Wednesday, February 09, 2011

A night at Club Primal part 1: arrival and training

Handler took His pup to Club Primal in Bristol last Saturday night.

Pup arrived at Sir's house rubbered and ready to play - so it was a matter of minutes for Him to swap its glass plug for its tail, pull on its dog-hood and lock on His collar; then it was a quick trot to the car, a leap into the puppy cage in back of the hatch-back, and down into Bristol once more.

It was the first time this pup has been to Primal - and it's quite a venue! It's based in an old church - and so has both an imposing facade and an impressive reception area. Once you're through the doors, the play space is then mostly open-plan but divided up into large 'rooms' by camouflage netting and screens: with a bar at the end, a social space and sling area in the side ailes, a large demo area in the nave and a brilliantly open dance floor in the choir. So there was *lots* of space to run a pup around in...!


We arrived at the Club a bit early - but Handler was full of tea, and so He parked at the back and had the dog hop out so He could relieve the pain in His bladder. It was a perfect way to get fully into my puppy mindset: kneeling quiet and patient with my muzzle upturned whilst He unzipped His heavy leather jacket (newly conditioned and repaired by the dog) and planted His Wescos either side of its knee-pads - the wind was cold against the dog's thin rubber skin, but it knew that He took pleasure from the warmth of its mouth around His meat - and it was itself soon warmed from the inside by the flood of piss that it struggled to gulp down without drowning...

Piss-pup full, Handler had the pup trot into the club behind Him - which got a really nice reaction from the guys behind the desk (sadly, they didn't offer the dog a half-price ticket though ;) ).

We were also met by one of the regulars, who gave the pup a very eager welcome - saying that he remembered the pup from a previous visit to Gear (although, curiously, he swore that the pup had been giving blow jobs to everyone but him that night - despite Handler repeatedly assuring him that His pup is a ONE MAN DOG, and is only ever allowed to service its Master...)

Once into the club proper, Handler led the dog around and let it snuffle into corners and get the feel for the lay-out. He then left it in the demo area guarding His holdall whilst He went to get some drinks. The demo space was filled with bondage equipment: a nice dog cage, a bondage frame, and two altar-like platforms draped with heavy rubber sleep-sacks; the pup admits to getting very excited sniffing at those! (even though it knew it wouldn't have a chance to try them out - not this time around anyway...). But it instantly forgot any investigations as soon as it heard the loud tread of Big Black Boots come around from the bar - and couldn't help but give an excited yelp and a furious tail-wag to its returning Man: earning a loud chuckle and a head-pat for its eagerness and devotion.


The best part about Club Primal is the large open space in the centre; no one was dancing so early in the evening, and so Handler decided to use the space to refresh His dog's obedience and agility training.

He had the dog 'Sit, Stay!' whilst He placed out a line of small cones across the floor - then He had the dog walk to heel on its leash whilst we walked to the end of the course: weaving in an out of the cones by alternately nudging the dog with His knee and pulling lightly towards Him on its leash. At the end of the line He had the dog turn, and sit close by His leg - waiting for the command to 'Heel!' as we wove back to the beginning again.

It only took a couple of runs for the dog to get the idea - then He had it walk the course with Him a couple more times without a leash.

Finally, He had the dog 'Stay!' whilst He walked the course alone (dog sitting watching Him and straining to follow Him) - then called it to trott along the track he had shown it with 'Come!'

It was intensely fun - but also quite difficult to keep up with His long stride! (i was *very* glad for the addition of core strength and quadrupedal movement exercises to my regular gym workouts, since there is no way i could be as agile on my hands and knees as i am using my fingers and the balls of my feet...) 

It sounds so simple - but the intensity of concentration required in such training is an incredibly bonding experience between a Man and His hound. Walking to heel so closely, hugging His leg with my body and anticipating His changes in direction by the subtle shifts in His body weight and changes in stride, following His subtle body clues and changes in tone of voice: it all creates an intense non-verbal communication, and feeds the subconscious bond of submission and Dominance between us. Regular trainings then build these to an almost instinctive level - which further deepens the *pre*conscious urge to obey and please the Man who is Alpha and owner to my pup self.

Needless to say - by the end of the training, we had gathered quite an appreciative audience... ;)

Training over, Handler led us back to the bar for a short rest - and to get Himself another drink (which He also shared with the dog via a straw) - but that also then meant He needed to make another trip outside...

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