Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A few days later - and a genuine THANK YOU

It is several days later now - and what can I say that would let You know how much Your dog enjoyed our time together, Sir?

Simply - THANK YOU Sir: for the most fun this dog has had in months, romping about at the club and gob-smacking the hets out of their normality - and for the wonderful long soak in the hot-tub at the end of the evening: gazing up at the moon and nuzzling sleepily into my Man's shoulder whilst He relaxed and chuckled and chatted away.

THANK YOU for fucking YOUR dog - for ignoring it's whimpers and moans, for taking it on all fours like an animal, for clamping it down to the couch and driving deep and hard and merciless into it's aching hole - for grinding the cares and worries and humanity from it's body and letting it find the deep, pure, perfect inner place of surrender and submission where nothing else matters but the free - and freeing - pleasure of giving my body and mind to fulfilling YOUR desire, Your pleasure.

THANK YOU - for fucking me long and deep and so utterly and perfectly - and then for lying there, still hard within me, whilst You told the dog how much it's Man loves to see it's glossy rubber body beneath Him, and how sexy it looks (and how sexy and desirable that made it feel!).

And THANK YOU for finally making me kneel and ask for what i wanted and needed: letting me bark and beg like the dog that i am, and then making me ask in English too - so that both pup and boy could express it's need for You, so that every part of me could experience the pleasure of your meat and the gift of Your cum.

THANK YOU for being my Master SIR - Your dog loves you more than it could ever express!


  1. I nominate you for "pup of the year." Of course I nominate your Master as "Master of the Century."

    Thanks for your exquisite writing and sharing so deeply with U/us who wish nothing more than 20% of your happines.

  2. Thank You Sir!! i do my best to write in a way that i know will interest, inform and arouse - so it is wonderful to recieve Your (regular) praise :))


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