Thursday, September 23, 2010

Moving like a dog - amazing what you find on YouTube..

This vid was posted up on PupZone - they are basic Parkour exercises for strengthening the shoulders and core, and for teaching basic quadrupedal movement.

This is also the *perfect* way to move as a pup for any distance, and at speed.

i know, cos it's how i have always moved about as a pup: braced forward on my hands with a flat back, running up on my toes and driving with my legs - it's just a much more natural and fluid movement that clattering along on my knees... the extra bonus is that it makes your arse higher than your head, so your Handler gets a nice view of your tail-plug wagging with every stride ;)

Watch - learn - and practice...


  1. Is it difficult? That's a good bit of the core muscles being used there. The related exercises look amazingly hard (that guy chinning and pressing himself over the bar was

  2. It takes practice - but it gets easier. Plus it makes pup-play a work-out too ;)) (and what could be sexier than a pup with strong shoulders, flat stomach and a firm inviting arse...?)


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