Sunday, January 30, 2011

A night at Gear-Bristol - and a public fucking

It's been quite a while since the dog got to go to the excellent club Gear-Bristol - so i've been looking forward to this for ages.

Sir sent my instructions via Recon:
"Arrive in your one-piece rubber dog-suit, with the red sheath. I also want you to wear your plug at night for a few days to train your hole for your tail - and Your Master's meat. Bring your wresting suit too, in case you need to sleep-over"
Wearing my glass plug each night gave me pause to think of my Master and to remember that i am His pup all ways and always - it made me feel very obedient, and stirred my inner-pup very strongly. Doing so just before bed encouraged some very interesting puppy dreams - and made my hole both nicely relaxed and very hungry by the end of the week...

When Friday finally came i spent the afternoon carefully glossing my rubber with silicone lube - allowing its hypnotic glint to entrance my mind into an almost zen-like state; i then cleaned and prepared myself, showered and finally massaged more of the silicone lube into my skin - each act slow and deliberate - allowing myself to be absorbed in the process of preparing my body for the transformation... finally i eased into my tight rubber skin: the glossy ripple of rubber easily sliding over my lubed skin to slowly engulf my warm body in it's cool erotic embrace. i stood before the mirror and took a moment to appreciate my new self: the way the almost seamless rubber encircles and encases my body, tightens its grip around my muscles, exposes and reveals every line and curve...

It seemed almost sacrilege to cover myself up - but i slipped into my red 'service-dog'  boiler-suit, packed my pup-bag into the car and headed down to Bristol...


Sir's partner was just back from a week away at work - so whilst They caught up and had a quick supper, i quietly sat on the floor in the lounge and watched a kinkily interesting 'Borg' episode of Star Trek on their lovely new big TV...  Once they had eaten i then got to sit between Handler's legs and idly play with His socked feet, whilst i sympathised with His man over a difficult decision over whether he should accept a possible new job... It was another of those wonderfully perverse 'normal' things in being both pup and friend, and an honour to be considered a normal part of their household :)

But the time came to head off for the club - and so Master had the pup shed the last pieces of its humanity: helping it to put on its pads and gloves, encasing its head in its rubber hood, and finally easing in its tail; each step making it more of the pup - less of the man - more purely and simply His 'bootbrush'.

The transformation complete, Master kissed His man good night and called the dog to 'heel!' - and so with a happy bark to Master's man it trotted out into the drive and jumped up into its place in the back of the car - excitedly staring forward through the dog-grill as we drove down into the city and on to the club.


The car park near Gear is just down the road from the club entrance - so Master had the pup trot along beside Him through the street; it was a frosty night with a beautiful full moon - we must have looked quite a sight to the cars driving past, what with Master in His fur-lined leather jacket and crotch-high Wescos and His dog glossy black and proudly muzzled on all fours at His side...! 

The guys on the door at the club were certainly very happy to see the pup - Handler said hello to Paul and a few other friends whilst the pup wagged its tail and got friendly pats of welcome. But the dog admits that it was a little distracted: it knew that Max was due to be there too, and so it was keeping a keen eye out to see if it could see him... :)  

We went through into the main room - the club was busy and filled with men in their warmest leather; a few brave guys had also turned up in kilts to celebrate the Burn's night theme. The pup had fun snuffling around for a little while amongst all those boots and leather jeans, but then it saw Max being walked in on his lead - and so it barked and trotted over to say hello.

i have not had much opportunity to play in public with other pups (the last time was when Handler took Lucky and i to the club last year) - and so it was great fun to be able to sniff muzzles (and butts) and play ball for a little while together - whilst our Handlers and the other guys looked on and laughed at our antics!

It was good fun to play with Max, but the pup obediently trotted back to its Handler when He whistled, and quietly sat and took His piss like a good dog - but then we got told off by one of the other members for playing in the 'social space', and so Handler put on the dog's lead and headed on deeper into the club...


Gear has a great set-up - it's ranged across several large arched basement rooms: with a social 'bar' space, a dance floor, a cinema and dark room, a bondage space, and an upstairs outdoor courtyard. Handler headed for the bondage space first - so that He could finish His piss, and then let the dog work its muzzle onto His cock; we ended up in one corner beside the scaffolding sling frame: the dog backed up against the cold steel with its arms spread along the bars - Master up on His booted toes and holding onto the bar above His head as He rocked deeper and deeper into the dog's growling throat. The dog was too happy and busy to see clearly - but it was aware that we gathered a crowd of men, standing and watching from all sides; it was proud to know that they watched and admired my Master and the service His dog was giving Him.

Master then went to get Himself another drink - and the pup quietly sat and watched the men come and go; everyone was polite, and no-one came to hassle a dog so clearly and happily owned - so i got to enjoy the sight of so many sexy men in all of their different gear (not to mention greedily eyeing up so many beautiful boots on display!). 

When Master came back, He took us on through the club and up into the courtyard - to once more piss into the pup's waiting muzzle, and then to stand back and empty the rest of His bladder over its waiting body - His piss steaming in the cold night, dripping from the dog's muzzle, running in warm rivulets across its back, seeping down inside its rubber to pool around its sheathed cock and balls... 

Kneeling there, piss-drenched in the cold - the moon was so beautifully bright and clear that the dog could not help but tip its pagan muzzle and give a long clear howl of happiness to Her! (which made Master laugh - and then encourage the pup to do it again for the guys who came up into the courtyard to see what the noise was about :D ). But soon, the warmth of Master's piss cooled and He took pity on the dog's shivering - so He had it cock a leg and piss itself, then led it back down into the dark and warmth of the club.


We wandered the club for a while, but soon came back to the play area - Master let the dog lick and nuzzle at His balls and cock for a long time, enjoying how that makes the pup get so incredibly randy and utterly pup-like: the more it licks, the more puppish it becomes - the more puppish it becomes, the more naturally it needs to lick...  Likewise, the pup enjoyed grooming and nuzzling its Master - knowing that such attention makes its Man eager and hungry to take His pleasure from His pup...

Finally, Master spotted the fuck-bench - and led the pup over; He had it jump up and settle its belly down onto the padded leather - head down, legs up on the knee-supports, and tail raised high and open to Him. Hooded and muzzled, it stared into the mirror before the bench - twitching its deep muscles to make its tail wag and bob in invitation - watching its Master in the reflection as He prepared Himself. Behind Him it could see the men once more starting to gather - eager to see the Man fuck His dog's eager hole.

Master pressed one gauntletted hand into the small of the dog's back - gently pushing it down into the padding of the bench - it could feel His booted legs against the inside of its thighs as He leant forward over its glossy back - His eyes found the dog's through the holes in the hood, and it felt His other hand grasp and then gently pull on its tail; quietly He gave the command:  "Give!

Gently He Eased the dog's plug out - then gently lubed it's opened hole - all the while not taking His eyes from its own: letting it feel the power and control that it needs - letting it soak in the knowledge that He is in command and that it must only relax and give Him what it must.

He manoeuvres behind the dog - stands with its legs between His - it feels Him hard and slick against its hole, so hungry and open after days of training with the plug. It breathes deep and slow - consciously relaxes and opens itself to Him - curls its back up to meet Him as He slowly drives inside its body in one long slow slide - inch by widening inch. When it feels that He is fully in, the dog can not help but let out a long growling whine - part pain, part hunger, part satisfaction.

Slowly Master slides back out - trembles on the edge of withdrawing, then slides slowly back in again - carefully opening His dog's hole with His long slow thrusts. The dog rides the waves - clings to the bench with its padded paws - curves its back and starts to pant. It stares ahead into the mirror - sees its own doggy muzzle and glistening rubber skin - sees its Master rearing over its prone and transformed body - sees His own body empowered by the masculinity of the leather, His legs encased in boot leather and His hands strong and commanding in the gauntlets. But it is focused only on His eyes as they burn hot under the brim of His muir: staring deep and spearing into its soul, just as His meat thrusts deep into its body. It gives itself to His stare as it gives itself to His cock: opens itself to His Mastery and His Manhood - surrenders inside and outside and lets Him transform them both in this act of submission and Control.

Deeper, harder - feeling Him move His legs to frame its own - feeling Him push so deep inside that it hurts; wanting the pain of being full with Him - needing to have Him even deeper; hearing itself whining loudly - barking and grunting with each thrust. Feeling itself pushing back against Him - lost in the moment and unleashed to the pure animal need inside. Fucked by its Master - more open than it has ever been - purely and only His now, truly and only His dog - His fuck-pup. Oblivious to the men who still stand and watch - enjoying the spectacle...

It feels Him push as deep as He can - then hold Himself there braced - knows and feels the pleasure coursing through Him at this moment of climax. It holds its body still, even whilst it struggles to clench and twitch the muscles deep inside it: massaging every shred of pleasure from Him as it feels His legs tremble and hears His growled grunts of release. It howls and pants its own pleasure in giving Him the pleasure and release that He needs. 

Finished, spent - Master finally releases His dog - climbs up onto the bench himself to let it lay its head into His lap - pulls off both jacket and muir, runs a hand through sweat damp hair - laughs as His dog gives a contented 'wuuf!!' at the heady smell of His chest and pits. He idly strokes its head as they take a few moments to relax and get their breath back. The dog is vaguely aware of the men slowly drifting away - leaving the dog and its Man to their private moment of tenderness after the intensity and passion.


We stayed for a while longer - but all too soon they started to tidy the club around us, and so Master had the pup hop back down onto all fours and trot back to the bar; we said our goodbyes to Paul, and then it was back into the cold street - with the tired little pup trotting along to the car a lot slower than when we arrived...!

Back to Master's home, and the pup finally was released from its hood and allowed to come back to a part of its humanity; it was well after 1am and Master's partner was long in bed, so we quietly sat in the kitchen and had a delicious late supper of sweet tea and hot English muffins dripping in butter - and chatted about possible dates for our planned trip to Amsterdam in April. It was gentle and quiet - and an utterly perfect way to come down.

It was the most amazing evening - but when both Man and hound found themselves yawning we knew it was time for the pup to be heading home again - and so it was the sad little ritual of unlocking its collar and kissing its suddenly empty neck - then walking it out to the car and saying goodbye, before it headed off down a now empty motorway, back home to its own Man (also, long in bed...!)


My full and genuine thanks to everyone at Gear for a wonderful evening - and to Max for a fun romp. 

My thanks also to both our partners - my Geoff for letting Master walk me, and Master's Geoff for accepting this pup so readily: it is an honour to be part of such a rare extended family of friends.

But most of all - and always - my thanks to my Master for making me His dog. 
Your dog loves YOU Sir: always and all ways - balls to bone.


  1. Wow, I'm jealous! Such a wonderful night and depth to experience.

  2. From a friend and regular reader:

    "Just a word of gratitude for your last blog entry... your accounting of your Handler's pup night at Gear was most outstanding. Halfway into it, i was seeping... by the end, i had to go off and lose a good nutsworth. Thanks again!"

    wow - what a perfect compliment! :)


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