Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A quick update

Not been much to report again over the last while - Handler is busy and i'm swamped with work (and my back has been bad again), so we've not been able to see each other since the quick trip to Weston.

Truth to tell, we've both been so busy we've barely even managed to exchange txts...!

Still - i did pass my teaching post-grad (*more* letters after my name!), so it's not all been gloom and drudgery. And my partner and i got a parrot.... ;)

i do miss the simple comfort of just being His pup though - the open and honest pleasure of opening up to Him, body and mind; of dissolving into pup-space and being filled with only the thought of His pleasure - the joy in making Him laugh or growl or pant in pleasure. The pure and perfect completion of knowing He is enjoying my company, my service, my friendship and devotion - the delight in hearing his 'Good boy!', or the feel of His stroking hand, and knowing without words that He loves His pup as much as His pup loves Him.

The zen of being pup - and being His.


  1. I swear to, hmmmm, who do I swear to? you, Me, and My pup are on some sort of horrible parallel universe of backpain hell. We've both been doing shitty, can't connect, and I FUCKING WANT MY PUP!!! (and lunch doesn't count)

    Whoever invented the phrase misery loves company should be racked, drawn and quartered, set afire, head placed on a pike on the the Tower Bridge, and then let's talk torture.

    Get well, guru pup. We need you too.

  2. Thanks Sir! Sorry to hear that You are both also still suffering - my Chiro keeps trying to reassure me that "These kind of injuries do take time...", but what is most frustrating is that i can seem better for a week, then suddenly be worse again - for no apparent reason.

    It makes me tired and depressed - and reticent to even try to see my Handler: i know i won't be at my best, or physically able to serve Him as He deserves (and i wish to give) - i don't want to dissapoint Him, and so it becomes too easy to let the busy-ness of life to get in the way.

    i feel old and 'broken' - and feel that the last thing He needs in his own difficult life is a mopey and depressed little pup whimpering at His feet...

    i know that sounds very black - and that's yet more reason to feel that He would be better un-infected with my depression.


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