Tuesday, June 08, 2010

"some say the gods are just a myth..."

Doing some guided relaxation and meditation (part of the 'Compassionate Mindfulness' practice recommended for my depression): your standard "happy place" visualisation of a woodland glade filled with dappled sunlight and quiet birdsong...

Sitting quietly, my back against a fallen tree - feeling the sun warm on my face and the soft drone of bees amongst the bluebells... Feeling a strong, comforting, Masculine presence on the log beside me: resting my head gently upon a strong thigh - alternately shaggy and smooth, muscled and lithe. Wrapped in the smell of Him, the aura of His power, safe in His protection - and feeling His hand come to rest gently upon my head: warm, strong, comforting. Wrapping my arms around His leg as He gently strokes my hair, fondles my ears; the low rumble of a chuckle deep within his broad bronze chest as a sigh rattles through me and i feel all fear and self-doubt wash away...

...a part of me knowing that i am half remembering the touch of my partner, my Handler, my lover, my Father - yet i also feel that this is more than mere memory or imagination - that it is tapping something deeper and truer and archetypal: the sumation and epitome of paternal protection, masculine strength, fraternal acceptance - male passion and love.

Tilting my head to look up into an ancient face framing laughing eyes: old beyond knowing yet filled with the life and joy of youth - a face from a dozen religions - and seen in every one of the Men whom i love.

Hearing His voice inside: "In all of them, pup: I am there..." and the touch of His palm against my chest: "...and in here..."


The ancient Greeks knew something when they made their gods the personification of natural wonders, the embodiment of the great emotions and Truths. They say to us: "There is more to life than making a buck and gaining possessions - and greater Truths to be strived towards than can be encompassed in the life of one person".

i don't honestly know if the gods are objectively real - or whether they are simply Ideals and inspirations - projections of our hopes and fears, or manifestions of our shared inner reality. But i do believe that they are as much a part of my reality as Art and Music, Beauty and Love.

And hoping in them - in what they represent, and in what they give us to strive towards becoming - i do believe that life can be a better and more pleasant experience for us all.

And i know that i am blessed by Them everytime i am held and loved by those whom i love and serve in return.


  1. What a beautiful post! Your writing is exquisite and you are an extraordinary (and lucky) pup. Looking very forward to reading your past work. Thank you for making my day. --bdsmjack

  2. Thank you Jack! genuinely, it means a lot to receive possitive comments from my readers - and to know that my efforts and thoughts have been appreciated!

    with a thankful bark


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