Monday, December 27, 2010

We survived Christmas - and Boxing day

Well, we survived xmas without too many catastrophes, diseases or arguments - unlike the 3000+ people who have been hassling my poor Handler and his colleagues in the NHS (who are bravely dealing with a record number of calls about flu and indigestion *without* slamming the phone down on the idiots - despite them being hugely understaffed and under-funded, *and* Him having to work over the Holiday period far from His partner or His pup and any of the warmth and love it would try to give Him...)

It's also been over a week since the thermometer rose above -2c - and many nights it's been below -10c - we've also had 2 foot of snow and the odd day of freezing fog - so i'm very happy to be able to be at home with the fire crackling in the grate...  The bad weather also meant that my partner's family had to cancel their planned week-long xmas visit with us - so we've had a very welcome quiet week, stuffing ourselves on cake and mince-pies and playing lots of PlayStation ;))

That said - we did venture out onto the icy roads yesterday to attend a private Druid ceremony at midday in Stonehenge (even though we're Witches, not Druids - but we do organise and lead public 'pan-pagan' Ceremonies with our local Arch Druid, and this invite was a way for her to say 'thanks').

Despite multiple layers of thermals, spandex and leather - *and* a stout woollen cloak! - it was *still* brass-monkey freezing - and yes, my tits *were* as cold as the proverbial... ;)  Still - it was good to welcome the Sun's return - and an interesting experience to see the Stones in the snow and ice, instead of Midsummer as we normally do -...

Best of all - Solstice past, the sun now starts to roll back towards the light, and we follow with it towards the New Year to come. Here's hoping it's a year filled with many puppy-play opportunities to regale you all with!

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  1. "freezing fog"? Whoa. Sounds unpleasant. I supposed one's nose hairs become stalactites and stalagmites.

    Did any of the stones and markers line up with the sun that day?


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