Thursday, January 20, 2011


Geoff - #I love You because:
  • you are the one truly stable thing in my life: you have shared everything with me - and still keep giving... 
  • you found me crying, and said you loved me - and that little validation was all that stopped me ending the pain forever...
  • you helped me to find myself - and forgive myself... Because your love gave me courage to love myself again;
  • you taught me that life is Sacred *and* Profane - that we are angels and demons in one flesh...
  • of your easy smile, your grumpy morning moods, your tolerance of my idiocy and introspection...
  • because *no one* cooks a toad-in-the-hole like you do!! ;)

Sir! - #I love You because:
  • You helped release the dog inside me - and inspire me to be the man i can be;
  • You have taught Your dog to be Proud of what it is - and to love its own perversity!
  • You have taught me that play means *PLAY* - easy, lighthearted, fun - and that it is more meaningful because of that lightness of touch...
  • You collared me and made me YOURS.
  • Because even when You are at Your most dominant, You still show great tenderness and care;
  • You make me laugh - and cry - and beg - and howl;
  • You tell me that i am Your friend and lover, confidant and companion - that i am Your boy & pup, but always Your equal;
  • You have helped me find the true meaning of submission - and the joy of surrender;
  • You genuinely value the true gift of Your dog's service - and make the dog value itself in return;
  • You let me cling to Your leg - whilst You indulgently tickle my ears and ruffle my hair
  • You hand feed the pup such lovely treats
  • You are a *Leather GOD* - and the sight of You in gear makes the dog *need* to sink to the floor in worship
  • You fuck me like no Man has ever done before - and then hold me safe in Your protecting arms until i fall asleep.
I love you *both* because you both make it so easy to love You!!

(inspired by the Twitter trend: #iloveyoubecause )

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