Monday, January 17, 2011

Preparing for Gear on Friday

Handler is taking His pup to Gear on Friday evening. It's been over a year since the pup last got to go there, and it can't wait to trot through the streets and into the club at His heels - tail wagging to see all the friends it has not seen in so long.

Handler has told the pup to practice with its hole this week - and to wear its butt plug as often as it can so that its hole will be ready to take it's tail easily. It has slept with its glass plug in a few times - and wore one this morning to work-out too - held in by a nice pair of well-lubed pouch-fronted rubber shorts.

It was very distracting, but it also felt strangely comforting to have something marking my Man's place for Him. My hole feels a little empty without it now - just as i feel a little empty without Him...

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