Saturday, August 21, 2010

A quick (damp) ride

Finally! a chance to get out on the bike with my Handler...!

My back has been feeling a bit better of late and so Handler offered to come give me a short 'taster' ride to see how it would survive a little bike-time - since He had to come down this way to drop His bike in for it's service. He arrived on the CBF1000 courtesy 'loaner': it was so *tiny* compared to the Pan European that He could almost step over it instead of having to climb on/off. Even Handler laughed that it must have shrunk in the rain...

Unfortunately, that turned out to be frighteningly prophetic, because it then proceeded to chuck it down for the next 3 hours; we still headed over to Gloucester to pick up the PE, but it meant that there wasn't much point in heading off anywhere else more exciting. And even though it was an excuse to wear my waterproofs for the first time, the constant downpour left both Handler and pup soggy, wet, cold and a tad fed-up...

Still - despite the awful rain and the dreadful traffic through Cheltenham, it was GREAT to be able to be on the bike behind my Man again - and even a little interesting to experience a smaller, sporty bike (i took my CBT on a CBF125, so i already know they are quite a nice machine); it did feel terribly small and *skinny* though (like riding a broom-stick!) - and it was a relief to be back on the Pan European for the latter half of the ride!

Best of all, my back felt fine - no trouble on the bike, or aching afterwards - so hopefully we'll be OK for the EMC run in Hallamshire later next month!!!

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