Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thoughts for last-minute-pressies

Being both a vegatarian and a pagan-pup, this dog doesn't really 'do' xmas (although it does go fairly wild for Solstice... ;)) ) - but just in case *you* do the whole present thing, here's a couple of thoughts for the Man (or dog) in your life:


Stompers Boots is doing an appeal: they've been hit hard by the recession and desperately need people to spend some hard cash on Big Boots from them - so why not give the Man you love a gift voucher: He may reward you by letting you clean 'em afterwards... ;)


Invincible is having a 25% sale - and it lasts until Dec 31st!! Their range is about the best this dog has ever found - and they also now offer over 15 different colours of latex...  So why not treat Your dog to a bit of rubber this year? - You just might appreciate how horny and receptive it makes him...


Finally - Utilikilts are also having a 33% sale on their discontinued stock - with deals on Mockers in Black, Olive, Tan, and Heather Grey, and Originals in Tan and Green Camo. Functional, accessible, sexy - what could be better for Christmas...?


Whatever you decide: here's hoping it's a good one for all concerned - and the Season's Greetings to you :)

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