, and all always - Your dog loves You Sir: Balls to bone 

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  1. Hey Pup.. Success once again!

    You've managed to stir my 'naughty bits' to the point where I had to steady my laptop while I was reading. Great writing ability, it's like i got to be one of those guys who got to watch nearby.

    My inner-pup appreciates your words that make it's 'knot' seep - but its your other writings that help us other pups get more in touch with that undeniable dog within.

    Grrrwoof, pup!


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