Monday, February 28, 2011

MSC Bournemouth 25th birthday weekend

This weekend was the 25th birthday of the Bournemouth MSC. Handler has long standing associations with the club (He used to be secretary for the related Severn Link MSC) - and so He went down to celebrate with them, and took His dog down with Him too.

Handler took His pup down to their summer 'Hide and Sea' event a few years back; that was the dog's first such club event - and we had a fantastic time both at the various brunches and dinners, and riding out through stunning summer sun on the organised bike rides around the Dorset countryside.

Unfortunately, this being February, the weather was a little less reliable this weekend...


The forecast was for light showers, so the pup packed for the bike, wore its civvies, and forgot its original plan to throw extra gear in the back 'just in case'. Half way down the M5 it began to fret that this might have been a serious mistake, as the clouds got thicker and the rain began... That rain was lashing down by the time it got to Handler's - and so it was an already disappointed pup that Handler opened the door to: knowing that He would say we would head down in the car, rather than face a long wet journey down to the coast. In fact, the dog had such a long face that it's Man came as close as He ever has to telling it off: saying that its fretting made Him feel His dog was not happy to be with its Master, and that He would not hear it call itself a 'Stupid dog" one more time...!

Taking the car wasn't such a bad thing in the end, though: it gave its Man a chance to pack lots of extra gear Himself - and we also got to chat and laugh all the way down in much more intimate way than we can on the bike (even with the intercom). And best of all: the dog got to ride the entire way with it's paw resting on His lap - and sneaking puppy-eyed gazes at His powerful and much beloved profile ;)

We got down late, so didn't get our planned nap in the hotel before the event (Sir had been a work since 7am!). Instead, we just had enough time to unload the car and for the pup to change into it's leathers before heading down for the welcoming reception at Tiger White, then on to the buffet at the Club's base in the Baker's Arms.

It was wonderful how nice everyone was: how genuinely pleased they were to see Nigel, and how welcoming they were to the pup too (even saying how much they had missed it at the run last summer, after it had to cancel due to its bad back). There were so many friends that it can't mention them all, but it was especially wonderful to catch up with Travelbiker and Georgio, to see the wonderful James (from our own Bristol Club Gear and Hot magazine) - and for Sir to chat and tease with His very long time friend John (Granny G ;) ).

We stayed a while - but Sir took pity on the dog's yawning, and finally dragged it back to the hotel. Not that we got an early night - not with Sir looking so fantastic in His leathers and the dog all randy from a day with it's plug in... (Handler backing the dog against the mirror so He could watch Himself drive down into its hungry throat - then using His gloved finger in its mouth to manoeuvre it to the bed where He held its head down with one hand and stroked the wrestle suit it had worn under its leathers with the other: the dog moaning into His glove and humping it's hips off the bed until He could feel it's cum oozing out through the tight fabric - then peeling off the sticky lycra, guiding it over onto it's side and belly, and slowly, perfectly, taking His pleasure from it's hot and hungry hole... But more on that for another entry i think...!)


After another late start (more of the same distractions i'm afraid...!) - and a wonderful impromptu breakfast at a little cafe just off the front - we met up with everyone for a lunchtime drink back at the Bakers Arms.

There wasn't a run planned, so we headed off for a nice afternoon drive around Dorset - in particular, Handler wanted to take the dog to see the beautiful village of Milton Abbas (where they had stopped at one of the previous MSC bike runs, and Sir had used His gentlemanly charms to persuade everyone to go for a charming afternoon tea, rather than a beer at the local pub ;) ).

It was a nice afternoon - and perfectly finished with our usual afternoon tea (this time at a lovely farm shop in a converted barn, where the dog also got to fuss a sweet biological puppy, and be reminded that an inherent friendliness and joie de vivre must always be at the core of any pup - whether on 2 legs or 4)

After that, it was a quick nap at the hotel - then we changed into formal leathers and heading to the Yenton for the weekend's Gala dinner.

And what a beautiful dinner it was too: there were 50 men attending, and so the club had the hotel to itself; everyone looked fantastic in their gear - especially the committee in their black club shirts and yellow piping (not to mention the prevalence of black kilts!). The meal itself was superb - and the company excellent - even if the pup had to sit at a separate table from its Man, and so spent the time between courses apologising for breaking the conversation, when it heard His whistle and dashed off to sit on the floor by His side ;)

After the meal there was a chance for a few speeches and some formal photographs, before the group relaxed in the bar. Handler took this opportunity to 'borrow' a room from Matt and Thom, so that the dog could change into it's rubber pup gear - then led it down to formally introduce it to the men (most of whom had never met it in 'pup' form before).

Everyone was incredibly friendly - and gave the pup lots of pats and fondles. They also chatted and laughed with Handler, and asked lots of nice questions about the dog's training. Unfortunately, it was very warm in the bar, and so the dog was soon leaking sweat from every seam and access point in its suit - leaving little puddles everywhere and being quite a safety risk. Sir begged a pile of paper towels from the bar and James had to apologise at laughing to see the dog trying to mop up after itself (it was quite a funny sight!). Sir said that we should have brought a 'Wet sign' - and the pup later laughed that we should perhaps have swapped its tail plug for a mop... ;)

(i have since heard that some members were shocked and thought the dog had been cocking a leg! But i am fully house trained, and i swear it was only sweat...!)


It was a late night - and an early morning too. i'm not sure that Handler managed to sleep too well, not with the dog wriggling and fidgeting in His arms - whimpering and grinding its hole back against Him, begging Him to fill it until He finally relented and bred it in the most amazingly deep and intense fuck that it has ever experienced - opening wide both its body and its heart, and bringing it the closest it has yet come to a full anal orgasm...

With all the night-time shenanigans, we were both quite exhausted when the alarm finally dredged us from our slumber - and the dog practically had to drag Him from under the duvet with promises of copious tea and biscuits...!

Midday saw us back at the Baker's Arms for a lovely brunch, and the final event of the weekend (with Sir also getting nice comments about how much fun it had been to see the pup romping about the night before). The weekend complete, everyone started to head off home with promises to be back for the 'Hide and Sea' run in July.

It was a long easy drive back home for the Man and his dog too - and a wonderful chance for a very special and emotional talk: with each of us sharing a little of the paths that had lead us to each other - and appreciating the love that we each have for our respective Men. The dog was also able to take the opportunity to say how much it appreciates being His pup, and how special He makes it feel. There was quite a lot of swallowing when it was telling Him how He has helped it to forget much of the confusion and self-doubt that used to plague it, and how much it feels it has grown under His care and protection; that serving Him is both a pleasure and an honour, and that it is more than Proud to honestly say that it is His: body and soul, hole and heart.

And i am His, with no other need for adjectives - simply and proudly Yours, Sir.

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