Monday, January 17, 2011

Careful what you say...

Oh dear - one of the dog's tweets got quoted in a Guardian article on the #savelibraries campaign - together with a link to it's profile on twitter.

i sincerely believe in free speech and have always been fairly open about my sexuality (whilst also respecting the feelings of others) - but i do wonder how many people will be surprised if they follow the link to this blog...!?

So: if you have made your way here out of idle curiosity (and ignored the warning page about adult content!) - please be aware that this is a gay blog written by a pervert and sexual deviant - one who is very happy being who he is, and who also likes to share his pup-play experiences in fairly graphic detail with 200+ regular readers (all of whom are over 18, and who seem to enjoy what they read so much that they keep coming back).

Please try not to be too shocked or surprised by what you might read or see in some of the posts here - or to ruin their collective fun by trying to get this blog banned for obscenity. Remember there is always the close box to the top left if it all gets too much...

I also suggest that this may not be quite the sort of material one should be reading in public - and certainly not in a Library...! ;)


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