Monday, November 15, 2010

A short visit, but very very VERY sweet (part 1)

Sometimes you just have to stop wallowing in 'if only...' and self-pity. So when Sir texted unexpectedly on Saturday to ask if His dog was free for a few hours the next afternoon, i thought: fuck misery and pain, fuck my 'responsibilities' and excuses - and sank to my knees to beg "Yes Sir! Please Sir: fuck me!"

i knew it was only going to be a short visit - and Handler was very specific that He wanted me to arrive fully geared and ready to be on all fours as soon as i arrived (that already had the dog drooling with excitement, and quivering with obedience at His commanding tone); He had a few things to complete first, so He also ordered me to park-up in a lay-by and wait for His 'Here boy!' text before arriving at the house. i spent a very excited 15 minutes stewing in my rubber, drifting to my dog-programming hypnosis-file on the car-stereo, waiting for that text - a perfect time just letting myself drift so that the long-sleeping dog-mind in me could stir and reawaken - and leap to obey when the text came...

He opened the door in His beautiful SF Cop uniform and high, shiny boots - one look and the dog was HIS instantly and without question (or need for all that hypnosis!).

Gods but He was born to wear that uniform - and when He put on the matching cap and fur-collared leather jacket - what could the dog do but bark it's excitement to tell Him how perfect and amazing He looked - and how the dog was His for as long and as deep as He could ever wish (just please: keep the cap on! ;) )

He calmed me down - and ordered me to complete my transformation: adding my tail, putting on my hood and waiting quietly with my neck bowed and ready to accept His collar. The click of the lock that sealed me into the rubber and down into my canine-self was the most releasing sound i have heard in months: it let me know that i was now simply His dog - His rubber-pup - with no other reality, thought or responsibility until He released me again. And it just felt so *good* to be back in rubber - back as my doggy-self again: glossy and black, encased and transformed - His perverted rubber-dog once again...

i knew Sir had something fun planned - and so when He called me to the door and onto the drive, i obediently trotted out into the day-light on all fours and hopped into the car like a proper pup - eager to see where my man was taking His pup for our walk this time. We drove down into Bristol - and finally stopped by a club entrance in one of the main side-streets - which is when i was finally able to see that Sir was taking me to the SWAMP afternoon fetish event. There were a few sounds of interest from the small mixed crowd by the doorway when Handler came to the back of the car and a human dog hopped out into the street, then trotted into the club beside it's Master - proud and unconcerned, with it's tongue lolling from it's hood, it's glossy black rubber skin shining in the sun, and it's tail wagging excitedly in it's arse...! ;)

Sir had me 'Sit - stay!' by the desk whilst He went to park the car - i was a good pup, and did as i was told (even though i was also a friendly pup to the couple of people who came in whilst He was gone - although i was distracted, keeping one doggy-eye on the door, hoping He would be back...!). Everyone laughed when the dog gave Him a happy 'yip' when He did come back - paid - and led us up the stairs and into the market itself.

SWAMP is a predominantly straight, mixed BDSM/Fetish event - with a market in the afternoon, followed by a play-party in the evening. Most of the people come to the afternoon event in 'street-dress' - and so Sir raised a lot of appreciative interest having come so beautifully attired in His uniform, with a fully canine human trotting at His heals :)  We had great fun walking around, catching up with a few of Sir's friends and chatting to stall-holders - with Sir parting the crowds and the dog trotting along behind Him, avoiding being trodden on whilst also managing a few sniffs at interesting boots and giving quiet 'wuffs' to friendly people (not to say lapping up all the attention, pats and strokes); we even had a small crowd taking photos and videos when the pup was playfully growling and barking at a leather dog-hood on the JDL leather stall (owned by Sir's friends, John and David)...

We stayed for a little while - and had a wonderful long chat with two nice women who had brought their stall to the event for the first time - and who were amazed how friendly and welcoming the community was; they also made a *huge* fuss of the dog - which earned them extra points :D

It was a great afternoon - but finally Sir asked if the dog was ready to head home - and since the dog knew what *that* meant, it eagerly barked it's agreement, and trotted back down the stairs and into the street - following Him back to the car, oblivious of the looks of startled passers by, and thinking only of how it would serve Him once we got home...

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