Friday, January 14, 2011

A published pup....?

i can't say how *PROUD* and happy i am to have received so many positive messages after my last set of postings.

Thank you!

Knowing that others are reading this pup's words doubles the pleasure it receives in recounting its devotion to its Man :)

It's embarrassing, but those last posts have also refreshed the call from several people that the pup should get published - a couple have even suggested that its "Diary of a dog" might sit well beside other pup-oriented publications like "WOOF!" and "Grr!"...

It's a nice thought, but - and this is a genuine question: would *you* be interested in buying such a book? If so, what would you expect to see in it? (are there perhaps any particular posts here that you would like to see expanded?)

Please  - do take the time to comment with your thoughts and suggestions; the number and quality of responses may well decide whether i pursue this idea further or not....!


  1. I would definitely be interested in purchasing. There aren't many publications dedicated to pups, not to mention that you're a great writer with a nose (and paws?) for this kinda stuff.

  2. I do believe there is a market for your writing. If you could nudge your handler to write more (his insights are quite beautiful as well) it might make for a nice type of dialogue in the book.

    My only concern for you is to not get sucked into some self-publishing scheme where it ends up costing you money to actually do this.

    Good luck! And be sure to remember to sign (paw-print) one for me!


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