Monday, January 10, 2011

A mid-week overnight stay - an easy evening

Dinner time pup

i had promised my Handler that *this* year i would make every effort to see Him regularly - to make up for the dog's bad back health keeping us apart so much last year - and so here we were again: the pup all excited about getting to see its Man again so soon after the New Year trip. And this time the pup got to run down straight after work *and* to stay for a sleep over (it even took the next day off, knowing that Handler had a late start the next day - so we would have plenty time for a long slow wake up in the morning... ;) ).

That days work was an interesting nightmare of excitement, distraction and frustrated clock-watching: trying to remember if i had packed all the correct gear into the car; wishing i could have sneaked some rubber on under my 'civvies'; wondering if i could creep off early to clean up and slip on some rubber before heading down...  But, i was a good library-pup, and kept myself focused on my professional responsibilities: gear cost's pennies, and pennies have to be earned...!

It was a long and tiring day (for both of us: Handler messaged early in the afternoon to say He hadn't slept well after His shift the day before, and so was heading home early for a nap) - but finally 5pm came around, and the dog finally made it's rush-hour dash down the M5 and into its Man's arms.

Handler had caught up on some sleep, but i could tell He was still very tired - being a devoted pup *and* a good friend, it worries me to see Him working so hard. Shift working is shit - and it's even worse if you are unhappy in your job, and aware that your tired decisions can have life-threatening results; that is stress no Man needs - so it's no wonder it takes it's toll on Him. So after the pup's initial collaring, snuggle and happy neck-licking, we settled down in the lounge with a cup of tea: the pup sat happily on the floor at His slippered feet whilst we chatted and relaxed. Some might have thought it funny: Man in His camos and pup in its jeans, with a play-room stuffed with toys and the pup's own bag of gear waiting in the hall - yet we were *very* happy just to sit there, horribly 'normal' - Man and dog relaxing by the fire in their civvies, laughing and chatting and sharing first a cuppa and then a picnic supper - the pup with it's paws lightly resting in His lap or idly stroking His leg, its Man absent mindedly pulling at His pup's beard or lightly twining His fingers through its collar... 

It was a very pleasant evening - relaxing and easy going, and perfect for a 'week night'... And it is quiet 'normal' times like that which make me feel our friendship the most strongly; it's an honour then to know that what we have extends far beyond the playroom: that we are genuine friends, companions and confidants as well as Handler and pup.

Although, of course, it wasn't *all* just chat and chilling: the pup still trotted into the kitchen on all fours to sit at Handler's feet whilst He prepared a simple lap-supper, and then sat with its head in His lap whilst He hand fed it from His plate - and afterwards, civvies or not, the pup *did* still manage to snuffle its way under Handler's hoodie to spend a blissful while nuzzling in His chest hair, breathing His musk, licking His pits and nibbling at His nips - and of course that then led to quite a bit of time spent luxuriously tongue bathing His balls and *slowly* licking and teasing His cock head - whilst He lay back on the sofa, eyes half closed in the edged-out bliss which the gentle lapping and probing of His pup's gentle tongue can bring Him...

But even perfect evenings must come to a close - and so Handler finally nudged the pup to run off and clean up ready for bed...

Part 2: wrestle!

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