Thursday, July 15, 2010

Poor wee hobbling pup

Not much to report this week - Handler had planned to head down to London for the weekend parties at Full Fetish, but the pup's physio has said no bike riding or excitement for a month or so at least - not until my herniated disk heals. So instead of running around on all fours and being a happy wee pup, i'm getting to roll around doing sacral-stretches and drapes instead...

Still - i *am* incredibly cheered by the messages of support and concern from so many buddies and guys we've met at clubs. It makes me realise how many genuine people there are on the scene - and how many of them my Handler is able to call friend. And that is more comforting than any amount of Co-codamol...

Don't worry guys - i *will* be up and running about again soon - i promise ;))


  1. Oh, kiddo, I am SO sorry. I herniated a disc 13 months ago resulting in sciatic nerve pressure and massive leg pain.

    Still trying to cope with it without doing surgery. Good days and bad days. I wish you the best.

    And FUCK! it would kill me to not be able to go the Full Fetish shebang! But take care of yourself...

  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery! AND I'll add my unauthorized medical advice: TAKE IT EASY for a year or two afterwards,too.


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