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A long-awaited visit - part 2

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It really was the end of a perfect day - cocooned in my leathers, back on the bike behind my Handler, enjoying the feel of the engine rumbling deep inside me, transmitted through my little glass plug - making me leak into the rubber jock and preparing my hole for pleasing my Man...

Handler was in a talkative mood - chatting through the head-set and sharing with His pup about the terrible accident He had on that road many years back (running into the side of a turning car that hadn't seen him - totalling His Suzuki and leaving Him in Frenchay for several days with head injuries and concussion - not even knowing His partner or family when they came to visit...). i knew of the accident, but He had never spoken in depth about it before - and his pup was silent behind Him: too shocked and horrified at the seriousness of the tale to say anything, and trembling at the thought of how i could have lost Him before He even found me. All i could do was to hug Him tightly - and thank the gods that he survived and came back to us all without damage in the end.

Back home at last - but far later than we had intended (despite the dog nagging it's Man that it was worried about Him and wanted to make sure that he gets enough sleep ;) ). So it was out of the leathers, a quick spruce and tidy-up (dog or not, i think it's a mark of respect to be clean for your Man's pleasure) - and then shyly padding towards the bedroom, where i knew He was waiting...

Nosing open the door - slinking in on all fours with big eyes and a curious whine: the perfect playful pup as i peek around the edge of the bed and give a soft bark to my Man where He sits up, half under the duvet - making my Man laugh with a: "There he is!" - then He pats the bed and i spring up to gently knock Him back into a laughing heap of licking dog and wrestling Man.

Snuggling together - pup spooned against His side, gently stroking Him, nuzzling into His fur and scent - letting myself dissolve into the bliss of being with Him: feeling His heat, washed clean in His scent - the rumble of His voice where my head rests against His chest, and the feel of His strong firm hands where they gently stroke and pet - the feel of His pelt against my naked skin, the contrast of my pale but inked skin against the deep copper of His own.

Feeling His hand entwined in my collar - guiding my muzzle towards the hard bead of His nipple amongst His fur - not needing any more encouragement, as the pup nuzzles and licks: long and slow, hard and quick - teasing and flicking with my tongue - parting the fur so my teeth and lips can encircle that slowly swelling point of His arousal. Rolling it between my tongue and my teeth - gently mouthing, then nibbling - slowly increasing the pressure, the roughness; starting to gently pull my head back so my teeth gently tug His chest outwards and up - then releasing the pressure and returning to nuzzle and lick again. Feeling Him holding my head hard against His chest - encouraging and controlling. Taking his whole nip and chest in my mouth: transformed into an eager pup, suckling at the teat of it's Man's hunger. His hand guiding my head back and forth between each nip - mouth working on one whilst my paws work the other - hearing myself whine and whimper in pleasure at giving HIM such intense pleasure.

Those hands, once again on my collar - wordlessly guiding me down - following the forrest of fur and scent to bury my muzzle in His crotch. Moving my body under His instructing hands so i straddle His belly - haunches high and dog-balls swinging, leaking dog-cock dripping a trail of precum into His pelt. My head already lost in the hunger and bliss of feeding from Him - working Him to unbelievable hardness with my mouth and tongue.

Flipped over onto my back - head tipped back and tongue ready: He rears above me, astride me - looks down at His eager, hungry dog, and then slowly drives down into my willing throat. Counting the strokes again "One.... Two.... Three...." - training His dog's throat to open up and take Him as deep and as long as He wishes it. The dog reaching up to tease and pinch at His nips again - knowing He loves to feel that as He drives us both almost to the edge... and then, carefully, he backs us away from it again...

Turning out the light - turning me over onto my side and gathering me up into His arms again: spooned with my back against His chest and my head upon His arm - wrapped up within the warmth and safety as He nuzzles my neck and croons into my ear. Loving those quiet times, but still helplessly horny - feeling Him hard against my thighs and butt and desperately wanting - NEEDING - to feel Him inside me. Wriggling within His safe embrace - quietly whimpering and panting - hungry puppy tail wagging and bumping back against Him: begging with every fibre of my being...

Hearing Him chuckle: "Puppy wants to fuck?" - rolling over slightly onto my front, one leg cocked under me to wag my hungry hole and head slightly raised so i can look over one shoulder and plead with a whimper. Feeling Him reach for the lube, gloves and condoms - the cool slickness as He gently prepares and teases my hole: one gloved hand probing and teasing as the other gently encircles and secures my hard puppy-cock. Then it's off with the gloves, and He gathers His dog back into His arms...

Rocking myself backwards: tipping my butt and edging my hole towards Him - feeling Him slick and hard as i gently rub the ring of my muscle against His lubed meat: trying to find the perfect angle that will just let Him slide in. Those first few inches that make me gasp - part in pleasure, part in pain - feeling my inexperienced fuck-hole struggle to take Him - feeling Him lie perfectly still: not wanting to hurt His dog and so letting it take it's own time. Feeling myself relax more - settling back into His arms - shuddering at His softly breathed "Good BOY!" - growling back in reply, and gently moving back against Him: exploring the sensation of having Him there deep inside.

And then the unbelievable pleasure as i feel Him start to move in response - gentle and careful at first: testing His pup and it's hunger, how well and how deep it can take Him without pain. Responding to the pup's whines and sounds of pleasure: a little deeper, a little longer, a little harder - moving a little to rest more of His weight against my back - starting to drive harder - the pup feeling the controlling weight of Him against it's back, it's butt, it's thighs. His one hand reaching under to hold the pup's wrists safe in the grip of one hand - the other stroking it's thigh, then gripping it's waist to pull it back and hold it still: making it easier for Him to stroke and grind deeper and faster - the dog whining and panting in response - grinding back against Him - pink tongue seeking out His arm to nuzzle and lick in it's hunger.

His hands turning the dog onto it's front so His weight is full against it's back - His knees pushing the dog's legs apart, then wrapping around them to pin it down into the bed; still holding it's hands, He draws them up over it's head - so it is spreadeagled beneath Him: pinned and controlled, covered and protected. It moans and barks as He drives down into it - His full weight now, forcing it to take Him deeper and harder - He leans and whispers into it's ear: "I'm going to fuck you, pup - all the way: I'm going to make you take my seed".

The dog can only bark and growl it's surrender - too deep and too hungry to even remember the words for "Please. Yes. SIR!".

Long and deep. Hard and slow. Stroke after stroke. The dog pinned beneath Him, pressed under the weight and strength and POWER of it's Master, it's Man. Giving itself to Him - bred by Him, filled with Him, surrendered to HIM - no longer able to tell the difference between pain and pleasure: only feeling heat and weight and hunger and passion - barking and trying to writhe within the iron grip of His body - adding to His own hunger, feeding His control...

Fucking for what feels like hours: oblivious and careless of time or meaning - become only each moment, each thrust and pant and whimper. But finally, hearing the strain in His voice and feeling the tension building within Him: knowing that He was coming close... Pushing my hole back as hard as i can - trying to twitch and clench my muscles, and hearing Him groan in pleasure - feeling Him strain to push deep inside, then hold Himself still at the deepest point: a moment where we both seem to hold our breath - and then the incredible feeling as He throbs and pumps inside me - a feeling i have never had of such complete bonding: my very soul filling up with the power of Him, the strength of His juices pumping deep into my heart...

And then, spent, He rolls us both over gently onto our sides. Still deep inside His pup - still hard and twitching - He gathers it back into His arms, enfolds it in the scent and musk of His masculinity. His arms the protection which rewards it's surrender - He touches it's collar and breathes onto it's neck: whispers His praise and Pride in His pup and it's selfless efforts to please Him.

And finally - both exhausted, complete - we fall gently into a perfect sleep: Man and hound, Master and boy.

He is still inside me when we wake the next morning...

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