Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A weekend in Yorkshire (with MSC Hallamshire): Friday

The long-awaited 'Golden frame' weekend bike-run at last!!

It's been months since the pup has been able to accompany it's Man on a long bike trip - but my back has settled a lot, and Handler said the FUKC guys had missed me at the last event in Bournemouth - so i tried to pack as little as i could, strapped on my lumbar support belt, and carefully clambered on behind my Man... :)

Unfortunately we made a late start in leaving - and the trip up was slower than we'd expected (i blame the Pope!) - so we only got to Sheffield in the early evening, rather than 5pm like we'd planned. The hotel was great - and we got a 12th floor room with a great view - but the guys were already texting to ask if we where still alive, and so we just dropped our bags and headed for the 'Meet and greet' (and didn't have time for the pup to change into it's rubber like we'd hoped).

Neither of us has ever been to Sheffield before - and the dog couldn't read the directions through the dark visor - so we got to see quite a random selection of the City (some of it twice) before we finally stopped a friendly Taxi driver to ask where the hell we were...

We finally got to Club Xes for about 10:30pm. The doorman looked our bike leathers up and down, and said: "Sorry mate, you can't come in: this is a gay club..." - which made Handler laugh and say "How sweet for you to feel the need to inform me of that...!" We finally got him to go check that the MSC were in fact holding their private party there, and he finally came back to sheepishly say "There's a bunch of other guys in leather in there, so you must be OK..." :))

It was a great evening - and everyone was incredibly happy to (finally!) see us. Everyone seemed impressed with the dog's new tattoo - and Tim and Ian were incredibly sexy and Witty as ever:

Tim and Ian make the pup welcome

...and Tim had some very sexy jeans

Handler had been up since 6am, so we didn't get to stay too long - but the buffet was great, and the pup got to sniff and wag it's way around everyone there - and Vic was very good at showing how to make the pup's tail wag...

Vic shows how to fuss a pup and make it's tail wag...
It was a great start to a fantastic weekend - but we were both very tired, and so crept away about midnight - leaving the guys (and the buffet) to the hen-night and the trannies...

Back at the hotel, and Handler scooped the pup in His arms to snuggle it under the duvet: tired and a little sore - but blissfully happy to be where it loves to be, and knows it belongs. Drifting off to sleep in the heat and the safety of His tight embrace - and dreaming of the day and the bike run to come in the morning.

(next blog: Saturday)

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