Monday, September 20, 2010

MSC Hallamshire

PE MEN: Handler and Vic showing how to ride in style and comfort

Just back from the most wonderful weekend with Handler: up in Sheffield for the MSC Hallamshire "Golden Frame" bike run.

Despite us suffering the occasional 'directional challenge' in finding and getting to a few of the events (is 2-3 hours a bit beyond 'fashionably late'...? ;) ) it was an incredible event - and the guys showed genuine Northern Hospitality. Thanks to Richard and Andy for organising a great ride on the Saturday, and providing a brilliant Brunch on the Sunday; thanks also to Ian and Tim for their hospitality on Sunday (and for keeping the dog's lasagne warm for so long past bedtime! ;)) ). And a thank you too for all the other guys for making this dog so welcome (Vic and Simon and Georgio especially!).

Photos and a more detailed blog will follow later this week - once Handler and i coordinate our cameras...!

Most of all though - i have to thank my Man and my Handler: thank you Sir for making this dog so happy, for telling it so often and so truly that You enjoy it's company - and for waking the dog inside so it can come out to play... ;)

Your dog loves You Sir: balls to bone, and heart and soul.

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