Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A weekend in Yorkshire (with MSC Hallamshire): Saturday's bike run

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Dog-Handler MC Display team!!

It's always a drifty, drowsy, blissful sleep with my Handler - spooned into the curve of His body, surrounded by the heat and the safety of Him: head nestled on His arm or His chest, feeling the beat of His heart and the rumble of His voice as His croons and whispers His dog into sleep. i always dream such strong puppy dreams with Him: vibrant with images of my own devotion and submission to Him, my absorption into my true k9 nature. The more i relax into that heat and security, the deeper becomes my submission - and the greater the freedom i feel to be simply His dog - His pup. HIS.

It's an interesting and beautiful head-space: freed from any thought or concern for anything other than His pleasure, my surrender. My body responds to Him without any conscious control of my own - and reacts with perfect instinct to His unspoken commands. It is a blissful state of pure awareness, fired with deep arousal and suffused by the incredible satisfaction of knowing i am in my true place - loved and loving, owned and protected, serving and pleasing my Man.

But all things have their time - and we were finally had to admit that the day had come, and we had places to go...

The Bike run was due to start at Richard and Andy's home in Rotheram - but that meant we had to find it first... There was a slight mix up with both the directions and the arrangements (including a nice 20mins sitting on the M1 fly-over admiring the view) - but we finally got to try out the bluetooth phone function on Handler's Scala headset, with Tim talking us in through the roundabouts and backstreets of Rotherham.

"Have you seen the size of this rhubarb?!"
Richard and Andy's home was *stunning* - they modestly called it a 'work in progress', but it was the most perfect renovation of a Victorian home i've seen: each room an incredible magpie's nest of beautifully reclaimed Victoriana and incredibly reupholstered furniture and furnishings. We could have spent hours just fingering the nic-nacks - but we had already made everyone late in starting off, so it was a quick cup of tea, then off playing 'follow my leader' and into the moors...

It's amazing that Sheffield and Rotheram can be so industrial - and yet in 15 minutes you are out in the wilds. The run the guys had planned was fantastic: up to the Dewent valley, along the snake pass and over the Pennines, a quick stop at Holmfirth, then Emley moor - and back to Sheffield.

Derwent was amazing - and we had a quick stop for tea (and few photos):

A tea-stop at Derwent: Handler takes a pic of us...
...i take a pic of Him...
(whilst Georgio struggles into his lovely nylon waterproofs)
And Vic takes a pic of us both.
We had a bit of rain - but it didn't last long (although Georgio was persuaded to struggle into his borrowed waterproofs... ;) ), and so we were soon on our way again up the Snake pass. The views here were stunning: equal to anything i've seen in the Lake District - especially looking back along the Ladybower reservoir - but the most amazing point was coming over the summit and down into Glossop, with Lancashire and Manchester spread out ahead of us to the horizon.

We had a fantastic meal at a great little pub - and then made a short rest stop in Holmfirth: where we had a quick look at 'Sid's cafe' (although Handler was more taken by the Ironmongers next door), and Vic kindly paid the 20p for us to use the civic amenities...!

Handler impressed by Sid's cafe
We also made a second stop by the incredibly Big Tower on Emley Moor (and a giggle at the bunch of kids there on their 125s) - and again to make sure everyone was OK just before hitting the M1 back to Sheffield:

Handler and Vic check directions

And gloat at how comfortable the Pan Europeans are.
It was a fantastic run - almost 100 miles, and every one of them suffused with the pure pleasure of being with my Man: chatting and laughing through the com, hugging Him tight over the drafty moors, and growling in pleasure every time He reached back to stroke my thigh.

It really is the most amazing pleasure to be Your pillion-pup and bike-dog Sir - thank you!

By now it was after 4pm - so we all headed back to Sheffield, and split off for a short rest before the planned BBQ at Ian and Tim's at 9pm that evening.

At least - that was the plan: Handler and the pup sneaked back to the hotel for 'a quick snooze' - but the dog got distracted when Sir 'accidentally' dropped an entire pack of melted Maltesers onto His chest, and the resultant mess took quite a while for the dog to lick clean...

It was already 9:30pm when we were woken from the most wonderful sleep by another 'Are you alive?!?' text from Vic (there does seem to be a general theme here, doesn't there...?).

It should have been a simple matter to pull on some gear and make the 30min ride to Renishaw - but somehow we found ourselves on the road to Chesterfield... and then Bakewell... We eventually found a couple of nice policemen at a garage in Mosborough who gave us directions (and who were most interested in the dog's helmet-ears) - and were finally greeted by the most rapturous applause when we got to the guys over 2 hours late...!!!

Ian was very forgiving - and had even kept the dog's veggie lasagna warm! Not that the dog showed any real thanks: giving terrible cheek about his deliciously practiced look of indignant innocence (and earning a little while in it's muzzle for it's pains ;) ). We also got to meet a lovely couple we've not met before - and the dog traded some very sexy growls and nuzzles with the leather-dog of the two... 

All in all, it was another perfect day: great company, fantastic rides, wonderful food - and genuine friendship. 

Thanks guys!!

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