Sunday, January 02, 2011

A ride out for New Year

All the snow has gone at last - so when Handler asked if the pup would like to head out for a ride for New Year, what could it do but jump at the chance?!? ;)

There may not be any snow, but it's still cold here in the UK - so it was a nice excuse to pile on a few layers of tight lycra and spandex Under Armour gear - then to pull on my heavily armoured Arlen Ness jacket and jeans (with 'bootbrush' down the thighs in 4" letters), my motocross boots and thick gauntleted gloves. The body-hugging lycra and tough leather making me feel both defined and contained, protected and encased.

And beneath all the layers: the tight slickness of my lube-filled rubber shorts forcing a cool glass plug deeper into my freshly cleaned puppy fuck-hole - and fighting against a thick neoprene cock-ring to squeeze my cock and aching balls into a tight mound of painful arousal...

When i arrived, Handler then also had me wear a full lycra biker hood under the helmet -partly to keep warm, but also so that nothing could be seen through the visor but my eager eyes - and the flash of His thick silver dog-chain and padlock around my neck.

Where we rode wasn't really important - it was just such visceral pleasure to be out with my Man again after so long - with Him in His natural element: leathered and in control of both His bike and His dog. But it was a wonderful ride: weaving down the country lanes and winding A-roads of South Gloucestershire - in and out of the beautiful little warm-stone villages that can only be found deep in the Cotswolds - with the surrounding countryside so barren and beautiful after the snow and frosts: every field dark with cold earth, every tree a black spidery silhouette against the grey sky.

We stopped for a while in Tetbury - squeezing the bike between the 4x4s and Range Rovers - grinning at each other as we stomped around the antique shops, cheese mongers and posh boutiques (so many with the 3 feathers and 'By Royal Appointment' crests from the HRH's in nearby Highgrove and Gatcombe...). We also treated ourselves to a delicious tea in the corner window of a very posh delicatessen: incongruous in our leathers and boots amongst the well-to-do in their finest Barbour and Hunter wellies, but loving the way we can shatter expectations with our fine table manners and gentle upbringing - and how easily the pup can diffuse all hostility with its infectious grin... ;)  (although Handler's predatory glance did make one very sexy man so uncomfortable that he had to cling to his girlfriend for protection ;) )

Warmed and refreshed, it was back onto the roads - with the pup clinging tightly to its Man: legs gripping His thighs tightly and its arms wrapped tight around His chest: helmeted head resting against His shoulder as it laughed its love and devotion to Him through the intercom.

We did make two more stops though - one for the pup to empty its bladder by the side of the road (once it could find its cock under all those layers...!) - and another by a well known cruise spot for Handler to empty *His* bladder into the pup - whilst a guy stood and greedily watched as the still hooded pup gulped and hungrily lapped at its Man's meat and juices...


Thank you Sir: it was a fantastic ride - the perfect mix of pleasure, companionship and perversity; a wonderful reminder of just what makes it such a pleasure to be my Man's pillion *and* His pup.

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