Thursday, August 12, 2010

Simple pleasures


it was a genuine pleasure to see you last night - with You pulling up on the bike all tall and lean and leathered - calling in for a surprise visit to catch up with Your pup and say 'hi' to it's partner.

It really was wonderful to simply be able to sit (carefully!) at Your feet whilst my two Men chatted and laughed: no-one feeling any pressure to perform or impress - just Men enjoying the simple pleasure of sharing each other's company.

i know Your pup has been shy of seeing You - nervous of it's invalided state, and frustrated that it would not be able to be fully pup as it wants and needs to be when it is with You - anxious that *You* would be equally frustrated and nervous of hurting Your dog... But it really was enough just to be able to stroke Your Wulf boots and rest a hand on Your knee - and to feel the subtle thrill from Your gentle stroking of my arm as You talked. It was an incredible reminder of just how deep the Man-and-hound bond runs: no need for collars or paws - everything expressed by just a simple quiet act of affection and friendship, given in response to an equally subtle act of natural submission.

Most off all though - it was a pleasure to see *YOU* relax. i know things have been rough of late - and it pains me to see and hear You feeling overwhelmed by situations outside of Your control. But to see You laughing and making jokes - sharing recollections of early childhood perversity! - well, it let me know that, for a short while at least, we'd helped You unwind and forget. That did as much good to Your dog as i hope it did for You Sir.

Maybe it's true: Sometimes laughter really *is* the best medicine.


  1. A good friend of mine who I respect a great deal had this to say after a similar experience I had with my pup:

    "Nice to read how good it was for you both to simply be together - and how rewarding even 'simple' play can be. It's a nice reminder that we don't always have to strive for earth-shattering experiences; that sometimes just being together - Man and Hound - is all we need to feel better."

    So wise. So true.

  2. Damn - hoist by my own petard! ;))

  3. I would LOVE to hoist you by your own petard! And several other parts of you. LOL


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